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Hi guys, I'm currently testing new feature that I think is a welcome addition for all vote buyers.

Basically it works like a cash back - if you spend X amount on vote request, @tipU will instantly reward you with TPUs - @tipU profit sharing tokens.

You can read more about @tipU tokens in the announcement post.

The returned value is 1% - so if you spend 10 STEEM, you will receive 0.1 TPU worth of 0.1 STEEM (a little more actually :), 100 STEEM will give 1 TPU and so on. Of course these sum up so you can request vote multiple times and be rewarded each time.

Currently there are 2 conditions for the cash back:

  • the post has to be new (not "older" than 20 minutes)
  • the payment must be at least 1 STEEM or the same value in SBD (around 0.5 SBD at this moment)

As for the TPUs - you can just sell them at steem-engine market or keep them and receive payouts from @tipU for as long as you hold them. There is no expiration date for the profit sharing :)

In case you decide to hold them - you can check your investment already working for you at https://tipu.online

See you soon!


I want to delegate and get paid in TPUs instead of STEEM or SBD. Is there any plan to implement something like this in the future?

Yes :)

Definitely looking forward for it!

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Uh that sounds great =)
And can you give some info about the downtime of the homepage tipu.online? Is it offline when you are upgrading something or is it a bit unstable atm?
I am a junkie who loves to check stats haha

Basically 2 apps are trying to access the same db at the same time and sqlite doesn't like that :) webapp error handling needs some love :)

You just planted 0.10 tree(s)!

Thanks to @fuadsm

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Let's save and restore Abongphen Highland Forest
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love your project and love the updates ... is there a way to be able to have your tipu platform to be able to receive investments from other tokens for just pure investors and also have a refferal link for it ? this would bring in outside investments into steem.

For sure there is a way to do it but it would require a lot of knowledge and work. Maybe some other service can work as a proxy for this? I was thinking about @steem.ninja but first the website has to be finished :)

Hi @cardboard i transferred 0.320sbd from @muhammadashfaq to tipu for swap but i can't get steem please help me :(

Yeah I saw that - this account was on ignore list ;) will send it back today.

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Amazing! How do I receive payouts for as long as I hold TPU's?

Loving all of these reward opportunities! Makes me want to keep building my delegation more and more!

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As a @tipu investor what is our benifit!

Time will tell :) In general: more demand for upvotes -> more profit for investors.

I'm going to do a Post right now after I take some Pictures and do a 10 Steem request to see how this works........@tipu

You guys already make it fun for us little fish. Love this!
Resteeming to look at more closely. Thanks!

I imagine that 10 STEEM / 5 SBD as the minimum payment for the cash back might be a little high but need to see how the database handles influx of new token holders :) Probably will lower the limit later on. Cheers!

nope sounds good to me .. but then again you have a point for really new people, because it so fun to tip.

🎁 Hi @cardboard! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @rebeccabe!

@rebeccabe wrote lately about: Smile Tdif ― Thank Dog Its Friday Feel free to follow @rebeccabe if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

database resource inc! 😉

It's set to 1 STEEM now :)

Can i get some tipu token

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Where can I set my auto reinvest % ?

Please send 0.001 SBD/STEEM to @tipu with memo: reinvest X
where X is the % of reinvest (for example: reinvest 33)
more info@ @tipu help

Currently it's off because @tipU used all it's STEEM POWER but reinvest in @tipU tokens is coming :)

Also - the website is still in very early stage, lots of typos and small glitches. But working on it!

It's fun to see all the small and big changes on the site, now it's possible to deposit and delegate using the site. Can you add the available SP so that we can see how much SP are free to delegate atm?

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