Announcing AutoSteem - An automation tool for voting, curating and browsing Steemit!

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Hi Steemians,

As a software developer, I've been developing some tools to help me use Steemit how I want to, with easier ways to filter, browse and find content, as well as to curate more easily. I've decided to make it a product and available to everyone and its finally ready after many weeks of hard work!

AutoSteem is a tool for:

  • Filtering Steem Posts EXACTLY How YOU Want
  • Auto create a voting queue from your filter
  • Automatic OR Manual voting
  • View comments for all posts
  • View blog posts with added images
  • View all photos from all posts as a stream
  • Monitor only NEW content
  • Detailed inspection of followers / who your following
  • Runs in your browser, along side Steemit
  • Full NSFW filtering option (you choose)

Tell me More About These Features?

Lets have a look at a few of these in more detail. What I really wanted, was to have some better views for monitoring Steemit.

I also wanted a tool that I knew what it was doing and would only run when I wanted it to. AutoSteem has to be left open to keep it running for example.

Here are some examples of the various views in AutoSteem.

Blog View

This is a stream of all posts in steemit that you can monitor and easily clear as you've reviewed them to keep a list of fresh content available for you to check and read through. Also, it shows the first 3 photos from any post and tells you how many additional photos there are if any. I love this since as a photographer, I care about the images in posts and having the ability to review post summaries, with the photos I find really helpful. It looks like this:

Photo Stream

If you like viewing photos from posts, you'll love this next one, as do I. The Photo Stream page lets you monitor ALL photos sequentially in steemit, so you can scroll through all the photos that AutoSteem detects in the posts as they are monitored. This gives you a great way to find photosets of interest, photos in a post that are not the first visible photo or just to find new authors and posts with great photos in their posts. Here is an example:


Keep in touch with comments on all posts, from this great view.

Vote Filter

AutoSteem can do a lot with its filter for you to find content. You setup the vote filter and let it capture all the blogs that match your filter. You have control then if you want to allow autovoting on that, or if you want to manually vote up the content from the vote queue yourself.

To make the automation even better, you can set how much voting power to maintain in your account, and the time delay before a vote is cast. This helps you get the curation rewards and gives you voting control still.

The filter looks like this:


I know autovoting causes mixed reactions for people on steemit, some people love it, some hate it. That's why I build the features I did into AutoSteem. You control completely how the autovoting works. The filters are very powerful, and the advanced voting features let you set the delay of votes, what voting power to maintain and the vote power you want to autovote with.

Tip: If you want to manually control your votes, you can still use this powerful filter, just set your Maintain Voting % to 100% and autosteem will keep those items in the voteQ for you to review and vote up or remove manually.

This gives you the best of both worlds for autovoting.

There is a lot more in Autosteem to explore, and I'll be posting some videos and other tips on more of its features.

So, go try AutoSteem today and I hope you find it as useful as I do.

Also, Please Help Support AutoSteem

I'd love if people are able to help support me directly in building these tools, with any donations here on Steemit. You can also help by RESTEEMing this, voting it up and of course, just using and letting others know about it.

I hope to add more features and make it even better, so let me know ideas or suggestions you have to improve it!



I always ger:
"Error Communicating to Steemit WebSocket through SteemJS. Please refresh the page to try again or try later.
Error Message: The WS connection was closed before this operation was made" @unipsycho any advise on this?

I've been having this problem since a few days, as well.
AutoSteem itself has always worked like a charm for me up until now, so thank you for that!

jack, its back! Autosteem that is.

You're golden, thank you so much!

if you find a solution, please tell me.

@krustenviech, sorry for the delay. wanted to tell you, Autosteem is back and operational. I was away, couldn't fix easily.

Same problem here.
I went through
browsers:chrome, mozilla, edge
os: win, android, chrome
nothing worked and the console lights up like a christmas tree.

Back up and running. sorry for the delay in fixing it and replying. I was away travelling.

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this bot realy awesome,.. excelent job @unipsycho

It is great to see conpetition heating up!

Disclaimer: I made and successfully operate a partial competitor called

Hi xeroc, and thanks. I did check out streemian, which I didn't find till I was well into dev on my own tool, I'm glad they serve different purposes, as streemian can run on the server side, with setting up your keys, where Autosteem runs locally, which I really wanted to give people the choice of when to run it, and to more easily control the autovoting (plus provide manual control of it or auto filters). This all started when I build some views to find photos more easily, so I hope to keep enhancing autosteem for that, better views, searches and tools, not just voting!

I very much like it! Very good job. I'll keep an eye open and see if I can find ways for a closer colaboration if you are interested.
Great to have you on board (of Steem)

Hey definitely interested xeroc, the server side is not something I plan to jump to, but maybe we could integrate things in the future.

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Please answer me.

Competition is healthy. That's a good motivation to have products getting better and better :)

Great job guys... You are both amazing.

That's awesome and great work! Quick look into it shows that you use Angularjs and front-end only. That's just great, I have been working on eSteem for months and with recent launch of eSteem desktop, I think we can combine some of this neat features easily there... eSteem is stand-alone app, meaning there is no backend for desktop version of app just like this webapp is working. It uses electron to wrap Angular app to desktop. Feel free to join eSteem and it would be great addition to eSteem users for sure. Either way, keep up the great work brother!

Hi good-karma, I just checked out esteem, GREAT job and very cool to have that option to browse and explore as well, love the larger views of content. I was thinking of have autosteem go load any missing posts for you so you don't have to keep it running, and you've done a great job of that. Are you using the steemjs api then or another api for the stream content?

Beside exploring posts/comments, eSteem signs transaction client side and broadcasts it to websocket of user's choice. I use steemjs-lib and steem-rpc libraries which is quite similar with steem.js you use from @fabien and his team.

hi @good-karma, i love your esteem app, i was used your app since i joined the steemit comunity, can you make clearly post how to install and use esteem-desktop in kali linux?

What an amazing piece of work you have put into this @unipsycho! Thank you for sharing this innovation with us, reading @xeroc's first reply, I see that I'm a behind the story in relation to this sort of development and I'm very excited to delve into this right now. Thanks again for your contribution to the world of Steemit! It LOOKS awesome!!! Upvoted and re-steemed. Namaste :)

Thanks eric-boucher, I'm glad to be able to build something like this and hope to keep it going, contributing and growing the community more.

This sis the sort of development that is NOW necessary for the world to invade Steem once and for all. Its approachability and user friendliness, even for people highly unaware of different interfaces, is just so clear and to the point. I want to upload this and use it on my Mac Book Pro now... Yet, I don't want to wreck or compromise my investments or computer on any level. Namaste :)

Can we hide the posting key from view??? Namaste :)

I don't understand how one person made this and whole team of steemit paid developers feed us for months with prehistoric UI.

HAHA, thanks for the compliment. its been many late nights that is for sure and as a developer myself, i have asked the same question.

I have no idea how development work and it was fine for me till now. I was thinking that must be really hard and time consuming. Now I'm start asking myself what are plans in steemit headquarters and what they are doing all that time? Weird, at least. But we'll get new announcement soon. We'll see.

There are different kinds of development work. You have frontend (the visual and interactive aspects) interacting with backend (the storage, logic, processing, protocols (i.e. rules), consensus algorithms, etc.

I think this AutoSteem project is fantastic, I would however ask you to think about everything that needs to happen "under the hood" to make the Steem block chain work before you eschew the work of the Steemit team. While there are a handful of front-end developers at Steemit, they aren't all working on the look and feel of the site. They are instead focusing on the backend, figuring out how to support larger user bases, new native features, and fixing bugs with the protocol. Some of this stuff is subtle and typical users won't notice a lot of it immediately. Think of it as laying the foundation for a stable building.

Robrigo, I totally agree and respect the devs completely, none of this is easy. Autosteem is strictly that, a front end service on all the devs awesome work on the backend and projects like coming is much larger than autosteem and I'm exciting about it as well.

They are instead focusing on the backend, figuring out how to support larger user bases, new native features, and fixing bugs with the protocol.

IMO, this is precisely what they should be doing.

Having the front end created and run by the same people that also run the backend is a necessary starting point, but the power of the blockchain is that anyone can build a front end.

If steem ends up being very sucessful in the future, i think in five years, we'll all look back on the early days and say something like "remember when steem was so small we had to build our own front end and have people interact with the blockchain that way."

I have great respect for what the Devs have done, but at the same time its no good having the back end working great, larger user bases supported etc if there are no users.
Its so frustrating working with the existing interface. Today yet again I made a mess of a post because of having to use the terrible interface. Well done @unipsycho great work on this tool.

I didn't mean nothing bad about steemit devs. I'm just asked some questions which I think a lot of people here want to know. Your explanation is great and I think it will sit well with many.

To be fair, steemit HQ had to also develop all the libraries andthe blockchain tech behind all of this while many others may simply use existing tech and code.

See for instance they make extensive use of the js libs written by steemit hq.

This project wouldn't be possible without these libraries and SteemJS is an awesome example of that for devs like me. Oldtimer simply asked a question, I know many have asked that as well. I do understand the time it takes for the WHOLE of what steemit HQ has to do, and they are doing well at bringing in lots of new features to steemit, hard to keep up with actually. Like NSFW filters, I had to add that since they appeared at Steemit and I knew then it was good for autosteem as well.

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Please answer me.

Hi I hope I do not mind too much because I just saw
Your profile on and I see you being the right person for me and deserving this offer. My name is LOPEZ Endrea I am of French origin but I live in Italy for 20 years because of my husband who is of Italian origin. I suffer from an illness which will lead me to death and I have a sum of 60 000 euros which I would like to make a donation to a person of trust and honesty so that it makes good use of it. I am the owner of a car accessories import company. To give a 10% share to the orphan children of his region just for the blessing of the lord after my death. I lost my husband 7 years ago, we have no children what my heart really touched and I could not remarry to this day because I love my husband too. I would make this sum a gift before my death so that my days may be counted for want of this disease to which I can not have a remedy for my illness. I would like to know later if you really want to benefit from this gift. Here is my email address: [email protected]

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My plugins are detecting this is scam/dangerous site. I'm using Steemed Phish by @quochuy and also @steem-plus by @adsactly. A friend of mine @amico asked me about your site if they think they should use it but I get this alert.

Dear @unipsycho,

I'm playing a game on maximizing curation: this is why I was trying to use your autosteem.

These votes below, left without my will in your favor, break the purpose of the game I'm participating in...

It makes me laugh to say it for 4 cents, but I find this fact very unfair.

@omitaylor, I have not confirmed this website, it's using a domain name that follows the same name pattern as another scam site which is why it is detected as scam.

However, because it is asking you for your Posting Key instead of using SteemConnect to request for a token instead, I would personally not trust my Key to it. I'm checking this site out and ask for an opinion from @steemcleaners

@omitaylor, apart from asking for the Key directly, I don't see any apparent reason for considering this tool as scam so I've tweaked the blacklist to allow it through

Dear @quochuy,
it seems that autosteem is "stealing" upvotes in favor of his creator (@unipsycho), as you can see on his received voting list.

That is announced on the tool itself as you can see in this screenshot. So it's like the price to pay for using the tool I suppose, what do you reckon?
Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 3.23.43 pm.png

You are telling me that I'm simply "unlucky", since "I paid" 4x 100% votes in a couple of hours? LOL


I’m just saying that he does say that his bot is doing so on the front page so it is not stealing. It’s like the terms and conditions for the use of a software nobody reads until something happens.

Maybe he should make it clearer, maybe he should show an extra poppy when you register your key. But I don’t think is a phishing scam aiming at stealing your key and drain your wallet.

As I mentioned earlier, I would not personally use this tool because it requires me to give it my posting key instead of using a service like steemconnect.

So it’s up to each individual to make a decision if it is worth the risk.

Thanks for chiming in @quochuy. Hopefully @unipsycho will respond as well as @steemcleaners and @arcange

@unipsycho actually made a really helpful markdown editor too.

Perhaps he could just change the domain because the 3 phishing sites don't even look like his design. Maybe his domain was hijacked.

And yes @amico, always read the fine print! Lol! Sorry to laugh but we cannot be mad at a lake for being wet. :) Remember crypto is all about AGREEMENTS /contracts/ transaction okay? So we always have to make sure we read what we are agreeing to ♥️♥️♥️

Please dont accuse me of stealing when the tool and docs and posts I've made about autosteem clearly state it will vote the author's content. I don't charge any other fees and have spent countless hours on this tool for the community. Votes are a not a big cost, especially considering I only post on average less than once per week.

Dear unipsycho,

nobody accused you.

I simply exposed what happened: 4 votes in a few hours instead of 3 in a month: I was unlucky, but this happened.

If "stealing" it annoys you, I can delete it: no problem! ;)

What matters most is that all these reports of scam are removed, because people get nervous... isn't it? ;)

A big hug from @amico!

hi people, not sure why this stuff creates such a reaction. Autosteem was built before steemconnect existed and I've never upgraded it yet to use that instead of putting your posting key in directly. As the docs say, the posting key is only used in YOUR browser, as NO info is ever sent anywhere in autosteem, it is only in your browser, so its completely safe to use your posting key since it is still completely private. I've had many users happy to see that Autosteem DOESN'T require steemconnect, because there you ARE sharing your posting key with another service. its up to you.

Thanks for commenting here.
I think it’s all about the current issues with phishing etc... people are now more careful with which website they give their keys to. At least I know and use steemconnect daily.

Steemconnect since v2 does not store your keys either, they set a proxy account in your Steem account to get the permission to post in your behalf. That’s why when you give the permission you can see in that it has created a transaction with an authorisation data in it.

The doc can always say anything you like, it’s not a guaranty. Phishing websites are very convincing too.

But as I said earlier, I’m not accusing you, I checked the website and found it seems genuine. The “issue” with imputing key is only me. It’s just up to each one whether or not they feel comfortable imputing their keys in a tool they just discovered.

Hey @unipsycho I just wanted to ask about the pending information in the bottom left had corner of your AutoSteem page after you add your account. How is this information calculated? Is it a legit estimate of what I should receive?

Sure entice. Actually, it isn't necessary what YOU will receive, but all payouts from your posts, so it looks at the earnings of each post in total, but doesn't try to take out curation rewards from that. So, that depends a lot of who and when votes were made and I haven't looked into how to calculate all that.

Ahh ok makes sense, I knew that number was a little to high lol. Thanks for the great tool, looking forward to see what you come up with next. Steem on!

looks great, I tried it out, but it's way too much for my pea brain, I find it complicated and confusing

craig, this is definitely the challenge of a complex app, and I'd love to hear any specific feedback on what you don't understand yet, as I'd like to improve or explain things that are too complex. If you follow me, I'll be posting some videos to help show the easiest ways to use autosteem, especially for autovoting and filters. Stay tuned...

I am not the right person to ask, as I like my interactions with the computer to be very simple and strait forward, as with everything else in my life. The problem is more about me than it is about your service. I am not open to learning anything new if I already have something that does what I need it to do, the steemit web site and steemvoter app is very simple and does what I need it to do, which makes it fun. I find complicated things are not fun. It's me, not you.

Totally cool with that and I get it. I'm probably a little of the opposite then! lol. I'm always open to feedback, which is why I asked. Have fun with whatever tools you use though!

This looks great. Tools like this make Steemians life easier

Exactly why I first started building it kyriacos, for finding photos more easily, but it turned into a much larger project. Thanks for the comment!

Good work! Any chance we could see source code some day?

Hi pal, well although I've released it as copyright, so you can't take and copy the source code, there is nothing stopping anyone form having a look at the source code, as with any webpage. There is no server side code, so its all in your browser if you want to look and learn from it.

Great work!

It's good that users have full control over their keys and behavior in the client side (that's why I still have concerns about BUSY). You still need to make your server and code secure(I'm not saying they're not), for example avoid compromise of js file on server side or possible XSS attacks, so people's keys won't leave the browser, although posting key only won't have big impact.

It's best that users can define the rules about how to vote for you, for example weight, frequency, delay and etc.

A side note that experienced users can modify the code in browser to bypass the 30 minute limitation as well as the vote-for-you feature.

Thanks abit, great points and comments here. Yes I realize that there are ways that devs could modify client side code if they really wanted, and while that is true, I don't think there are too many who know how or will care to. Plus, I trust that users on steemit will be happy to 'pay' for this application with a simple vote, which I also know is completely reasonable, considering the 100s of hours of dev, for essentially a free app.

As for the extra ideas and tips on more security, yes these are things I might move to a server in the future if needed, and am interested in using the SteemConnect for it as well, but I've had no luck with getting that to work so far. Thanks so much for your support abit!!!

Any ETA on when you'll have steemconnect support?

no plans. some users (including me) don't want to share keys with anyone, even a service such as steemconnect. It only takes a few seconds to use them in autosteem and its safer so no immediate needs really.

Hey hey unipsycho it's great to see it launched. I wonder what it will be like to "bot myself" !? Even as I was testing the pre-launch version I found it helpful to get different views the of posts and activity. It was fun to browse visually and then switch over to another view. There's a lot of power packed into this, so I think it's going to be good for a lot of people here in the Steemit community. After all, most of the best innovations are by users, for users - that's been proven time and time again in so many niches and communities. Anyway it's been fun to play a small part in the development of it. Nice work!

Ya thanks dennis1 for your ideas, help, brainstorming and vote testing during the dev of autosteem. I hope you make great use of it as you get into steemit more.

Suggestion : Mask the posting key on the options popup.

@tuck-fheman - I've just released some updates and the posting key is now masked in the options window. Thanks for the suggestion. Make sure to reload your browser window to get the updates.

good idea, that makes sense. thanks for the suggestion.

Also, how about a "Saved" confirmation on the vote filter page.

Oh, good idea. A bunch of the buttons need some messages when pressed so you know they took affect or are calculating, like the filters. They get a bit slow with 5000 photos if you leave autosteem running long enough. I'll add that to the list. Thanks!

Great site, thanks for making this!

that will help me make videos of that as well to help people, without showing my posting key then.

I set up my first filter! Thanks for setting this up.

Do you think its possible that I can "subscribe" to different tags and see how many posts appear with that tag in a very fluid way? Similar to how you have blogs and photos in the top left.

Also it would be even more awesome if it could check the last time I was logged in and begin finding content from that time rather than just what pops up at the moment.

Hi thecastle, good questions. I'm not sure what you mean by your first one. If you leave autosteem on, then you can use the filters to filter the blogs and photo views for the tag you want. Just type it in and everything shows up with that tag.

For the second idea, I would like to add this too, so its on the future possible feature list, but no plans just yet for that.

I mean it would be even cooler if I didnt have to type anything in. imagine if it just had its own tab and it even showed a number for how many posts have appeared with that tag.

OK thanks for explaining.. I think this is similar to what I'd like to do longterm. Set multiple filters and have views for any filter, then you can easily keep tabs on whatever you like with autosteem.

My upvote is not strong enough for this.

haha, I think we all have that problem.! use it for the views then, find the content you like and go comment and gain reputation and more followers. That the best use of steemit anyway!

Working my way through this platform. Have used it for three days. Seems to work well so far and I can filter the posts I want to see too. Having a little trouble loading up my followers and following lists as I would like to support my following and followers with more intent and focus. Can you help me with this please? Am I missing something? Also when I 'up vote' in the vote filter on multiple posts, say 6 posts that I choose, do they get put into the voting cue and delivered as to the specified time delay even though I entered all of them at the same time? EXAMPLE: 5 minutes delay per vote.

Glad you are learning and using it sebastianjago. A few responses:

  1. followers and followlists are pretty simple. you just click load data and it should load them in a couple seconds. You can sort the table by clicking the headers fields. I don't have anything YET to vote followers directly, but might add something in the future. What is it you are looking for with this?
  2. Anytime you use, upvote, it will upvote that content immediately, no delay or anything. From the voting page, if you press the upper right (add to queue) button, it will go on your queue and wait the delay time in your filter. That is, as long as you have your minimum voting power needed to autovote. Does that make sense?

Thank you. Followers and Follow lists are not working for me. No names come up. I have set up my account however I am still getting the message to rectify at the top. Not sure what the minimum voting power would be? All else seems to work well. I think some completed action messages would be a good feature and shown everytime an action is completed or not.

Thanks sebastianjago. If the message is still uptop, try saving your options window again, and then reload your browser, it shouldn't show up once you are setup. I assume you hit the load data buttons in followers and following, as they are not automatic, you have to press the buttons. Also, the voting power goes down automatically in steemit as you vote, so if you vote too much, it drops your influence down. About 20 votes per day worth are regenerated every 24hours, so its limited how much you should vote.

Thanks for the advice. I am still having trouble with the message top bar, still there and my followers and follow lists not uploading. I have closed browser however will log right out of Chrome and refresh browser and see. what happens.

nice one !
upvoted and resteemed.

everythink, there is a tag filter in the vote filter now (named Categories, which I should probably rename), plus you can filter tags on the photos view as well. Still need to add to the blog view. Thanks

You're welocome. For me multitag filter in blog view is must have.

@everythink I've just released an update to add a few things, including a tag filter on the blog view now. ENJOY!

Congrats on the release - if you are ever looking to collaborate with a couple of Canadian devs who have their own tool released ( - let me know - it would be nice to work with you. I really like the angular js - good for you for staying current! Nice job.

Thanks rgeddes, what actually is The page doesn't tell me anything. Also, good to know you are interested in collaborating, I have a few who've said so, so I will definitely note your name and think about this when the time comes. As for angular, yes I even debated using the latest version2 of angular, but stuck with 1.3, as I already know it some. Thanks!

Its a post scheduler we are not actively "promoting" presently.. We have a user base - people who use it actively - which is pretty cool. We were actually thinking of going in the same direction as you with the curation tools.. I guess you beat us to it! Nice work.

OK, interesting. Any reason why you don't promote it? I've been asked by users to add scheduling to my other product, SteemWriter. I'll have to check out what you've got before that happens though, my focus will be on more features to autosteem for a while first, I have a list a mile long. HAHA

@Contentjunkie added the scheduler to github I believe - I think it would be a good idea if we could collaborate. Are you on Discord?

regeddes, I'm probably on discord but never use/check it.

Nice work, bro! Could you please tell, what technologies do you use in this project? And is it possible to contribute/help you somehow?

Thanks s6pref! Autosteem is written using AngularJS as the main framework, entirely in html/javascript and it uses the AWESOME steemjs API from @fabien. I've noted your interest to help potentially, we'll have to chat in steemit chat sometime to discuss. A couple users might be wanting and able to help now.

Ok, let me know, when you will choose further plan :)


testing it atm! Looks great so far!

Thanks, great to hear!

I just noticed that when I press the blue up-vote button in the "Blogs" area, nothing happens. I checked afterwards on as well but the post was not up-voted.

thanks tarekadam for letting me know. A few more users have reported the same issue and I'm looking into getting it fixed. Please let me know what browser and OS you are using if you can. Stay tuned, I'll get an update out as soon as i can and contact those who have had troubles getting the voting to work. I assume you have entered in your steemit ID and posting key to enable that right? Do a browser reload after you enter these just to try as well.

I am using Safari v10.0.2 and MacOS Sierra. Yes I entered my Steemit username and posting key and everything else appears to be working fine! I just reloaded my browser and tried to up vote on AutoSteem but it still doesn't appear to work. Thank you for looking into it, your application is great!

@tarekadam Thanks for your bug report for autosteem. I've found a few bugs and got a bunch of other improvements fixed overnight on autosteem. Please try the voting again when you get a chance and let me know, just make sure to reload your browser page a couple times so it is not cached, then see if voting works for you then. Thanks!

@unipsycho I have just emptied my cache and tried again to up-vote using AutoSteem but it still doesn't appear to work for me. I checked afterwards on but the post wasn't up-voted.

This is awesome! Looking forward to getting my head around this. Congrats and thank you for such a fine effort and contribution!

thanks yogi-artist, there is quite a bit to look at. I plan to release some articles and videos to help users out more with it, as soon as I get a few bugs sorted out some people are having as well.

This is awesome and just what Steemit needs. Going to try now.. Many ghanks for sharing

Absolutely awesome! Up-voted and followed. Thank you for the great work.

Fab Gear as the Beatles used to say:
Just what the Doctor ordered is another;D~
I am impressed!

Does all votes have the same delay or delays can be chosen individually for each authors?

All votes are the same filter right now. I'd like to add multiple filters on a future release, where you can set different criteria in separate filters, so it could be VERY powerful then to define votes in different ways and at different vote powers.

Cool! Awesome work by the way. I look forward to it.

This is incredibly fantastic and very professional. This tool surely also brings new steemit users.

that would certainly be nice if it grows the user base! Anything to help expand steemit is a GREAT thing. Thanks for the comment!

Comments and pictures management are a good ideas, then you can upvote by pictures. Of course, automatic voting is an excellent feature. In the near future, manual voting and automatic voting will be combined.

Thanks lemooljiang for the comments. not sure what you mean in last sentence but that is available in autosteem now.

I can't voting by your AutoSteem,automatic voting isn't working yet.

I have a few users who'd reported that autovoting isn't working yet for them. I'm working on findout out why to fix it. Thanks for letting me know as well! If you don't mind, can you let me know what browser and OS you are using it from? Thanks.

@lemooljiang I've found a few bugs and got a bunch of other improvements fixed overnight on autosteem. Please try the voting again when you get a chance and let me know, just make sure to reload your browser page a couple times so it is not cached, then see if voting works for you then. Thanks!

This looks great! And beautiful! :D

Hey @unipsycho.

I've given this a test run. It is great. I love being able to vote based on images, or follow several comment feeds and vote based on dialog.

Just wanted to request you have a temporary message show up somewhere when someone modifies and saves their filter settings.


Thanks, great to hear the feedback. Good suggestion, I assume you mean to just show a message when you have saved your filter so you know it worked. If so, @tuck-fheman suggested that as well, so I'll definitely add that!

looks pretty darn slick! were you planning on open sourcing it as well?

alexpmorris, no I wasn't, at this point AutoSteem is copyright, but I do plan to keep improving it, I've down a number of other open source projects in the past, always had a hard time actually getting any other committed developers, so tough to handle. Would be open to options, but not unless there is a good reason to or I just can't handle the dev myself.

Resteemed and following

Very cool, thank you.


Wow. Excellent work. Truly inspiring.

This is cool I Like !! Up Venezuela

Awesome stuff!!
Now if I can just find that tool to help me get followers..

Thanks gregmartin, well I've seen that autosteem can help gain a few followers just by setting it up to autovote new users. If you vote new users with a max votes set low (under 10 for example) then it will only vote users who don't yet have a bunch of followers. These users often check their votes and follow people back, which can help you as they continue to use steemit. other ways to filter can do something similar, this is just an example.

Hey, that's actually a good idea, Thanks!

I've submitted it here today, so should be there soon.

o man amazing job. just to be clear - since steemvoter makes a post once a day and votes it up - what is your payment for the tool? :)

Autosteem votes for my published blogs, which I normally publish 2-3 per week, so that is its payment for the tool. It also only does that IF you load it and use it, while I have paying posts (first payment period) so if you don't use it, it doesn't do any voting automatically.

yeah no problems just wanted this to be clear, looks really nice will give it a shoot

Looks awesome, can't wait to check it out! Thanks for this work!

This looks great. I already use your steem writer, so I cant wait wait to try this. I like your other posts too. Followed!

Thanks vir, great to hear!

Good job on this. Well done. Will look into it for sure.

Beautiful, the 2nd generation of human bots for steemit
This project should be supported by all the community
Good post and work for a better steemit

Thanks charlie777pt, that's cool to hear. Been an exciting day to finally have this ready for sure!

Smashed it, mate. Any chance of notifications for mentions?
I've been searching myself once a week to see if anyone's saying mean things about me.
(I'm tremendously insecure for such a handsome man)

Oh, I like that idea a lot. I've thought of using desktop notifications, but hadn't thought of a big need for them yet, but this is a great idea for it. I'll think on it, might be something to add.

There's a mention bot on which makes a transfer of 0.001 to your wallet anytime someone mentions your nickname, maybe that solution could work for Steemit too.

That's an interesting idea for sure. Auto payments for certain actions...

Congrats @unipsycho. I'm not a techie at I can't appreciate the work you put into this project. I will definitely give it another know I did at the beginning. I haven't seen you on my feed for a long time and wondered about you.

I would love to see a mention button too. I've been mentioned in "magazine posts" and didn't know until someone told me. I'd like to say thank you to those people.

Thanks countrygirl, yes I've been pretty focused building this. I love the idea to look for mentions, so its on my list of future features. Thanks so much for your comments and visits so many times, I hope you can make use of autosteem as well!

Exelent sir. Why my upvotes are 0? Did I make a mistake in the configuration?

The upvotes will shows once you use autosteem to do some upvotes, after you enter your ID, posting Key and then make some votes or let it autovote for you.

I checked some post after 30 minutes of waiting (delay = 30) and my vote does not appear in the list of voters of the post. What can I be doing wrong? And why the queue list disappears before the 30th minute? a

Check what you have as 'maintain voting %' as well, since autosteem will only use your votes automatically if your voting power is ABOVE this limit. By default, its set to 100% so you need to drop this down if you want it to autovote for you. You can also manually vote something in the voteQ at any time or from the other views.
Give that a try first, let me know how it goes.

still nothing.. my config is:
Min Reputation = 60
Min Vests (in MM) = 0
Minutes Delay = 30
Maintain Voting % = 40
Vote Power % = 100
others default.

my vote power is now 80%
I also put my privated posting key

Is the delay working?

Ditto. Set it up, tried to set up advanced so that I could populate the voting queue but doesn't seem to be working. Tried voting from the "latest post" section at the top of the queue (@craig-grant had a post I was trying this on) but it doesn't look like it works for me. I LOVE the following/followers sortable view. Primo information that will help me keep up with my followers abd what they're posting

I've been looking into this, I think this might be an issue with the timestamp of your PC compared to the API server, I ran into this a long time ago testing this and thought I got past it. Check your computer's time, and compare to a universal time clock because if the vote requests arrive to the API they get ignored. I'll have to test for this more to find a fix. Best thing is to set your computer to autosync its time clock with the network you are on and it might fix this. I'll let you know when I find more to solve this in the app as well. Keep me posted.

@unipsycho my computer's time is set on the UT. I am running a Chrome in a Ubuntu linux (16.04)

Thanks for this site and the effort. However I seem to be having the same issue mentioned here. Filters set up but no votes made although posts were made that met the criteria. I have checked my computers time and it is in sync with network and internet times.

Thanks naquoya, I'm looking into why, and have a couple others to test this with. If you can, please let me know what browser and OS you are using. Thanks.