Announcing TPU - @tipU Tokens : Sharing Profit Tokens Backed By STEEM POWER

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Hi guys, I hope you're all doing well today. After some final testing done, it's time to present - TPU - tokens backed by @tipU STEEM POWER that rewards its' holders with share in the service profits.


If you don't have time to read the whole post:

  • TPU tokens were created using platform
  • every holder of the token has share in @tipU profits with daily payouts
  • each token is backed by @tipU STEEM POWER


The newly released steem-engine platform allows anyone to create a token within STEEM ecosystem. It provides tools to monitor the token transfers, users' balances and a market, where all trading can be done. It also supports smart contracts so the possibilities are pretty much limitless. There's still a lot of work to be done to decentralize the platform but surely those guys know what they're doing. Good stuff and I truly believe that the recent STEEM price uptrend is at least partially caused by those new possibilities.

TPU - Where Does The Value Come From

@tipU, apart from many other things, is a voting service that generates profit for its STEEM POWER delegators - just like in case of most voting bots. Bedsides the delegations, @tipU currently has 22,535 own STEEM POWER. Around 7,000 of it is already used to generate profit for users who use auto-reinvest functionality.

This leaves us with around 15,000 STEEM POWER that can generate additional profit for new and current investors so TPUs - the tokens - can be used to do it :)

Each token is currently backed by 1 STEEM POWER so if you own 1 TPU, you will receive the same profit as from 1 STEEM POWER delegated.

The 1:1 ratio will be increased over time and each token will be backed by increasing amount of STEEM POWER. Currently the increase rate is 0.1% per day but it's important to note that this process can be stopped at some point if @tipU runs out of SP pool dedicated to the increase. For now additional 1,400 SP is already reserved so for at least next 100 days we're good to go :)

As for the supply - currently there's 14,000 tokens in circulation but over time, as @tipU STEEM POWER pool reserved for tokens grow, I should be able to print more TPUs. The main rule is that after the creation, all tokens must be backed by no less SP than before the issuing.


The APR coming from STEEM POWER delegations to @tipU is steady at around 17% - this can be validated on

In other words 1 SP delegated generates daily around 0.0005 liquid STEEM in profit, 1000 SP delegated gives 0.5 STEEM an so on.

In the same way holding 1 TPU will give 0.0005 STEEM profit daily, holding 1000 TPUs earns you 0.5 STEEM in daily payout and so on.

It's worth to mention that you only need to hold the token to receive the payouts, no other actions are required.

Use Case

All right, but why hold the tokens instead of just powering up some STEEM and making a delegation if you want to get that sweet passive income?

Well, the main difference is that if you want to sell the STEEM locked by powering up, you need to power down - and this takes 3 months.

The tokens on the other hand can be traded instantly on the steem-engine market. This is where I see the main value of the TPU tokens - hold to receive share in the profits, sell whenever you want.

TPUs can also be handy if you already made the delegation, you don't want to power up but you want to increase your share in the profits.

The build-in mechanism of increasing the amount of STEEM POWER that backs each TPU can potentially make the token a good storage of value. Yet, at this moment it's hard to predict how the price will shape up after the official launch.

Other Use Cases

There are also other ways to keep the token desirable and ensure it's value over long time. For example users could pay for upvotes with the tokens. Doing so would burn them and by this lower the total token supply. This would make each token backed by more STEEM POWER.

I'm also planning to add option to send tokens as tips to other users - that's a nice way to support creators!

These are just quick ideas but certainly there's a lot of possibilities here. Over time I should work out the best ways to utilize the tokens so just a little more value can be added to them on top of current application :)


Of course every investment comes with a risk. In my opinion the main risk comes from changes in steem ecosystem that would make the voting services obsolete. Of course this change would affect also every bid bot, but in case of STEEM POWER delegation you can just undelegate and get your SP back. TPUs on the other hand, without their main feature of generating profit, would be pretty much worthless. Yet, I believe there's always a way to build something new and keep the train going :)


To kick things out I'm planning to give away the tokens to current @tipU delegators. Because of the limited supply, each 1 SP delegated will be reward with 0.001 Token - so 500 SP will be rewarded with 0.5 Token, 2000 SP will give 2 Tokens and so on. The airdrop will be held trough the weekend :)

How To Buy The Tokens

Currently there are 2 ways to buy TPUs:

  • on steem-engine market
  • by sending at least 0.1 SBD/STEEM to @tipU with memo: buy tokens. The price now is at 1 STEEM per 1 TPU

How To Sell The Tokens

The tokens can be sold on the steem-engine market

Validating The Transactions

You can validate your TPUs balance on steem-engine wallet webpage.

Additionally I highly encourage users to check out the newly created @tipU website: It's still in early stage but it already displays all the data regarding your investment (login trough steemconnect, minimum permissions needed).

OK, hope this post answers most of the questions regarding @tipU tokens. In the following days I'm gonna be making some more posts about how this all works :) If you have any questions - please feel free to ask in the comments! Or visit me at @tipU discord:

Damn, I missed the airdrop and sadly there are no tokens to buy atm.

Will there be more available in the future or is already another airdrop planned?

$rewarding 20%

The reward of this comment goes 100 % to the author tipu. This is done by setting the beneficiaries of this comment to 100 %.

You can buy tokens on the engine market :) More tokens will be made with time, you will be able to check it on

Ok, then I will have to wait because the market is empty ^^

Awesome. I’ll send some steem now!

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Got confirmation and I now have 100 tokens.

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Sweet :) @tipu send 5 tokens

Success! 5.0 @tipU tokens worth of 5.0 STEEM POWER have just been sent to @dkid14.
@dkid14 - you can check out your new investment at:
Please validate the transfer at steem-engine wallet.

yooo.. i just send 1.3 steem for upvote my post but your bot didnt fulfill my request.. am i doing something wrong or something did i miss??

update: it's already been voted.. i apologize..

This is awesome! A great way to involve token economics to a voting service… Loading up now! It is everything I was hoping this announcement would be

Cool, thank you :)

Looks like the bot is down?

I have two questions.
Firstly if I delegate to tipu, will my daily return be in the form of TPU or SP?
Secondly, how do I convert TPU into SP or Steem

Trying to get more SP so I can delegate to tipu
Just trying out your new website, when I logged in, then I click on Deposit or some other buttons, it will log me out. Is that the issue only from my end?

Yeah, making deposits does not work yet.
@tipu send 5 tokens

Success! 5.0 @tipU tokens worth of 5.0 STEEM POWER have just been sent to @davidchen.
@davidchen - you can check out your new investment at:
Please validate the transfer at steem-engine wallet.

i think only /investors_data works for now

Thanks for helping out :) @tipu send 5 tokens

Success! 5.0 @tipU tokens worth of 5.0 STEEM POWER have just been sent to @gerber.
@gerber - you can check out your new investment at:
Please validate the transfer at steem-engine wallet.

Thanks @tipu for the airdrop +

I have a question.

I stopped using the auto-reinvest function as it would take 3 months to recover the liquid steem. Is there anyway that proceeds from auto-reinvest can be paid in TPU?

Just a heads up - the auto reinvested part can be refunded at any moment instantly ;) just send memo: refund

And yes, auto reinvest in tokens is in works but because of their limited number it might be not available all the time.

Thanks for the heads up!

Hopefully the limited amount of TPU won't be an issue for too long ! ;)

This sounds great! I will buy some tokens for sure. So we automatically have a steem-engine wallet that the air drop will go into? Sorry I have never used that site before please let me know 😊

Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

Nice, keep up the good work!

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I am a Delegator to your excellent service, thanks for your good job.
I will buy some tokens either!
Fullupvote and re-steem.
Best regards!

Cool, thank you!

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