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As of this day, on the thirtieth of April, 2019 Anno Domini, at 2128 (9:28 PM) CST: I, @theironfelix, have fundamentally decided to resign from posting at all here. As of such, I have given most of my SP to accounts that can use it more than I can. But I have left basically 67SP still in my account in any a case I do wish to post again (which I shall leave some a contest post on Thursday and a final story to end my Steemit career). I will not share this to any of the Steemit discords but I shall leave this note here; I will post one more post on this accounts second anniversary but that shall be it. I will no longer post regularly and shall post a compilation of stories and rough drafts I had made from time to time. The original mission of this account, philosophy, had been long derailed due to a lack of supportive philosophy steemit groups and the fact that I had the longest burnout with this platform that had only been repressed when I joined the bananafish is telling last year (July 2018 Anno Domini). Most of my friends are leaving or barely posting any more, this platform is basically dead and I might come back - if I don't even post irregularly - to basically convert all my SP into hard cash if Steem ever goes back to the $9 high it had. For now: goodbye.

Noooooooooooo! Tell me this is a late April Fool’s joke! I’m so sad, @theironfelix! You’ve brought such an interesting perspective to this platform!

You need to do what’s right for you, of course. But at the very least, please know that I have enjoyed your sense of humor and the energy you have brought to your blog and to interacting with others. You have inspired me!

I am unfortunately so busy in life that I don’t support my friends and followers as much as I would like, and I’m sure that is true of many. I always hope that the combined effort of the “crowd” helps people to feel this crazy adventure is all worthwhile.

Sigh. Another one bites the dust. Take care, @theironfelix. Be well. I wish you luck in all your future endeavors!

Unfortunately I am resigning off this platform for a while. And I knew it would be a thousand daggers to people's hearts. Withal, I shall give one more post to your contest (the one I alluded to in this post).

I thank you for respecting my tough decision. Regarding that, I am very appreciative that you had found these qualities in me. <<<<3333!!!!~

That's a sad thing that shall soon haunt me as the work day becomes more intensive for me (maybe when I enter college, that will be my gateway drug back to this platform). And I had played the minor role in the crowd to at least post something - anything - fun while they are on Steemit, but this active crowd - in my eyes - had been slowly seeping away for a while... and I don't know why ;-;

Agreed, I shall have to bite the dust. And you take care as well @jayna. And may the same things be reflected back to you.

Vernon Locke saluting.png

well. Hate to see you go, comrade. But I wish you the best, and hope we can stay in touch via discord.

I hate to be off this platform, comrade, but at this point I really need a good break - like the one I had originally a year ago but shorter. Anyways, I wish you a fare well equally and I shall try to keep contact via discord as well.


It won't be the same without your sass and gifs. Steemit shall be a less entertaining place for what I hope is a sabbatical, i hope the break finds you well and relaxed, with big adventures to focus on <3 I shall look forward to your occasional story drops and hope you find a home for your philosophy <3

I will comment her since my area has completely blocked out Discord: don't blame yourself for my leave now, you are not at fault and I mainly am burnt out. Otherwise tomorrow I will have an entry post clarifying this post... screw it, I will post it here today but will leave it there tomorrow:

... I like to clarify my post from yesterday (especially to @dirge, @jayna and @calluna). I am mainly burnt out and I want to finally rest; this means I will have to leave leave the platform and not participate in it. Many don't know it but I had a similar burnt out and a full leave from the platform last year that lasted a whole six months from December 2k17 Anno Domini to June 2k18 Anno Domini. Will it last this long? No, not even longer than two-three months. Will I still take a full break from the platform? Yes ...

Otherwise, expect three days from now an entry to #tellastorytome


<3 awww woo yeah, its a prompt I have had for a long time, and finally decided to use it, glad i'll get to see what you come up with and hope you push the boundaries again for me (or whoever ends up doing the final judging <3)

but take your time and do what you need, even the best of boxers have a time out between rounds, look forward to seeing you swinging punches again.

<<<<3333 Awww wooo!!!!~ Glad to hear that you decided to use it, I will try to push the boundaries regardless of who judges (hopefully yah <3)!~

I agree with your lil' box multi-analogy here!~ Love yah and sparkle!~

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