[Homeless Man] Needs your Help, Raising money via Auction! (Click for Details)

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As many of you know I became homeless a few days ago. I am driving my old crappy van north from Dallas, TX to Glenwood Springs, CO to camp (live cheap), enjoy nature and focus on my writing, photography & videography.

However, I have a pressing need for some supplies (once I find me a camp site) that require money I just do not have right now. Instead of Begging for Donations I am going to take a different approach. I own a couple dozen (or so) Domain Names that I am going to Auction Off all of them. The auctions will not necessarily be to the Highest Bid, most upvoted or anything like that. I will pick the winners (if there are more than one bid on a domain name) based on The Bid Amount, Whether I feel they will be able to Utilize the Domain for something useful and Whether or not the Upvote/Resteem this Auction Post as well as the Homeless Post linked above.

The Domains to be Auctioned

  • 4kporn.club (this would be great for anyone interested in a Pornhub, Tube8 style site)
  • dicksgeneral.store (this would be great for anyone selling merchandise online, especially if you are a Richard or Dick)
  • shazaam.me (would work great for a Social Network, Music Site, Video Site or some new Steemit Related Tool)
  • steem.auction (Well Duh!)
  • steem.bingo (Duh again!)
  • steem.cc (steem.cryptocoin is what I was thinking when I bought this - a site for everything related to buying/selling/trading/mining steem)
  • steem.dating (Umm, you know what to do with this one, right?)
  • steem.es (Spanish Language Steem site)
  • steem.exchange (I had intended steem.exchange to be a Bittrex style site where you could buy/sell/trade crypto and using Steem instead of BTC)
  • steem.gifts (Like a Secret Santa or Reddit Gifts style site. I wanted to build this myself but just don't have the skillset to do it!)
  • steem.gives (Random Acts of Kindness style site is what I was thinking!)
  • steem.help (Charity/Fund Raising site for steemians down on their luck - think GoFund.Me but using Steem as the currency)
  • steem.market (An all around market place for Steemians to sell their wares and for Steemians to buy those wares, along with Steem/Steemit related merchandise)
  • steem.rent (Need a place to live? Got a place for rent?)
  • steembucks.club (No clue what this could be used for!)
  • steembucks.guru (No clue what this could be used for!)
  • steemgames.club (Well duh!)
  • steemguide.wiki (Well Duh!)
  • steemit.games (Again I say Duh!)
  • steemit.guru (Are you a whiz at all things steemit? Well then buy this domain and offer your knowledge/experience to those who aren't!)
  • steemit.shopping (A Portal listing all the online/real world places that accept Steem as payment)
  • steemit.video (A Youtube-style site exclusively for Steemians to Upload/Post their videos to)
  • steemit.zone (I was thinking a Sports related site!)
  • steemmining.website (I bought this domain and for a minute had it on a dedicated server I was using to Mine Steem. I had intended to build a Pool Mining site here but WTF was I thinking?)
  • steemtranlate.com (Front end for steemit.com that auto-translates every page/every post/every comment to your First Language)


There are 25 domains in the list above up for auction. You can bid on 1 or more of them, but please do it like this:

  • steem.gifts - $500 USD - Avid developer with XX years experience, can build the site you hoped for in a few months!


  • steem.market - 1000 SBD - I would love to partner with you; I will build the site if you promote and bring users to it.

If you bid on more than one domain please do a separate line for each one and make sure to include Why you want the domain and what you plan to do with it.

What the money will be used for that is raised from this auction!

  • Making needed repairs to my van - The rims, tires and brakes are complete garbage. The A/C is inoperable. Most of the doors won't unlock/open from the outside!
  • Upgrading my van or campsite if I find a semi-permanent one - Will need water storage and pump, generator or solar power (to run a small fridge and charge laptop/cellphone/flashlight), Solar Shower (cause the water in CO is COLD ASF). If campsite I need a cot/twin bed to go in my tent.
  • Licensing - Most likely will need some kind of Access Pass as all the "free" camping I have found online is in State Parks. Will also need to switch my license to Colorado which means also getting a PO Box. The DL Switch is so I can get CO Hunting/Fishing licenses as well.
  • Equipment - It is my hope to get a nice campsite setup in a mountainous wooded area near a stream/river that is close enough to a Cell Tower to have signal. Then to write, photograph and videograph Nature, my experiences (living with nature) and so forth. So I will need to get a descent video camera (thinking a GoPro) as well as a Waterproof housing for it and a couple mounts to mount it to a helmet, body, etc. Would also like a descent drone with a Gimbal Mount (for the Go Pro) that I can control via WiFi to get even better pictures/video of the wildlife and scenery.

Final Thoughts

Those of you who have followed me for a while and read my posts will notice (have noticed) that my writing has already gotten better, I am posting more pictures and video, better formatting, more coherent thoughts, etc. I have been working on this for a year since I joined Steemit and believe I am ready to make a full-time job of Steeming! While I have been a member of Steemit for one year I have been through a lot of difficult times, worked 70+ hours a week for crap pay (if any) and been repeatedly sick (like almost constantly) and have still managed to develop a following and hone my writing abilities. It is my thorough belief that I can bring value to Steemit while uplifting Steemit and bringing in new people who are interested in what I post or are inspired by my journey! So please Upvote/Resteem/Follow/Share this post with anyone and everyone you know and lets make this happen!




I am a proud supporter of minnowsupportproject (aka minnowsupport), if you haven't already joined check them out over on their Discord Channel by clicking below:


PS - Here is a pic of Me and my crummy old van!



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I am sorry that times have gotten tough. I have had my downs these last two years and time when there is barely enough to eat. I will be thinking about you and hope all will be well. Wish I could help out but for now Ill have to be moral support. A shoulder to lean on if needed. IMO that van is sick. Keep an eye out for my hitchhiking.. Ill be looking for your van. jk. :)

Something like this even works

Yes it does, votes always help!

Love the van I should trade my SUV for one!

Just remember, you are not alone. There are hundereds of steemers following you and showing their supports including myself. I really like the way you share your story. Simple and honest. Unfortunately, i don´t have money to buy something or donate but you have my 100% upvote @venuspcs

Thank you and all other Steemians for your support. I have made it into Colorado (barely) and will be posting a new post later today with pics from the trip as well as a video (hopefully) of me visiting my first weed shop (CannaCo in Trinidad, CO)....well not my first weed shop but first one since I got to CO. Until I land at me a camping site I am gonna visit every weed shop I pass and any that will let me film I am gonna!

Thank you for being kind to others who are in needs. Good bless you!

Are you still in Dallas?

I am in Basalt, CO right now....blew a tire today then 2 miles later lost all brakes on my van. No clue how u gonna fix it.

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I have your back brother.

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Thanks @gmuxx you roq!

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Instead of selling them why not lease them out for temporary Steem projects.

Aww if you did this 6 months from now when I'm steemit reach i'd be happy to just send 500 your way. Right now I'm also out of a job though with no idea what the future holds... sigh

Good luck on this. Hoping all your domains get auctioned. I have no need for one (can't even afford one), but I will share this to my followers. Hopefully someone needs one of those domains. Cheers!

Welp, last summer I spent living in the back of a VW pickup. I mounted a 3'x3' solar panel on the hood and collected a few spare car batteries which I hooked all together. I could run my laptop for a week before I had to push start the truck and go to town.

I got work, and dismounted the batteries from my bumper (they were too heavy for the VW, and made me need new tires), and began to notice my batteries would go dead on long trips.

Turns out my alternator hadn't been working for who knows how long, and the panel was keeping the batteries charged up so I could drive around (at least on short trips) with my 12" sub and 600 watt amp blasting.

I never even knew until I took trips over 100 miles. Get the solar panel and some batteries.

Edit: Srsly, that van is the Taj Mahal compared to a VW pickup. I'm jelly tbqh. RE Edit: Oh, and resteemed for max exposure.

Thank you alot for using the tag. Did some resteem and upvoting too, hoping it helps a bit. If you are dev, you may be interested in our dev-request centre on the steemgigs community on discord: https://discord.gg/ZtNTdaf

May the Steem be with you buddy. Upvoted + following + resteemed.

Best of luck!

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@overkillcoin thank you very much for the @randowhale vote!

God bless you @venuspcs

steem.gives - TBD. Thanks to @aggroed who sahred your appeal I found this amazing auction! You have quite an awsum steem domain portfolio. I recently pre-ordered steem.charity, but it will take long until that TLD is available for registration and then it's not sure if I win. Hence, steem.gives would be the perfect domain for supporting Steeminas in need, like yourself. Please check my blog, the introduction post and the last post for the STEEMFEST contest. Then you know what I want to use it for. We can discuss the price once you think it would be a good idea to sell it to me : ) I'm on steem.chat Gave you a 100% upvote, not much, but I hope many will do the same and you will get better. Stay strong, it will get better again!

Thanks for the great chat! That is a huge leap forward.

Wish you the best.
Can't wait for venus in the woods!

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upvote. and for real, I've had a number of those econolines out on the road. if you ever have any mechanical questions on it, dm me. idk, maybe you're a real mechanic. I just been a guy trying to fix a van out on the side of the highway. If I can't fix it, then I can't afford to own it. so, I figured i'd throw that out there. It's nice you got that topper, tho.

Resteemed man! I wish you the best of luck! Also, don't have much to offer in the ways of bidding for a domain, but just tossed you a few SBD to help out!

Thank you very much. I just did an update on the other post (linked in the top of this one) thanking you for the donation!

My dear friend you are in my prayers and thoughts. God Bless - Troy

Stay strong. Best of luck to you!

Upvoted and resteemed..Wish you all the best sir @venuspcs

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