Why did YOU join Steemit?

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TL:DR The things we up vote to the top of trending are the first things new users will see. Be careful with your vote, and if you are delegating SP ask yourself if it is being used appropriately.


In July 2016 I received a message from @fairytalelife telling me about a new place to post creative works and get much more exposure than traditional social media. It wasn't until 4 or 5 messages back and forth she told me that the content was rewarded. It wasn't until I clicked one of her posts that I saw it was making money.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 23.23.37.png

I was initially sceptical - even seeing the payout - new social media sites come and go. As well as this I'm on so many already (follow me on YouTube & Twitter) and adding another one didn't seem like something I wanted to do.

It was the quality of her work that made me sign up to Steemit. It was her original art that immediately made me view Steemit as legitimate.

Original artwork by @fairytalelife from this post

TL:DR The things we up vote to the top of trending are the first things new users will see. Be careful with your vote, and if you are delegating SP ask yourself if it is being used appropriately.


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The reason I joined was this guy on youtube named Gregory Mannarnio, a stock market trader said he was also posting on Steemit. He said that even if you don't want to blog you can make cryptocurrency by just commenting. So I came her this month. I just kept reading other blogs and commenting. It is kind of exciting to see some money for that. I made $2.52 from a comment about cooking bacon. I mentioned how I like to bake the bacon cause I don't want to flip it. I am very happy to see that $2.52. Of course most comments get $0.00 and still I am happy I got to share some thoughts that seems valuable to me. Even $0.01 is exciting to see. Yesterday I did my first blog. I called it, What Some Did For The Flu Back In 1918 To 1919 - Water and Baking Soda Saved Their Lives. In it I mention how just using baking soda and water to combat the flu. I wasn't sure I can take photos from the net so I just took out my camera and set up some baking soda and a cup of water and shot it. Today I see it made $0.02. I am very happy for that $0.02. I am more happy to share some information that someone can really use and use right now. So I will keep on commenting and since I did make some money with my blog I will keep doing that also. I still don't know much about this Steemit stuff. I figure if it takes off my little money here and there will add to something big 10 years from now.


I've heard about cooking bacon before but never tried it. Could you explain the process so I could give it a try myself?


Sure, preheat the oven to 400 degrees. I put the bacon on a glass baking dish trying not to let one strip touch the other. The directions say to cook for 15 to 20 minutes depending on how crispy you like it. Maybe check at 15 minutes and see if you want to go longer or not. I just set my phone alarm for 20 minutes and go on my way doing other things. As soon as the alarm goes off I go back to the oven and take it out. I let it cool for a bit then I dig in. Also you have rendered bacon fat that you can use at another time for cooking eggs or adding some to potato salad. I watched this one lady on youtube say she used about a table spoon of bacon fat in her potato salad and at a big family gathering her potato salad gets eaten up before the other potato salads. Now that more people are getting into the keto diet it is worth looking into.


Hmm. I always bake my bacon but I've always still felt the need to flip it halfway through so it cooks more thoroughly. Going to try it your way and save a step!


Yes, save that one step and you have more freedom. Just make sure you can hear your alarm or you might burn it. If you use a kitchen timer and are in another room you might not hear the alarm. I like using the cell phone as I always keep it with me so I don't miss it.

I was frustrated with Facebook over limiting my feeds,sometimes I could only view 2-5 post before getting prompted to add more friends to see more post!,I knew I was not getting to see A 10th of the content that my family and friends were posting...I was sick of the ads, sick of the censorship,and sick of all the troll and negativity! ..So I was looking for something better! ...Seen a video on youtube that was like 9 months old ,on steemit. com , after that it was just a matter of checking it out and seeing the positive people and how much friendlier the site was!
I have been trying to tell everyone I know (all 10) people about it!..lol..
In three weeks I have a bigger group of people that I want to talk to than 10+ years on facebook!
thank you all!


Yeah I call It FAKEBOOK i have a post about how they banned me from runing a picture of a bald man as it was offensive to facebook users check it out

@thisisbenbrick I still remember the video you made and posted here on Steemit when in LA, I believe using a go pro. Fantastic.

And When I first heard of Steemit, I knew it was a game changer for both cryptocurrency and social media. Glad you joined.

full steem ahead!


yo man!


yes sir @razvanelulmarin What's up?


just saying hey :)


Thanks for that @razvanelulmarin It has been a minute. Things are developing so fast in the crypto world, can't wait for steemfest 2! Hopefully I will be able to attend.


I am new here and have taken a crash course of digital currency! Look forward to getting to know you and other global transformers that wish to be agents of postive change! We are building a team of super heros that wish to expand and collaborate on all things crypto! BLESSINGS ABOUND!


Thanks @mathues and if ever have any qustions or concerns please let me know and I will try my best to help out... take care
full steem ahead!

Originally I came on my sister's word that it could, eventually, become passive income.

I've more or less given up on the idea that the money is going to be anything more than a can of coke's worth, but Instead I use it as a wordpress replacement.

With wordpress, no matter what I used to post about, I consistently got christian-devoted followers, even when I post something staunchly anti-christian. There seemed to be no sense of community or incentive to build community.

Here seems a little closer, and just in general re-invigorated my love of writing crap.

I'm hardly struggling, but if it gets me money, it gets me money. I'm just here to dump brain thoughts somewhere so they aren't lost in faded memory ^__^

I very much agree with this
I think it'll be better when linear rewards is out

A video from @dollarvigilante introduced me to Steemit. After seeing how welcoming and supportive the community was, I knew it was the place to be.

I joined because I think steemit is the next big thing in social media!!

I heard about this through Gregory @marketwatch. I was already watching videos on markets, crypto currency so why not try to make a few pennies by adding comments and even trying to do some posts myself. I have not done the social media stuff prior to this other then viewing.

nice...resteem and upvote for your...

I joined because of Trevon who I watch on youtube. I wanted to see what the community was like and how the site worked in general. So far I really like it and could see replacing my Facebook addiction with Steemit!

I had no clue wht I was joining....

One of my friends told me about it when it first came out.. took me a while to join ;)

Thanks for the post!

I found Steemit through a Facebook post. Sadly I don't recall what it was about nor who posted it. I joined because I wanted to leave a comment on the post. It wasn't until a few day's later and quite a few more Steemit reads that I became aware that you could make money. Then came the confusion about the thing called blockchain.....Still figuring that out.

I joined because Ed Sheeran joined...

I'm blogging ou-ou-ou-out lo-oud"

Amazing stuff!

Regardless of income generation, it is a friendly community of like minds capable of cognitive dissonance and open ended conversation outside of the main stream! If nothing else, we are all here out of curiosity and one single interest that draws us in as a group. It is a healthier, more transparent culture derived from desire to supercede evil! Steem on.

Very good reminder to Steem vets and a great question for newbies; 'What are you doing here?' My first post here was titled 'Who Is The Rebel Rooster And What The Heck Is He Doing Here?', tried to answer just that. You can read it, and judge for yourself. I guess the take away, for me is, curate yourself!
Have a Steemin' day, everyone :-)
Followed and Voted

I need some kind of creative outlet and Youtube, facebook and the like annoyed me with the fact that they've made millions/billions from other people's work and have returned less and less to the contributors that made them what they are. Add in the crypto-aspect and I figured it was a much better alternative.

I think it is easy: If we just upvote naturally what we like, we can't do wrong...

Instagram is full of sh**

I joined for rewards and no censorship.

My friend @shayne told me about it.
He thought with all the activity I put out on other social media sites, that this would be a good fit for me. Plus, he simply loves the site and I think he'll look for any excuse to talk about it...lol.
So I joined, and was right and I've fallen in love with it....however, I'm no where near posting as much as I would on other sites...I respect it to much...so I keep trying for a level of quality..... I'm still trying to see what will stick. I'm getting there.
I started a blog series on my quest to lose 35lbs, of which part 2 will go up today after I get off work... I've started a series called Caraoke, where I sing to music on the radio while driving to and from work, of which I also have another entry going up today... I've started a weekly pixel art contest with steem payout, this just started yesterday, has had upvotes but no entries as of yet....and finally im doing a steemit lotto, just another way for users to win steem, this will go live as soon as @shayne finishes the artwork for it.
I'm not saying any of these ideas are brilliant, but I enjoy doing it and I'm making a lil bit of money at the same time.
I just got my wife @flowerpowerart to join as well and she's already bringing stuff to the table as well.
We hope to continue to grow in this community and we're both very happy to be here.
Give us a follow!
Cheers everyone and have a great day!

Well, have to be honest, i saw a youtube video explaining how steemit pays their users for uploading content, and i had to try it!... I was in a very critical economic situation (as many in my country), which have changed rapidly with steemit... That been said, once i realized how steemit works, i can honestly say that i am not staying here just for the money, but for the possibility of building a fanbase and followers for my music in the future, i think steemit have the fatest growing rate in users/followers i ever seen, at least for me... It was very hard for me to get this many followers in other social media...

An arts community leader pitched it to her Toronto collective that we could support each other for reward. I use it as an extra arm to reach potential clientele for my art, but also as a medium to to express my thoughts and my journey in a painting career.

Nice info! my friend

I joined Steemit because of my interest in Crypto, and my love for participating in social media outlets, I've found a new home here!

Joined steemit because of a youtube post . Still haven't quite got a handle on how to navigate the site. Steemit for dummies anyone??? Im struggling with small tasks like saving a post that I may want to look at again later. I do like the idea that this platform could be a sensible alternative to the more established social media sites.

Because this social media is different from the others,we get vote and we help each other for steem

I joined because of a few YouTube videos I saw that made me curious. I do like how the community up votes the content vs some search engine and algorithm. I do have some content made up that I want to share and hopefully I will get it posted soon I have a lot of "irons in the fire" at the moment so I am working on leaning out my life so I have more time.

I've joined because of lack of community sense on other social media networks. Steemit is the ultimate example of how all social media concept should actually be.

I joined because i wanted to learn about cryptocurrencies. I usually do not like social media but steemit is great.

I joined steemit because of @Crypt0. I heard him say the name a few times on his YouTube channel and it just sounded so interesting. So, I joined and haven't looked back. I've never been one for blogging, but the steemit community is so friendly and welcoming. It almost feels like I could post anything and that feels great.

Aside from that, I believe in the Steem crypto currency and I feel like it will continue its upward trend. We all go to the moon together.

By the way that drawing is insanely good. A thousand thoughts sparking my imagination!

I Johnem because i like new things. I love make a photo, and there i can eared some cash for my artystach "skills" :D

I've just got a bit bitten by steemit. I can't even remember how I came across it now but about 3 weeks ago I started posting.. I've been blogging quite a long time and have active OUTERGROUND accounts all over the place. photography, filmmaking, art, writing poetry, science, sci-fi and blockchain are all interests of mine. I didn't really know what it was all about and seemed incredibly complex (Almost deliberately to see off the hoo-ha's) which I think it probably does to some extent. I posted some of my photography and to my amazement won 1st prize in that weeks steemitphotochallenge. I won 35 SBD.. This was all very exciting and I posted my animated film, which took years to make and never really got paid for.. I was amazed (again) to see the post rack up some 3 figure sTEEM.. anyway it's been nearly a month and I've got 150 followers, I've made 300+ posts. have made a zillion comments, tons of upvotes and my rep is 55.. I think it's really interesting to see how the reward system both incentivises and slightly skews posts. It's a great experiment.. I've noticed a lot of big dinners sending money to Poloniex. I'll be keeping my eyes open and hope to get a bit more involved on the curation side.. I am a Creative Director and it's my job to say this or that is good or not.. I'm also a business mentor and am hoping to be able to help some creative start ups through here ! maybe even publish my workshops as an e-book.. I've noticed not many people are interested in my music.. but I've also got t-shirt designs, cushions, art prints, wall hangings, blankets, and phone covers to promote. You could say steemit was made for people like me. by the way, I'm all over ICO's and if there weren't so many analysts already here would be doing regular posts on my coin of the week.. which I think I'll do later.. you copyists... heard it here first, if you got this far..you're good! thanks

Good post. Thanks followed Upvoted.

Great question @thisisbenbrick I joined Steemit because of the potential of the network.

I don't like the fact that social media giants are getting rich off my hard work and then they have the nerve to shadow ban our content.

Steemit is something fresh that we need. At least now I have a reason to produce content regularly. I get PAID to post :)

Steemit is here for the long haul and the soon other people realize this the stronger the network will become.

I want be happy

@fairytalelife got me on board too :-). When she told me about steemit, I just tried it blindly since I was in the midst of my busiest season working 15+ hours a day for 6 months straight. I didn't do much investigation until I was already IN and had posted a few times, but quickly I began to interact with commenting and reading others' posts and got hooked. I'm the least likely person to get involved in crypto anything and didn't even understand the most basic concepts and language used in the white paper but slowly I've learned. 10 months later I've made some true friends and am completely invested here regardless of reward payouts!

I joined Steemit for the awesome community and opportunity for getting my art out there.

Because all other platforms are limited and keep you from expanding and evolving from your talents & creativities

I started back in July 2016, but I have not been active. Trying to get back into it.

Need a clear guide of best practices...


Oh... I joined to END racism.

I loved reading this post and agree with only voting for really good content and ideas. Seeing the quality of the content and the genuine interaction between the users here is what made me stay.

I joined because it was the first time I had heard the word cryptocurrency and I was far to curious not to get involved.

I heard about Steemit from James Corbett from www.corbettreport.com. He has a YouTube channel as well. I then started hearing more and more people I follow on YouTube mentioning Steemit- people like SGTreport, jsnip4, Gregory Mannarino. So a big thanks to them!

I love the people, the newsfeed, the upvote button that is always like "OMG click me", and that this is a great opportunity for us to create quality content and own it.

I see a lot of "Thank you for this post, Good post, etc" compliments, these folks dont actually get it, we're not here to praise people/posts/histories just to get cash,

We are here to create good content, Art, marvelous experiences, critics, ideas,
Open your mind people.

Fabulous post... Well worth thinking about. Thank you.

I have always wanted to dip my toe into blogging and I feel like steemit is a great place for me to start. This is a great community and hopefully it will only continue to grow!