Why is it so hard convincing people to sign up for Steemit!

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I'm really excited that two people
I told to sign up have finally done it...

Since I started posting at Steemit I've often found it hard to convince friends to sign up and start posting. It seems that when you introduce the idea of being paid for your content it raises the inevitable question of how it's possible. It's fun to keep trying, and to keep reassuring people that the system really does work.


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Who have you introduced to Steemit?
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People who don't seize opportunities in life might never get another. When someone clues you in on a way to make money from something you already do and you then ignore it then you have only yourself to blame for being demonetized, broke, etc. You cannot blame the system, or the man, or the "illuminati", but only yourself for not taking opportunities laid in front of you. Most of the time to get any opportunity in life requires risk and Steemit, Bitcoin, Ethereum, all require risk and sacrifice.

On Steemit you sacrifice your time to blog, you risk the uncertainty of not knowing the legal status of the platform, but if you have more to gain than to lose by posting on Steem it would be rational to post on Steem and take the opportunity. These same kind of people had a chance to buy Bitcoin under $100 and Ethereum under $5, but many would rather live in poverty than risk getting rich off questionable technology. Let them do their own thing and focus on people who have less to lose.


the legal status of a blogging platform??


Will it be shut down? Will the SEC or someone else decide it's a security, is it going to be seen as a gambling platform? No one knows.


Dayymmn son! Those are some extreme views!


You sounds exactly like my boyfriend trying to convince me and his friends to join steemit and get involved in cryptocurrency! Now that I am here, I am so glad I finally listened to him.


Доллар дашь???...срочно надо.....бред хорошь писать....


Great post! ;-)

It is not hard to sign up for Steemit. I found out that, for them, is much harder to stay motivated. When they see how much money some people are earning just for funny pics than usually refrain.

I've personally got a few hundred referrals I believe last I saw the data over the past year and I agree it can be hard, for certain people. Depending on WHY they join is a huge factor as well, if they seek instant rewards in the hundreds of dollars but have to brush up first, they might be in for a rude awakening... other than that its not half bad, just tell them that they have been spending XXX amount of hours using social media anyways and have made nothing, so why not start using something new, something worthwhile?


Consider there are many people who need a source of income and can't find one. The millennial generation is perfect for Steem so we have to question why it's so difficult to get them on Steem and away from Youtube even though Youtube and other similar services are demonetizing them. Freedom is scary because it includes risks.


Steemit should absolutely not be about free money for shitty content or free handouts to millennials.


Completely agree with this, that's why the content must be correctly curated .
Also it's hard because must people don't trust "easy money" that's what I've been getting whenever I invite friends and family to the platform

I have got 4 people on board so far and most are doing better than me so far :D

Easy sell!


More or less the same here, @btcmillionaire . I have re-discovered steemit less then 2 weeks ago. Have brought since then 5 people to steemit (directly) and another 3 indirect (their family members), two of them, while being active twice shorter time as me, yet doing noticeably better in followers, post quantity, account value.


and most are doing better than me so far :D

lol I've had this same feeling a few times.


Well @acidyo I can assure you, I'll never get to the same level as you are. No need to worry :D
Thanks for introducing me tho.

The hardest thing entirely is getting users to move to another platform. Look at why Google + failed, they even had the leg up with most people already having accounts. Users are lazy, they don't want to take the time to learn how a new platform works.

The only way is for enough users to switch quickly enough that a tipping point is reached (this is why reddit still beats out Voat). This is what happened with Digg to Reddit, MySpace to Facebook and every other exodus.


Lazy people don't make any money. Opportunities will pass them by.


I've been thinking about this also. It could be cool if we eventually could offer a Steem powered Reddit and Facebook etc, so the leap to change would be as minimal as possible. No need to learn a whole new system, just use it like the one you were used to but have a chance to earn some money while doing so.


The attention economy is in its infancy

convinced my Mum @rainbowsky and husband @contagious! it wasn't easy. took months! but here we are 😁

I've gotten a bunch of other people to join, including several family members. As for getting people "curious", nothing seems to work better than people seeing the price jump in STEEM and the commensurate higher post payouts associated with it. Also, since my last intro post, I've gotten messages from a bunch of others saying they plan to sign up too!

Link: YouTuber's Guide to Re-Monetizing with STEEMIT!

The biggest problem I'm finding so far though, between the occasional SMS registration issues, is that there's currently a week-long backlog in the account approval process!

Some I've brought over:

@michellectv and her Naughty Tipples:

Link: I'd like to introduce you to my Naughty Tipples and more...

@jricco - now a high-flying pilot. Expect he'll start posting as soon as he's on the ground long enough to throw some of his amazing travel pics together. And here he is in his "past life" (he's the guitarist):


Great work! Followed all three of you.


thanks @igster, seems I'm already following you too! lol

great post I find it hard as well actually getting people to sign up. Thanks for the artist shares will be adding them as well. Says you are a music artist I am currently taking original tracks from steemit artists to create a steemit artist music compilation v. 1 would you like to throw an original piece in, or know anyone else who would like to. here is the link https://steemit.com/music/@soundlegion/sound-legion-presents-steemit-artist-music-compilation-v-1-submit-your-original-song

no one want to tired in steemit to make profit

maybe you can explain how you just produced this post with almost zero content and yet produces $198 and counting. I don't understand it. My posts get relegated to the dumpster and are not even posted in the TAG listings. How is someone supposed to get any exposure at all? Just the "in crowd" is allowed to earn anything?

It needs to be as easy as FB, twitter, snap and IG. It needs to be mobile. eSteem is a great start. The more I use it the more I like it and the more I'm on steemit in general.


Agree. Mobile app ( good app) is an absolute must. eSteem is better then nothing, but so much space to improve.


family of Chewbacca Mom? :p



Even if you manage to attract new users, many of them give up after a few posts. They hoped to immediately get thousands of dollars...

Others refuse to start looking at the high quality of the top posts. They think they will not be able to create popular content, so refuse to waste theiry time.

I heard about this site some time ago but i dident understand it well and a still dont. But you live and you learn 😊

I have many friends on the fence I've been wondering too how to sell them the final step and have them sign up.

ive been successful in getting a few to sign up, hoping to get more

Nice one Ben. Much as I've been absent for the last many months, due to personal issues, I have been trying to convince people to join Steemit, in the meantime.

A few of the more forward thinking souls have taken heed, but I really do scratch my head as to why so many have passed up on this amazing opportunity.

I've even run free STEEM giveaways on my FB page to try and entice people onboard, as if the great community & content here on Steemit + the free SP welcome bonus wasn't already enough of an awesome incentive!

You can lead a horse to water.....

Thanks for getting some more great talents signed up. I have duly followed :)

Please show some love to @kalidas - a great fella, immensely gifted musician and fellow yogi, who won my last Steemit FB competition.


New Steem blockchain based apps, such as Zappl, will really help to onboard many more people, providing access to the Steem Blockchain and Steemit eco-system, but in a more immediate & busy-life friendly way. Not everyone has the time and/or inclination to produce deep content, many just want to fire off a quick 2 sentence update, a like/upvote and a retweet here and there. Well, if people can earn a passive STEEM income by doing what they already do on Twitter and FB, then I'd argue that's a pretty compelling offering.

It's still early days, but the tide is swelling.


Great to see u! following your friend and looking forward!

I invited one person today, and she is a great artist.

I don't know how you could convince people to join. Eventually they will. That's what i learned when facebook came out. At the beginning, everyone i knew found me wierd to post my life to the world. Today, i don't know anyone who doesn't have an account. Fb will be obsolete if it doesn't adapt.
As for the the peps, they'll just wonder why they waited so long before doing so.



I have convinced my dad @igor-steem to join, one of my friend who should be signing up soon, and this is just the beginning.

It's not that easy to tell you the truth :)) People think at first that it is either a scam or a ponzi scheme. Soon they will all join, just a matter of time.

@thisisbenbrick, thank you for useful post and good discussion :)

Those who're reluctant to join will regret it later.


Do they regret not joining Bitcoin, and Ethereum?

tackle the vision for steem technology and it becomes so easy to bring someone on steemit. Put the rewards way secondary!


I agree. But the ability to write without censorship is not that big a deal for most. (If that is what you are referring to?)


yes but steemit is not just about blogging. There are way more beautiful aspects about it. Blogging is just the familiar one. In reality tho, when you look closely, you will notice that you build an entire company on steem, bring your dream to reality on steemit, create a movement, testrun your ideas, even stop vices, improve learning, pathway to crypto-trading. it is so so endless and the opportunities. You can end up talking to ceos from nothing. You can be contacted for opportunities from nothing. i have not earned that much from blogging but i cant count the big unbeleivable opportunities i have had since joining steemit, partnerships etc


What an inspiring pitch for steemit, I can see why you get people to join :)

People don't believe it because there are to many scams out there on top of all the advocates against bitcoin..


People who advocate against Bitcoin and against "scams" usually don't offer any jobs, any opportunity, or anything except trying to tell people something is too risky and not to do it. The truth is, you don't get anything from life without gambling on some level, unless you're just born wealthy with a silver or gold spoon. Most people born with nothing will die with nothing unless they do something about it.




Following you now


И не факт,..что если перо в попе,то полетишь,что бы вы делали без Сатоши?....то-то....умники...


Бред,а до Вас как все жили,без биткоина?!!)))......

Well, you to start! I remember you were hesitant. Who wouldn't be? I was and it took a few weeks before I posted. I brought @natureofbeing and @storyseeker too, though she is busy with her books. There's certainly a bevy of talent here. Cheers!


Yes you did!

It is the really long password with the "NO WE cannot retrieve it" that scares the crap out of folks. Because even if we loose our bankcards, we don't loose our bank accounts. There needs to be a back up system...besides clouds and phones because it is not hard to lose both in this day and age.

Because it seems too good to be true...

Real good post - resteemed.

Greetings! Follow me at https://steemit.com/@bitgeek

Having 3 teenage boys has its advantages when getting feedback on anything related to social media. They can see through the BS. When I introduced Steemit to them and they got exited, I knew I had a winner. Especially when they were signing up.

You got them on ! Nice.
Now you have to tell them to post their first blog lol

I really think it just comes down to the fact that most people are very reluctant to make changes, small or otherwise. Congrats on helping some people to see the light!


I disagree. The adoption rates on all other social media sites seem to be way faster than Steemit.


Other social media sites such as twitter, instagram, etc, are far more established than steemit and represent a fair bit of the current day to day norm. It's easier to make a choice if millions of others have already, that's just flock thinking taking hold.
Steemit on the other hand, is fresh to the scene and that requires a bit more subjective thinking and choosing, since you can't just let pack mentality take hold and parrot 'X have done this so it's probably a good idea to do it too'. Therefore people tend to shy away

i brought 3 friends to steemit, but really still hard for people to come here, a paradigme i think.

Да все просто...время - деньги!!!...зачем глупить?!!!!..., а здесь денег мало,что бы было,надо вбиваться,кому это надо?????..и технически не удобно для обывателя,есть у вас количество людей,вот и радуйтесь)))

You are totally right about the fact that most people don't join because theu don't believe any platform would reward them for just writing, posting pics and videos. Some think that only the most intelligent/skillful people can earn decent income here (which is I guess somewhat true). But I think people should still join, they would at least get something in return. Instead of posting on other social media platforms, why not on Steemit.....

just give it time, ben. the steemit community is growing and it will eventually build momentum. momentum just takes a little time. btw, is meredith adelaide from adelaide? been there twice, and I like it a lot :)

Everyone I have introduced has slipped away again, unfortunately what they wrote about was not as well received as they hoped. As the price slipped down it seems that the subject matter gravitated back to crypto and Steem, so they were left out in the cold.

Maybe I'll see if they want to come back now...


That's indeed tough. But if they aren't willing to join, it's their loss. :)

Haha, I have a feeling once steemit becomes more and more popular people will be kicking themselves they didn't join earlier! I think most people think it is too good to be true..

Well done, sir. Followed both.

I personally found Steem, Steem Power and Steem Dollars very confusing. I think steemit needs like an Infomercial, or at least an intro video.


There is one.

Nice post.
Checkout My posts 😉

Man! That video with Jamie Grey was awesome!!

Nice to see you, follow me @cryptowallet

Exactly what I think all the time. I recently had my wife sign up, I even got my parents to buy some bitcoin and ethereum...signing up for Steemit is next!

It's like they don't realize that this could actually change their lives in a very positive way!

I wonder the same thing. I feel like the answer is "people are stupid", but it could be "people are rightly skeptical". Closer yet in my experience is "people are too lazy to learn about crypto". They try, but their minds just explode like



Lol!!!! This is so true, after 2 minutes they're brains are scattered and scrambled like eggs for breakfast.. But usually they're very intrigued and have so many good questions , just can't comprehend.

its not hard, its just we did not try it harder..

together we can..

The majority are always late to the show. Older people are talking about Facebook. That's when you know the trend has changed. LOL

If it's a consolation to you, Ben, this piece of yours did come up on several internet search engines I used to scan for it (using part of the title of your article, "so hard convincing people to sign up for Steemit"). Namely, duckduck, yahoo, google, bing, and sp (ixquick) all found your article.

So steemit is not precisely being boycotted by the big boys. It was a concern I had till now. I just joined steemit a couple days ago and can't find any of my few and recent posts searching from outside steemit. Finding your post is a relief: I was starting to worry that we were isolated.

Guess I'll just have to be patient and wait for my puny posts' links to be made with the outside world. Congratulations for the recognition the internet is giving you from outside the confined walls of our host server!

This is a good alternative to Facebook, Instagram etc
people can post their photography here and get paid

keep it up....

One friend so far! I guess people find it a hard platform to move to as most people don't understand crypto currencies or how they work. Steemit simply seems like a scam that generates money out of thin air. Of course, we know it isn't!

Don't try too hard. We are pretty peaceful and troll-free here at the moment, no need to invite every turd you know.

I got a couple of people on board and personally was onboarded too. Its a train of referrals!

It's hard because it sounds too good to be true. And when people find out it is true? Steem to da moon.

well, the facts which cannot be overshadowed is that many people has suffered a lot of heartbroken as a result of risk taken and trying, more especially when it comes to money making platform like this,when a times you run into this feelings that its not real. Like myself, it took me a whole lot of time to be fully convinced that this is actually real.

Because are used to following the crowd, the trend. I remember having the same trouble explaining facebook just 10 years ago.

I also give advice in regards to how to do it here

Braking The Resistance Against Cryptocurrencies


Following the crowd is the path off the cliff. The crowd doing stuff because everyone else is doing it is exactly why people end up in mediocre lfiestyles with no retirement, college loan debt, an over expensive mortgage, etc. Everyone does it without thinking because it's what you're supposed to do, not because it makes sense.

I feel like screaming at some of my friends sometimes when they are letting opportunities pass them by! I think too many people live by the adage "if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is" but replace 'probably' with 'definitely'. I remember telling work colleagues about bitcoin back in 2013 and getting the same kind of reaction so I guess I've been here before.

Well I would like to convince my YouTube friends to come here, you can promote your videos free of spam and sub for sub. That is annoying on YouTube. Not just that. For posting anything, blogs, poetry, photos.

Quality over quantity, you want an engaged community, rather then the clickbaiters and the list copy pasters. All good things in time.

people are scared. I have the same problem. I just signed up, and people are telling me I am crazy!