Help me welcome two new people to Steemit!

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Only two weeks ago I was posting about how hard it can be to get people to sign up for Steemit. I've been trying to convince more people and here we are! Make sure you follow @milanademort and @elyar.



Musician and singer Elyar has almost 2 million followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He has just released his debut EP SVFARI. You can welcome/follow him here @elyar

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 17.13.46.png


Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 17.37.18.png

Milana is a traveler, dating and lifestyle blogger, who is just getting into crypto trading. She has 99,000 Instagram followers. You can welcome/follow her here @milanademort
Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 17.26.06.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 17.26.18.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 17.41.07.png

Who are you trying to convince to sign up to Steemit right now?

Follow me and help me get 1000 followers!

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I totally agree with you @novina As more people are familiar with the concept of Steemit, they will join for sure. I just started as well but I am asking bunch of my friends to join as well.


Yes! Man Yoy Are Right @novina


Nice one @goldmatters !


Thanks! What I should have done was have a call to action for everyone on Steemit to comment on their youtube channels! Maybe that should be my next post...


good effort keep it up..


Why thank you


Thank you... I like your content


Steem will be the best coin


Steemit is getting more viral nowadays.
$10 per Steem Soon!!

Thanks for the introduction of these potent new Steemians! Great job!!! Namaste :)

good job getting them to sign up, perhaps that's the toughest part, especially with the current backlog! but we can't welcome them until they post something! I feel your pain though. I've gone through the same thing having brought over quite a few people to steemit myself! lol

But, perhaps we can start here as an incentive:

Welcome to STEEMIT @milanademort and @elyar and @meredithadelaide and @jumpofftv !!!

Looking forward to seeing you all start posting on STEEMIT, having you meet and interact with the terrific community here, and earning some serious "kwan" to boot!

Even better, you won't have to consider paying up just to reach your own fans (like on facebook), worry about constantly being demonitized on youtube, or worry that your next post (or even your whole account) will be censored off the site completely, like with facebook, twitter, instagram, and youtube!


... we all look forward for it!!


congrats on making your first steemit post, and welcome to STEEMIT!

you've made @thisisbenbrick proud! :)

Nearly 100,000 followers on instagram? Congrats @milanademort ! I hope to see good posts, so I gave you a follow. Thank you @thisisbenbrick for the intros. Definitely good exposure for the app! I'm not big on IG, but then again I used to run a large network (300K+ for MMJ) so I understand the importance of each social media platform. And also welcome @elyar ! nice and short username, dope


than you))

Welcome new Steemians. Enjoy your stay here :)

Hello again Ben. I see you are PR'ing pretty well

This is exactly what im trying to do, to get more members on steemit, but im getting "the not so famous" people who are passionate about wildlife and animals/pets. followed and upvoted... ;)

Influences like you are the ones that are helping the growth of Steemit, keep it up.

Hey fantastic post ! Can you do that with non famous internet people too who have god quality content to share on the platform too ? ^^ (I arrived yesterday by the way :p ). Cheers.

Welcome Milana. Schwiiiiing!!!


thank you

Steem power ,dope article

Welcome aboard, bring thy followers!

Great job adding to the community. I am trying to get my roommate to join even if he just reads and comments. I think my cat should join too.

Nice, I assume Milana's 99000 followers are based on photo's of herself....just a guess..but damn us boys are just.....boys.
Another thing... very interesting .... thelast tag on your post...


Yeah...I thought it was "interesting" too. Because I can't stand Starbucks!


That's what we call insta-follow pics in da Steemit hood ;)

Wooo , good introduction .. by the way, she is really pretty.. man, she could be a model ..

I am new to steemit community as well..let's welcome all new joiner:))

Welcome to Steemit! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! :-)

Keep spreading the word! great job. Followed and upvoted!

Welcome and creative introduction.😊

Hello @elyar and @milanademort! Followed you three and upvoted post 😉 lets get you to that 1000 followers so resteemed as well 🤗

Welcome Elgar and Milana! It's great to see the awesome talent joining Steemit every day. Not to mention the many unique it just me or does milanademort sound a lot like Voldemort? She Who Must Not Be Named :P


Lol thank you. It is exactly what my username means


Good to know. Although I wasn't a big Voldemort fan growing up, here's hoping you'll make a fan out of me ;) Just followed you - make me proud Milana!


Feel free to follow me too as I create awesome content every day!

Congrats! I am new to this platform at seems to be amazing! Cheers everyone!

welcome....the red carpet is being rolled out :-)

Nice 😊😊

Awesome! I've been inviting a lot of my friends as well

Say hello to Milana for me thnx :)


Hello :)

Good service for steemit comunity

Just entered here! Dude, Steemit is a great innovation and seems to be a great community. I will bring people to here!

Be sure to have them post their individual introductions on their profiles. Thanks for helping grow the community @thisisbenbrick

well done!

welcome to steemit

Esa es la idea que cada día se integren más a steemit

Reach out to me please on discord:


It pays off being a whale, doesn't it? ;))))


It pays off helping people. Ive been lifted to whale status because good deeds paid off. And i wont lie.

It feels damn good.... ;)


Yeah. Also, good luck on your date with this goddess :) Bring wine


huh? lol

i'm married to a goddess :)


Ooh! I see. I'm happy thee =)

@ thisisbenbrick Welcome @elyar and @milanademort

Its not hard to make them get into steemit, but to make them stay after the first days, some of them just get discouraged if they don't get enough rewards for their first posts

excelent post

Keep it up

Welcome! Wish you both the best!

nice...your post deserve upvote and resteem...

Nice posting , 2 stars are coming. Let's be part of Steemit Family

Wow, great work! this will be awesome for the new people and for Steemit. Steem on beyond the moon.

Fantastic we should all be doing more to attract new member to steemit :) well done and welcome to the greatest blockchain blogging platform !

welcome to steemit

Hello! I'm new too. Nice to meet you all.

Hi and welcome, Hope you find this site suit you guys well.. Hope to see some great picturs in future. Will follow you guys, hope you can follow me also.

Best regards from Thailand // @mrstaf

Such a creative introduction. Welcome new friends to Steemit you will love it.


Please, promote STEEM in, I'm trying to get people out there)

Great post Keep on Steem-ing

Congratulations @thisisbenbrick!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 7 with 492 upvotes
  • Pending payout - Ranked 2 with $ 560,56

Good Content ;)


Awesome man! I already made @fakj94 a friend from college, @siersod another friend from college and my own mom @josmary . They may not have 2 million followers , but they are important to me and that counts :D

Hi @thisisbenbrick, what a great post. I followed you and the other as I see huge potential. Good job to move this people to steemit. Looking forward to their first posts.

greets from Detlev

Thank you for helping add these very interesting people to Steemit.

Steemit gonna be unbeatable decentralized social media for displaying social different lifestyle very soon. In fact am glad with what am seeing here

Oo, nice approach! I just signed up with Steemit today too. Fascinating seeing how things work over here. Followed you up, drop by and visit my page too? Appreciate some veteran insights up in this mug.

Welcome to steemit! Viva steemit!

Its a lot easier if you are good looking.

Thank god you dont have a face like mine. I am sure you would have quit steem a long time ago. Good luck!

It's a great initiative. I just have one day here, too much to learn. Hugs.

More artist arriving here...good to see that :D
would love to hear his music

has today the same follow also @kareem069 he is new in the community. thanks.

Officially your 992 follower on Steemit. You're almost to 1k

I just bade 300 today.

follow mithrilweed.png

Awesome! Welcome @milanademort and @elyar!

Hi guys, sorry in advance, this reply might be unrelated to this post. But I really need your help.
Can anyone help me with how to make a photo profile? I'm a newbie here. Thank you

A princess, Buenos landscapes of bottom, That you continue fulfilling forward your dreams, God guards you Always!!

I'm new to steemit. 5 days in and I'm hooked. This is a great post.

great one

If you follow me, I follow back people (: .

Welcome you guys! Following you now :)

welcome to steemit @thisisbenbrick, so glad having your personality in this platform, looking forward to more of your posts.

followed you

Ah yes steemit will be a fantastic platform for people to get our of their proverbial shells. It will also be very viable for artists, like myself, to make a bit of coin on the side of the never ending self promotion we must undertake

I have recently been spreading around. Steemit!

welcome...follow back

nice article thisisbenbrick, wondering if you will like this article

@thisisbenbrick bienvenida a steemit , te doy mi voto y te sigo!!!


Hello to both Milana and Elyar! Both of you sound like you will have plenty of things to contribute to Steemit and your followers, and it's exciting to have the chance to be learning things from both of you! What types of blogs to you plan to post here? Again, welcome to Steemit!

i am also here a newbie if you think just introduce me also
thanks in advance

Thanks for spreading the Steemit world! Love to hear that you are helping us grow the community.

Welcome aboard, bring thy followers!


Hi you there :)