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Doing My Part for the Community

Hey guys, I just wanted you to know that I'm trying to do my part to spread the word about Steemit! Even though we don't get directly rewarded for bringing in more members, I think we all win when the site grows. So I decided to end the year by telling my readers and social contacts about how they can Earn Money With a Social Network.

Of course, I've also told connections in a one-on-one manner, and that's most likely to be effective.

If I gain traction, I also plan to public some more tips about gaining some traction and building up Steem Power.

What Are You Doing to Promote Steemit on the Outside?

Here's your chance to toot your own horn in the comments. What are you doing to bring more people into the site.

Please Comment, and if you feel like it, upvotes, follows, and resteems are always appreciated but not required. I almost always reply and upvote valuable comments.

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The post on frugalpig is fantastic... I've never heard of frugalpig. . . May I suggest that you post the content on steemit directly in a post as a sample for drawing in people. Just Fantastic.
For me. I usually send links to my steemit posts to people outside of steemit where the content that I have posted is something they are interested in.

Well, you know what? You have a really good idea. If it went to my Steemit post, some of those people might also join and follow ME! I mean, helping everybody is great; but I'd like to help myself too. Great tip.

We are starting to build our own community platform on steemit where close friends and relative can gather information about Steemit and Blockchain. Chechout @cryptoheads We will open up this community for all users when the community feature from steemit is implemented. Till then only members with inventation can join.

Thank you for Using #promo-steem tag, Promote steemit by inviting your friends and your family!

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Such contribution and promotion is needed from all of us. Thanks for sharing link in a comment under my post. I appreciate your efforts for Steemit.

Thanks, I'm following you now because I think you are the kind of person who can provide a good example. Happy New Year!