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Tips For Steemians On How We Can Improve Our SEO, Increase Our Search Engine Traffic, And Grow Our Network! $$$

SEO Tip #1 - Optimize Your Link Text

I've noticed that a lot of people are copying and pasting links into their posts rather than making a link using text.

So, people are doing this:

link urls.jpg

Instead of this:

link text.jpg

Whenever possible, it's better to use text as your link rather than a url.

Here is why:

1.) Text is easier to read

Right off the bat we can see a difference in the link examples I gave above. The first one is cluttered and a bit confusing looking, while the second example, with the fixed link text, is MUCH easier to read.

Text that is easier to read will result in an increased click-thru rate. So if it's a link you really want people to visit, like a link in your footer, you're really going to want to make sure you make your link more "clickable".

time on page.gif

Text that is easier to read will also result in longer time spent on the page. People will skip over text that looks jumbled together, they will stay and read readable text.

Google thinks that if someone is spending more time on your page, your page must be providing them with something of value, and so if readers are spending more time on your page your page will appear higher in the search engines results pages.

If you are linking off site and want people to see the url of the link so they know the link is credible, just add the website name to the end of your text, like this:

"5 Ways To Grow Your Followers On Steemit -"

control your keywords.gif

2.) Control over your keywords

Google uses your link text to determine what your page is about and what the page you are linking to is about. So, by using text, you have more control over which keywords Google associates with your content, and this means you have more control over what keywords Google ranks you for.

In this way you can guide Google to think about your page in a certain way by using the keywords you feel are more important and valuable to the reader.

Another way to think about it is to recognize that normal text (instead of difficult to read urls) makes your content more relevant to the user and Google is always looking to reward increased relevancy.

Thanks for reading today's Steemit SEO Tip!

Remember, we're all creating content on the same platform, so when we all pay attention to Steemit's SEO, we ALL benefit!

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