My Past, Present and Future - How I became homeless and why I am not worried!

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The Past

In 2003 I started a new career as a truck driver, prior to then I had done many many different things. I was a geek, worked in restaurants and fast food, did construction and a whole lot of other things....some of which I am not proud of.

Over the 14 years I have been driving a truck I have been screwed over by company after company in various ways. The trucking industry is a brutal and unforgiving place to make a living.

Over the last 4 years I have worked for 6 different companies and lost damn near everything I own in the process. I have almost nothing left of any value and really really am tired of getting dry humped every time I turn around.


The Present

Until today I have spent the last 2 months working for a car hauling outfit in Mansfield, TX. I knew shortly after starting here the company was in financial trouble. I stayed with them cause I had no money, no where to live and no backup plan. I had hoped to that I could sock away some money before things took a turn for the worst. Sadly, that was not to be. I recently learned that the company was in such dire financial straights that they had started screwing drivers. Mainly on their pay, myself included. So today I quit that job, cleaned out my truck and am now homeless with very little money and a determination to get out of the trucking industry for good.


The Future

My van is a 2003 Ford E150 Coachmen Conversion van (wanna be RV). The brakes are shot, the tires are shot, the front end is shot (can't hold it in a straight line on the highway) and the Air Conditioning is broken. It does have a queen size bed in it so I can sleep in it at night. Once I get somewhere and put some stuff in storage....Van is slam full right now.

I am thinking I am going to head to Colorado later today (once the heat dies down somewhat). I have always loved Colorado, the West Slopes are amazing, nature is amazing, weed is legal and the weather is much nicer if you are homeless (sleeping in your car).

I can work online during the day at various coffee shops and such that have WiFi. I can write more posts and devote more time to them. I can do Video's of the places I go, wildlife, etc. I can camp out in nature in my van at night. Of course I will have to:

  • Make it to Colorado (West Slopes)
  • Have my van still running and drive-able
  • Get a couple batteries or good Solar Panel to charge batteries that run an inverter (I have inverter already) so I can power my fridge, laptop, etc.
  • Put a bunch of stuff in my van into storage once I get there.
  • Start making enough money to live on within two weeks from today (actually collecting the money); as that is about all I have for money right now, assuming my van doesn't break down on the way to Colorado and eat it all up.


I am currently in Mansfield, TX, I will be leaving here today and driving up US 287 to just north of Amarillo, TX where I will cut off on US87 into New Mexico to I25 up into Denver where I will hit I70 over the mountain to the Western Slopes. If you live anywhere near this route and can offer any assistance (Couch Surfing or a better ride) please let me know ASAP. If you are live in Colorado and wanna meet up when I get up there let me know. If you are desiring something from Colorado and do not live nearby or can't afford to go there to see it/get it please let me know. If you just like my crazy ass and wanna offer moral or financial support please let me know. You can reach me on Facebook (while I am traveling), just send me a friend request or message me through FB Messenger; that is the quickest and easiest way to get a hold of me while I am driving!




I am a proud supporter of minnowsupportproject (aka minnowsupport), if you haven't already joined check them out over on their Discord Channel by clicking below:


Update #1

My old 2003 Ford Van has crappy dry rotted tires and no Air Conditioning. I had to stop in Decatur, TX and get a room for the night. I am going to leave out early in the morning and drive north before it gets too hot. Will probably stop somewhere mid day tomorrow and get a room then drive on to the Western Slopes on Sunday morning.

Update #2

If you want to help me out you can VOTE on my comment in @gmuxx' latest contest here:

Update #3

To ensure I have some funds to live on while I transition and figure out what to do next I decided to power down. I am not cancelling the delegations I have going. I am not leaving steemit. In fact I will be posting more and more once I get situated in Colorado. I am only powering down a percentage of my Total SP which will yield me 248 Steem a week for the next 13 weeks. That is enough for food, smokes (and weed) and gas for my van and will allow me to be mobile and explore places so I can vlog it on steemit.

Update #4

A poor man's dinner....whole chicken from Walmart ($4.88 + tax) and a Powerade Melon.


Update #5

My old van (ie home) for now! It is loaded to the gills right now!



Update #6

Nerves are kicking my arse so I can't sleep. Got up and @zenchess messaged me and offered a donation. That KAF dude sent me $20 via Paypal. Now when I get to CO I have $30 to get some good weed with thanks to him and the 5 SBD I received earlier. Gonna be posting a video in a few days of me sitting out in the wilderness at my campsite smoking a big bowl of Blue Dream and getting baked like I am a piece of meat in the Sahara Dessert!

Update #7

Update #8

My phone took a crap this morning, I had to stop in Harrold, TX to get on WiFi so I could do a reset and restore my phone....will be back on the road shortly!

Update #9

I made it to Amarillo, TX stopping for fuel and food then heading north.

Update #10

Heat got me again at 1 PM CST I shut down in Dalhart, TX. I am about 150 miles from the Colorado/New Mexico line. I will spend the night here (and hopefully get some sleep) then leave out Early AM and hit Colorado around sunrise. Should be able to make it to Glenwood Springs, CO tomorrow.

Update #11

Special thanks goes out to @robertdurst10 for the generous donation of $20 SBD.

Update #12

Special thanks goes out to @lifewithcrypto for the generous donation of $5 SBD.

Update #13

Made it into Colorado this morning, will post pics in new post later today.

Update #14

Special thanks goes out to @luvabi for the generous donation of $5 SBD.

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I haven't been homeless, but surely broke and in debt, and recently (still paying it off). I also had about the same amount of SP as you do now and had to take it all out when it was only ranging 10 to 18 cents per Steem. Really sucked. Lol.

Resteeming this to 11,000+ followers and wishing you the best, Richard! :)


I wished my VP wasn't in the crapper and I could vote on this comment like 10 times. But I can't so a "Thank You!" will have to do!


I read something about you here on steemit tonight. Apparently you are 'Legend'. Good on you for helping Richard out!


Life can be tough. Glad you pulled threw!

Good Lucky mate...I was going to say I think I no the reason why you are going to Colorado :)

It sounds like a good plan! Wish you the best <3


good luck! sounds very tough but you can do it!

You already free bro!!! Nothing to hold you!!!

100% upvote, Resteemed, I sent a small donation, And I will be pimping this post.

Much love mr colbert. :P


Thanks for the $BD when I make it to Colorado the first gram is on you....I will think of you with every puff I promise!

Goodluck to you Robert. Here's hoping things get better soon!


Robert or Richard?


It ain't Robert....LOL


Richard,sorry lol


Wow you say you wuvs me and still called me by the wrong name.....but you are cute so I will let it slide!


Im sorry Dick. I wuvs you Dick xD

Delicious chicken.

You dont stop believing on yourself and you never give up on life. For every problem there is a solution. Be brave, always believe that He is great and someday... He will bless you. 😊

I was homeless and living out of my car for about 3 weeks, back in 1993.

You're doing it in spacious style! I had all of my belongings crammed into a 1970 VW Bug. Thank God those days are behind me.

Upvoted & Followed. Good luck to you!

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Make it out to the Philippines and we'll do everything we can to help you on your way! Philippines > Colorado. :)


help me @teamphilippines,I'm a myanmar.welcome myanmar

I know you'll bounce back. Never give up in life. I wish you well.
It will surely get better.

Good attitude! I have been homeless by choice on many occasions. It get's easier when you know you can survive with a rather low upkeep. Niwadays steemit etc. help too :). Me and my family will be homeless next month and we are taking an old land cruiser turned to rv to europe for a while. Cheap living and seeing the world. Follow for updates if you will.

Take care!

good lucky my man!

Good Luck you will be in my prayers to reach your destination.

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@sulev thank you for sending @randowhale my way, with friends like you I know I will be okay!

Upvoted my brother, come on over to the Philippines if you can find a way, @teamphilippines has your back!


No passport, no money for plane ticket and it is too damn far to swim. Wonder if I can hitch a ride with a Dolphin!

I wish all the best on your travels. It will all get better. Stay strong​ and keep your positive mindset.

Since you will be on the west slopes anyways, swing over to Utah some time for a meetup, or to give the place a look-see. (Be wary of the I-70 to US-6 route during the day in summer.)


I used to live in Salt Lake City, I love it there and if weed was legal there it would have been my first choice. Besides my van is a POS so I don't wanna chance going any further than I have to. But once I get to the West Slopes you are more than welcome to come visit and smoke one with me!

Yo I am so sorry to hear this , but I hope it's all for the best . Your life will turn around and you will do something more satisfying and with less stress . Maybe you will make it big on Steemit, who knows.
I have faith in you big guy

D: I wish you all the best in your travels brave soul.

Hope for the best. Steem On!

Keep safe always buddy! You are really a brave man! I really salute you. May the force of STEEM be with you.

Have a safe trip 🤗🤗

good luck...stay safe...and enjoy the ride good sir

I got your back buddo. <3


That's what that tickling sensation in my kiester has been all day......thanks!


Buried in deep like a tick.

Good luck to us @venuspcs you're not alone!

Hey man, i hope things get better. Do try to keep your spirits up. Any and all positivity is good.

How are you managing to keep connected to the internet through all this?


For now I have a cellphone with T-Mobile and unlimited data. I just paid the bill last week so I should be good until sometime in August with connectivity!


Well you got a follower in me - and though I have very little sp i can shoot some randowhales and minnowboosts your way. And you've got a nice sp nest egg going so you should be able to get consistent growth if you continue to have internet access. Wish i was out on your side of the country so I could offer something more concrete.

Everything is going to be right, don't worry - bob marley - upvoted and followed. feel free to follow me back and check out my contents


@dber thank you for the Upgoat, you roq!

Legit struggle for working folks these days..dont be afraid to de-delegate and power down..MSP has your back, good buddy


I thought about that, but I do not want to screw anyone because of my choices or problems. I do wish someone could help me power down the Un-delegated SP so I have some money to live on. I have only about $800 USD and assuming my van doesn't break down I will use half that getting to the Western Slopes and finding a place to camp out.


Sometimes you gotta just take some profit short will get it back..very nice of you to be helping minnows though :)

Sorry to hear that, I hopes will be more better soon. And I guess you are now on the right track. Tha ksk for sharing yah story and I admit that I can relate to myself cause my father was also a driver for about 30+years in any diferrent country.

Wishing you a safe trip and a better life in Colorado!

I have nothing to say!!godbless sir @venuspcs

I just got laid off today after working at a place for 5 months. I feel your pain, and wish you the best luck I possibly can. It's cruel how so many people are treated as interchangeable parts and not as human beings.

Good luck in your travels!

Good luck buddy!

Wow, touching story... all the best thoughts anf positive energy - I'm sending to you!

Dude...yer get'n too old for this shit. Find yerself a good woman and give her all your love...and money. Obviously you've got trouble hang'n on to it. ;-)

Harsh words I know...but hey...I've been where you're at a dozen times in my life. At least you have a van...I mean easy bake oven...for crash 'n carry. ;-p

Wishing you all the may not have much...but from where I'm sitting you're rich where it matters most. You have friends who love you!

~smiles fer miles~


And you just explained "Why I am not worried!" perfectly!

oh! stay safe and steem on.:)

Good luck bro

Wishing you all the best, man. Hope you have a better life in Colorado, and that things work out for you. With that positive attitude and your resilience, you will definitely attain the happiness you deserve.

I whish you good luck with that plan. And with steemit too of course^^

Best of luck

Wishing you all the best! Hope you have fun , get what you need and enjoy your life!

Man that is a interesting story... I'm going to wait until tomorrow so I can give you 100% upvote. I resteemed and im following.

Drive safe. Post pictures. Stay sane.

Good luck buddy.... followed n upvoted

upvoted! aww i hope everything will be fine soon. Dont stop hoping. Anything we can do for you. We are just beside you! i wuvs u. Keep positive

I wish the best for you in Colorado and I hope your ride will get fixed too.

Hang in there you crazy bastard!

Have a safe trip my friend.
The end of the rainbow is getting nearer.

May the best of luck be with you from now on!!

Hoping things get better soon! good luck to you Robert,help me kindly for steemit community

Just read your story mate, very touched. Wishing you all the best! Followed and upvoted

Are you going to try the US steem tour idea? I really think there would be steemians that would host you for a day or 2 all across the US and world


My poor old van will not allow me to try that.....would be fun if I could though!

Hang in there bud, even with a degree know plenty of people struggling with a college education to make a living. Colorado is a great choice, booming economy, plenty of room for you to make a new life there. Best of luck to you and keep at it!

Man this is something that is difficult to see. I haven’t been homeless and I really have no idea the feeling of it. I do see through your post that it does suck. We all have been screwed over by companies and other people on many occasions. I was not aware that it was that kind of way in the trucking industry.
I wish you the best and happy journeys no matter where they may take you.
I do love Denver; it's a beautiful city.

I am following you now cause I am interest to see more of your journey's
Thank you


Life has shite on me a few times. Keep the head up, solider on and you will rock this place

Hey @venuspcs, I just read this post now. Good luck and God Bless. I did what I can. Upvoted and resteemed. Cheers friend!!

Scrolling down the posts there are many folks in the Steemit community who support you. You have friends here. I too am one. Maybe Steemit is your future. I know what it is like to be down and out. - I am in your corner. - Troy

Hope things will turn around for you soon! Glad to hear you are not worried though, all the best!

I can honestly say... I TAKE MY BLOODY HAT OFF TO YOU!!!!!!!! you my friend, are LIVING!!!! - not existing!!! wooohooo, every single human beings ultimate dream (no matter WHAT they say)!! - yes, tough, but what a learning experience!!!!

No chains!

Would love you to check out my latest post, if you care to...

ALLLLLLL the best on your daily travels.... you seem to be winging it REALLY well :)

Best of luck to you. Many people here following you. Keep posting and let us know how you are doing. 🐓🐓

Good luck buddy, I really wish I could help you more than with my pennies worth upvote.

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good luck for you


Hello buddy! I felt really bad reading what happened to you! Wish you lots of courage and hope for the best for you!
I am into food and sharing easy and quick recipe for people to enjoy. If only you were here in my country i would for sure share my shelter with you!

Wow! Must get really hard sometimes. Leave the bad luck behind now, I wish you lots and lots of good luck henceforth... @venuspcs...
Upvoted and following you. Cheers! @sandzat

all the best in your new life situation @venuspcs. upvoted as well.

May God taking care of you always where ever you are going my friend... enjoy life...

I wish you strength and wisdom, Richard! <3

Oh I'm looking forward to this, guys!
Steemit has to be covered in the media more and more - in whatever way! Sounds like you found a fantastic partner for this. Good luck! I'm looking forward to your updates!

Upvoted and Resteemed. Good Luck my friend and many Blessings to you on your journey.

Damn RICHARD keep your head up man, prayers go to you fam. STAY STRONG !

Upvote and resteem that's my little help... Go forward...

Hang in there, life is for the strong. I live in Texas now, but when I got here from NYC., in 2013 my spouse and I lived with a " friend" for about a month. I cooked and cleaned and took care of her son. Registered him for school, cut his hair, bought him clothes ( we had a few hundred dollars). She couldn't wait for our money to come from NYC ( from our jobs) and kicked us out in the street via a text at 9 o'clock at night. Our bags were put in storage..and we were homeless for almost 2 weeks, until our money finally came. We got a hotel and then an apartment and have never looked back. You'll be alright man. Just keep the faith and keep moving forward. I wish you the best.-Stone

that's a nice truck G ! Best of luck, don't bang away too much of the old cough drop now, ya hear me. I'll be following you

Good luck man!

Best wishes!! My husband drove truck for a few years... Please keep us posted on your travels!

Take us with you on the journey.

Glad you made it where you are going..

Goodluck! :) Resteeming this, i hope this helps. :)

Love your positive attitude!
Most of the people wuold lose hopes.
But you old school guy, you're done of a different material!
Keep punching miles bro!
Start to follow you and tryng to support!
Follow me back boss

Very brave :) Good luck!

Wish you well.have a safe drive and will send over a little bit to help.


I got your generous donation, thank you very much. I am now in Trinidad, CO (right on the CO/NM border!

Glad you made it safe and sound. This is a beautiful state.

Good luck to all your adventures. :)

Glad to see you are holding on still

Nice post, really inspiring thanks for sharing! #keepsteemin
Keep your head up, remember theres always a sunshine with a rainbow after every storm :)

nice life bro

Seems like u are going through a rough patch.Am sure it will be over soon and u will be able to bounce back with a bang. I hope a whale sees this post and upvotes it and all other posts u will be putting up. I also don't have a job and living at home, atleast I have a roof over my head and food. Am hopeful for a better future, always be optimistic . Thank you for sharing your story , be blessed always. God loves you :)

Direction is something alive,in the moment.It knows nothing of the future,it knows nothing of the past,but it throbs,pulsates here and NOW.If you live fully in to the next moment your a true master and you ARE. Sending you lots of love.

Good luck hope it all goes to plan. Looking forward to some post with amazing scenery. Good to connect :)

get that chevy rolling straight to colorado and all the best for your journey!


How dare you insult my Ford like that....LOL!


excuse my french!ha!

Are you near Denver yet? I would love to meet you and smoke you up and I have some things that may help you on your journey.

Hung on ? You have been screwed for 14 years? I don't want to be your psychologist, but it looks like there is everyone around fault but not yours. Maybe is time to say - I screw up, now it's time to do my best.....


That's really easy to say- if you've never been a truck driver in a job market where the most magnificent skill set won't get you ANY OTHER JOB, unless you move several thousand miles away completely on spec- and if it's a technical field, you'll get screwed ANYWAY unless you're an H-ib or fresh graduate. THIS is corporate USA, where we're all programmed since childhood with the hallucination of "equal opportunity for anyone willing to work hard."
I understand from direct experience EXACTLY what he's talked about.


@tvulgaris My brother is a Truck Driver, he has family, house and managed to start up few new businesses. I don't know the industry in USA. If someone could explain me this, what does it mean being screwed by company over and over..... ?


The trucking industry in the USA is the most highly regulated in the world....which is problem # 1, Problem #2 is that everyone wants to do it so there is no respect for the drivers who do. you are just meat in a seat!


@venuspcs so good you realised this. I wish you all the best getting out of this industry.


Thank you for that, it kept me from flagging him!


@venuspcs Why flagging? is it a normal discussion.... ?


I wasn't really gonna flag him, if he wants to be a jerk that is fine by me!