Steemit is becoming a place where the cool kids hang out!

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Firstly, I know my MSpaint skills are second to none... and if anyone wants lessons, just send 1000 Steem Dollars to my account & in the memo type Senpai Plz Teach Me to MSpaint. Now on to the actual post.

Recently the Steemit community has been super lucky to have a bunch of awesome people sign up and start posting. Steemit is becoming more and more popular everyday and now that we have some bigger public figures beginning to promote Steemit, I think soon we are going to see a huge influx of not only people in general but very talented people as well. Just recently we have had some incredible people sign up and start to post in our community like...

Jeff Berwick

Larkin Rose


Neil Strauss

Pro Poker Player Ryan Daut

Thomas Hunt AKA "Mad Bitcoins"

Fredrioco Pistono

Barry Cooper

and tons more!

If you don't know who these people are I highly recommend looking into their content. Among them are very brilliant minds and loads of talent! We are very fortunate to have such talented and innovative people within our community, make sure to show them all the support they deserve!

- Tim (z0mbiestv) -

*First person to guess the movie from the first image correctly I'll send 5 Steem!*


It's so encouraging to see some of these guys here !

Hey man I love this post, links to so many characters thatll make this platform even more entertaining and informative...BTW the movie from the first pic is Dazzed and Confussed with Matthew McConaughey

Yes! Love that movie!Sent your Steem =D

Now we need the money to start flowing in, and not just out !

Where's the porn actress, isn't she by far, the most famous one?

  • Waht was her name again..?

Hey great post! Please support my son he is only three and introduced himself. Possibly a cool kid?

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