Hello! Here is another exclusive song for Steemit!

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Thanks for all the amazing comments in my previous post about introducing more people to Steemit. I have just under 700 followers (follow me) so to get 90 comments is amazing. I don't think you'd ever see that kinda interaction on other social media. 👍👍👍


This song is about believing in yourself and determining your own future without following what everyone else is doing. It's exclusively for Steemit (but especially for @kingscrown @mynameisbrian and @thebluepanda) 🎁

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 15.34.15.png
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I came across two paths in the woods today
And I didn't know which one to take

One was green and had been trampled under foot
But the other was the one that I took,

It hard brambles from the tree tops in the sky
Down to the forest floor that barely saw the light

But it led to somewhere no one else had been
And I spied treasure that could one day belong to me,

What if I'm wrong about being right?
What if I'm wrong about being right?

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Awesome Blog keep them coming!

Congratulations @thisisbenbrick!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

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absolutely great. can i get you to submit this for a steemit artist compilation v. 1 https://steemit.com/music/@soundlegion/sound-legion-presents-steemit-artist-music-compilation-v-1-submit-your-original-song

You have a hauntingly good voice!

You have the magic touch. Beautiful.

I'm going to listen to that again. Very nice


thanks brian!

omg what a nice community, and the song very nice to hear, may i share this to my facebook wall ?


of course! thanks

Nice one dude. This is sweet.

Way to go man....wonder if you do some videos in short animations,that's gonna be colossal!

Awesome talent you got here @thisisbenbrick. Followed you... hope to hear more form you.

Very nice! Looking forward to more from you.

Very nice! Thank you for the exclusive content.

Love your song, do you have anymore I can listen from you?

Beautiful track! Thanks for sharing dude! :) It's been a while since I had heard your music!

Thanks for the creative moments! It is wonderful to see folks that have found their creative outlets.

You are appreciated!

upvote and resteem for u...

Followed 😊

This is my first comment on Steemit beta :) ~ happy for it to be about such lovely music. "Beautiful!"


Welcome to Steemit! and thank you for listening!


Amazing piece of music and what a message! Perfect for Steem, blockchain and everything revolutionary.

I did find myself wanting to hear your voice with a bit more volume and presence. At times it's battling with piano to be heard. Could you try increasing volume in vocals or lowering the piano?

For example listen:

Pretty cool! I like it! I like your voice. I have a request: I once started on some lyrics, but I am not as talented as you are with the piano. Soooo...I was thinking that, if you want to, I would love to write a song, and then you could make the music and sing it? :) You can see the lyrics before you decide. I don't need any credit just a mention, that's all. Think about it :)

finally! so i can set fire to replay button lol

Great work! Sounds awesome.
WE love hosting our music on here as well. Great call on the Steemit Exclusive!


followed you and will look out for it!


Thanks brother! We often are gardening and working with medicinal plants out here. Ill post a composition on the oud I have been working on shortly! Thank you for the follow. Stoked for such an engaged community!

nice! I like the personal take on Robert Frost.

Very nice

Like it, reminded me of Keane.