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RE: 10 days on Steemit

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Sorry for 2 separate posts in one topic.

I just noticed that you still really have very little steam power. Try to consider powering up.

I've been following many new members of this community and @achim303 wrote today quite a good post which would explain "Why do we need steem power?"

How to purchase steem power (old article but still valuable):

Hope you're gonna have a good weekend :)
Cheers, Piotr


Haha it's like you read my mind. I'm just looking into this and what benefits are? Curation rewards I guess but would it be most profitable to delegate? I'll look at your links now.

Im not so sure if delegating is the most profitable. But I may be wrong. Did you try?

No I've not tried either mate. I think it is profitable for whales.
So we'll probably have to worry about that sort of stuff in a year or so... haha

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