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Hello Steemians!

In today`s post let me show you how me , Kat ( @katsuo3d ) and Zah ( @zaheeraup ) promote Steemit on Easyhits4u , one of the most famous traffic exchanges in the world!

If you`re not a member yet of Easyhits4u you can signup here for FREE

Easyhits4u is a traffic exchange since 2003,having at the time of writing this post 1,376,184 members.It has an average of 2000 online members at any hour of the day as it has members from all across the world.

Let me tell you the basics.

A traffic exchange it`s a program that allows its members to promote their sites.These sites can be seen by others if they have credits assigned.So if you have 100 credits assigned to your site,it will be seen 100 times by other members.

The credits can be earned by viewing other members sites (by what we call surfing) or by buying them.

As well as promoting directly Easyhits4u also allows you to add banners or texts.

By my experience of being a member since 2010,banners work really great!

So I made banners for all 3,customized with avatars...looks like this

And then we have added these banners at My banners

Click on Add new banner

Then it will look like this : upload your banner image, link to your Steemit profile and Add banner

So you will find your banner inside My banners.Once it is added it has to be reviewed by their staff,but is really a quick process.

You will also have to add a page as you surf and earn credits if you have an active page.Do this at My sites

You are good to go!

Click Start surfing ( 1:1 , 20sec).You have to view a site for 20 sec in order to get 1 credit.

Click the matching picture after the timer runs out to proceed to next site

You must go to Settings and set the auto-assign to 50%,so that you can build up some credits to be used for banner impressions.
You can convert credits to banners at Conversions,left menu.

Sounds like a plan? Signup if you haven`t already

One thing is for sure : the guys REALLY LOVED the idea! And they really like surfing,is addicting a bit :)

The whole idea is for the surfers inside Easyhits4u is to see over and over the Steemit banners.From my experience,a person is inclined to take an action (in our case,to clik on a banner) after seeing it 15-20 times.The they will be curious as they see different avatars on the same type of banners and they would want to find out what is that all about.

So if you want your customized banners and want to join the fun upvote,comment so that I can put your avatar on the banner ,follow me and resteem this post.I will reply to your comment with your banner.

If you want more awesome traffic sources I`ve made a post with my best ones , check it out

LET ` S ROCK!!!!

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steemit rocks!


oh wow that is really a great banner kat!!!


This is an Awesome Grafic. Do you mind if I use it in some material promoting Steem? I will credit you with a link to your profile if you consent. :)




Hello :) I'm the creator of that banner, and thank you for your comment! I'm more than happy for you to use it for free. Please upvote and follow me if you can, I will come up with more of the cool stuffs :D


Hello! Upvoted and follow . Good idea. Be success. Please follow me. Thanks


I follow you :)


Nice video @katsuo3d!

Are you on Bitsler by the way?


yes I'm on bitsler :)


Yeah I missed your other reply somehow. Congrats on being a legend! Thanks for the follow by the way!

Great post, but what results are you getting from this? only views?


The main objective is to get people into Steemit through banners as you cant add directly the Steemit profile or post because of Easyhits4us content policy.

It's always good idea to promote Steemit outside to attract new users to create account on Steemit. You find good oportunity how to promote for free. I think that we could use other this kind of site. It will be not extremaly effective but it's for free so I should try this too. I will register today using your refferal like. Thank you for share this idea :) Anna


Hi Anna thank you for signing up! Would you like a Steemit banner?


I just added my profile page and it's working, if I will need Steemit banner I will let you know :)

Great strategy, I used this website too in the past and now I will use it again! :-) Thanks for sharing @valentinmavrodin!


Awesome Jonas! yeah it`s a great resource...over 1.3mil members,how could not be right?

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muy buno me gustaria participar m das una pncarta?


Hola @edinso ! Claro ,pero debes enscribirte , dejame un mensaje despues

I was once in that site (still am) and was active surfer. I got some cash too.
You are doing great job indeed.


thanks hafiz! passion never fails right?


Thank you @beulahlandeu for stopping by! Followed you!


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valy awesome post

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Thank you @superbot , followed you!

It is a great idea, I appreciate your work and I wish you success!


Thanks @allesia ! Really appreciate it..hopefully will see my work as well and apply some of it.

Nice banners! I haven't done traffic exchanges in many years.


Thanks @thethreehugs ! and awesome banner by the way haha


Thanks! And you are most welcome.

it will just increase your views :) but no one will take interest in reading your contents .. so i don't recommend anyone . @valentinmavrodin


it depends how your ads look..i have been into online marketing for 8 years and if you create some attractive ads people will stop for sure..or click if it`s a never know who will join you...a friend of mine promoted something with no results for 2 months.And one day he referred a guy that made him like $5k in you never know...


Your Post is Just about to promote your Refferal link and to earn some credit . :( it is not beneficial post

Glad to see your are doing something to promote Steem.


Doing what I can @dragonite! Followed you

nice trick for beginners to build their viewers and raising up the article's traffic,


Glad you like it @umakngak !