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This post is co-written by @donkeypong and @the-alien

If there is something that we learned from steemfest it is that the steemit community is one of the most valuable assets we have.

Some of us weren’t lucky to be there due to prior commitments, but nonetheless we received countless messages of fellow steemians saying something in the lines of: “After meeting so many amazing people this weekend, my faith in steemit is stronger than ever”.

Two things are clear:

First of all, @roelandp you have got to host at least another one! And secondly, this is community effort everyone coming together, this is too valuable to ignore.

The weekend might be over, but we can still be an active vibrant community, this is not over. And more importantly, the fun is not over.

Fun, Friends and Virality

Today, we’re starting to reward new categories such us #funny and #til where you’ll be rewarded well for posting AND commenting with good content in these tags.

Yes, comments will be rewarded too! Because human interaction is one of the most important aspects not only of social media, but in life itself.

On addition to that, we’re also jumpstarting the #news tag on Steemit to make sure that people get rewarded well for posting and commenting on news stories.

Let’s face it, most people get their news today from social media. So why go elsewhere to get your news updates while you can get rewarded for posting and commenting here in this amazing platform?

The Power of Catchy

Now, as you might have noticed, /r/funny, /r/news and /r/til (Today I Learned), are some of the most popular Reddit subs.

One of the reasons we chose those tags is to attract redditors giving them the choice to post and comment on reddit for no rewards, or joining Steemit where they can get paid to do both.

And more importantly, we just want to make things fun and easy for you fellow steemians, and rewarding comments is a great way to encourage interaction and engagment, because sometimes it’s easy to forget how vibrant of a community we have here.

Let’s make Steemit the “go to” source for news and for fun!

Rewarding Short Content + Links

While Steemit has an invaluable number of high quality longer length articles on a daily basis. We would like to open the door to other shorter content as well.

Why limit ourselves? We can have all sorts of content, long, short and medium.

Many people like Reddit because they all they do is post links, and many people don’t have the attention nor the time for long form content no matter how valuable it is.

On the plus side, if some links catch on, we only need a few viral posts to drive an influx of new comers here to steemit.

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For sharing pictures and memes, we recommend using http://www.steemimg.com/ and if it’s undergoing maintenance, then you can try https://postimage.org/ or others that you prefer. Youtube video links embed directly on Steemit.com. Oh and by the ways, you can link to other sites, also.

Just give us a little bit more with the links. Tell us something about the content in your own words, and then drop the link.

Rewarding Comments

Also, let’s reward good comments with the payouts they deserve. Not everyone writes articles. Many great community members post amazing comments. They stimulate discussions, they encourage content creation, and they make this site better.

Please feel free to post, comment, and curate in #news , #funny and #til !

And more importantly, let’s have some fun!


We would like to thank @smooth for giving us the idea to focus on Reddit-style tags. @smooth @berniesanders and @nextgencrypto are generously providing voting support to these new tags – thank you.

Also many thanks to the Members of Project Curie and The Steem Guild, as well as members of Steemtrails, Steemprentice, and other individuals have helped. You truly care about this community. Steemit is a better place because of you!

Also, we would like to thank the dozens of Steemians who have helped plan and create these new tags.

Thank you!

@the-alien and @donkeypong

To kick off this new initiative and encourage both comments and short content, we like to present you with a fun promo that hopefully gets traction and drives some attention to steemit.

Let the fun begin!

Short Content Kick Off: Steemit Fun Promo

Image Sources: 1 - 2

P.S: Let's make some noise!

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I love your videos!

Totally agree, let your personality shine :)

Everybody loves that !

Sup babes ;D

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I made a proposal to establish a channel for posting links already 2 months ago and so I´m more than happy to see that Curie now is taking action in such a direction. I believe this is an important move to attract users beyond the blogosphere.
I hope that you can tune rewards in a way so that short content and links will not outcompete longer and/or work-intensive primary content posts. For links (plus one or two sentences to give it a personal touch) anything in the range of 1-2 $ would already be awesome and potentially a game changer.
Thanks for this initiative - very promising!

Thank you @shaka! Very insightful input!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

You´re very welcome!
I would also like to note that one should consider that content creators on yt, fb or elsewhere may see it critical if someone is making money on Steemit by posting a link to their work (a big problem in which the Yours.network will run into imo, whenever they roll out). This prompted me to propose an alternative payout scheme in my above mentioned post which I allow myself to cite here:

I propose to establish a special section for link-posts where a different payout scheme is automatically applied. Let´s say 10% go to the poster to reward his curation efforts. The remaining 90% are payed into a pool account from which the original content creator can claim his reward after signing-up. Ideally, a post in that section triggers a notification bot that reaches out to the original content provider, e.g. via youtube, facebook etc.

The beauty of such an approach might be that it would not only attract more reddit-type of users but also more content creators who will register to claim their cut (verification could occur via their respective yt, fb, instagram accounts).

If you find any of this useful, feel free to implement or adapt as you wish!

This might not be popular, but it's my opinion: I don't mind short content, but there has to be something redeeming about the post beyond slapping a meme, picture or video on the blog. Take away the quick link, and what are we left with? If the answer is nothing, I click away. There's a reason why I'm currently ranked #20 in post count - because I'm looking for interaction. And no, I'm not a bot. Most of my comments are about this long - so give me something to comment about.

Yeah I know @merej99! You're one of the people that always try to engage the community.

As we said above, not just a link, add some texture to it, a little bit of touch... And also good comments and posts will be rewarded, not the simple ones such as "congrats".

"give me something to comment about" you can comment on the video above to kick-off this innitiative, or you can comment on the community's new post on the tags #TIL, #funny and #news.

Thanks for your input, and I hope you'll have a great time!

Done. :)
And I just followed your YouTube channel and shared the video on Twitter & Facebook. Hopefully people will come out of their social media comas and join!

Thanks so much @merej99! Yeah let's hope more people join!

That's nice. Just saw a post about NASA and Mars photos earlier, on sciencealert, enjoyed it a lot, and even thought to refer it somehow on Steemit as well. But I was a bit hesitant.

After seeing your post, I realized the #news tag could be just the space I needed for this to happen. Already posted it.

Thank you @dragosrua for starting with the #news tag! We'll start reviewing those, voting and commenting shortly :)

Look forward to seeing more diversity on Steemit! I know it'll take us some time to adjust, but it'll be worth it.

Really cool video! Steemit, Inc should have commissioned promotional stuff like this long ago. :)

Thank you Sen! For those who don't know @liberosist is also a big part of this, and together with all of us, with all of you fellow steemians we can create a lot of buzz and get this place vibrating :)

You're right man, it will take some time to adjust but I think we'll be fine :)

Bottom $: People want to be entertained on Steemit = #funny!! I'm in! :))

Exactly. We need to have some fun around here again. Entertain us!

I had a comment earlier today that said they wished there had been a group hug in the team photo at SteemFest, so there's a suggestion for SteemFest 2 #funny and #grouphug! Steem on @donkeypong!

Thanks @mindhunter! I think #funny will be a great addition, We even opted to launch with this funny video :)

Bad canine staring at all that ass! Ha ha! Great vid!

Fully agree with you guys....I was criticised in the past for posting short AND successful stuff, and felt it was nonsense. If a post can trigger a good laugh, a smile, or a new idea then well. ..that's a good post, regardless of length!

And comments are rewarded too :)

Awesome, I'll work on a post or two. Noob question, what is #til stand for?

"Today I learned"

Ahh, well #til what #til means :p. Thanks @eureka.

Maybe do a post about that ;)

Good to see you using your new knowledge already.

Knowledge is power!

I totally is! :)

Agreed fellas.

Absolutely! We'll take a look and make sure you get some votes.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I think this is great news! Interaction has been lacking on Steemit. I also dig that short articles and links will get love too, I don't have time to read a short story.

Thanks Greg! Yeah expanding to other types of content can only be a positive :)

After my recent chat with @donkeypong on a thread about Short Form Post (s) and the like -- I started to use that phrase in my blog post titles. There is clearly a place for it. Is there a suggested # or exact wording the community suggests using for those??

@smooth @berniesanders @nextgencrypto @the-alien @donkeypong and others, thanks for the continued work. We appreciate you.

For now, we start with the three tags #TIL, #News and #funny and then we grow from there.

But yeah, short form posts, or medium are needed too!

If Government answered as quickly as some of you guys here, we would all be fine LOL!

We already have some people branching out into other tags also (such as #showerthoughts ). Feel free to post and comment in other tags (new or existing ones) or use these that we're focusing on today. Good quality short content should be rewarded.

I agree, I messaged the #showerthoughts fella earlier lol. #SteemElders and #Steem101 are ones I have come up with and I think are pretty good ones for subject sorting and finding.

Hahaha! Thanks for the nice words!

This should be interesting. TIL has been one of my most favorite categories. Looking forward to the posts under the mentioned category.
I'd also love to see some love for #showerthoughts as well. They're just too original, exceptionally thought provoking and too good to ignore. I hope I am not the only one who thinks /r/showerthoughts should also be looked into :D

That's a great consideration @isteemit :) Shower thoughts :)

Yes, bring us some shower thoughts! We'll make sure the voters find those, too!

Yeah, no reason to punish short content, really. The market decides whether content is good, or not. I tend to aim at writing longer material, because I like going a bit more in-depth, but if the market decides that my long posts are boring, and they would rather read something that's short and sweet, then the short and sweet material is better.

Personally, I think it's that simple.

I think people are a bit too wrapped up in this idea of "deserving content". People should write what they write and upvote what they upvote. The market will sort itself out, just like it always does.

It's entirely possible to work long and hard on something that has little to no value, just as it is possible to quickly create something of big value. Value is subjective, and this "Labor Theory of Value" where the value of work is measured in how hard it was to produce is flawed, in my opinion.

You just reminded me of a post I wrote a few months ago: "Subjective Value, from a strictly extraterrestrial point of view" :)

All aboard!!!! This is going to be fun. That video is hilarious! So the dog is smarter than just about everyone else on social media... Good to know. Vote Molly 2020!

haha thanks Brian!

It is an amazing video. Steemit Inc needs to hire you and your cast!

Haha you're always too kind! Not my cast though, I just hired them.

But I can make some videos like that to attract audience if needed :) Implement these things properly and hopefully we can create some buzz.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Some really good news here! Thanks to @smooth, @berniesanders, @nextgencrypto and all the others who contribute so much to the community. And of course thank you Alien! Hope to see you next year

Hey man! Yeah great news!

The video is hysterical!

Whoever came up with the concept really needs a Steemit humor badge. LOL I can definitely see that on mainstream advertising. Eat that, Facebook! :D

Haha I did, I scripted it within minutes and immediately felt so stupid that I never thought about doing these kind of videos before.

More to come :)

For me, the most important thing to communicate through ideas and works. Rewards sometimes only stimulant that this serious game more exciting.

Absolutely. Communication and voluntary exchange are key to everything. :)

we’re also jumpstarting the #news tag on Steemit to make sure that people get rewarded well for posting and commenting on news stories.

Perhaps give news it's own separate Tab. Replace 'new' with 'news' perhaps, and reserve it for inbound shares. I understand there will be a re-steemed tab soon?

excellent idea.

Yeah a resteemed tab would be ideal!

That's a funny video. I like the new tags and love being part of SteemTrail. This platform is awesome and is only getting better, so yes, let's rock this thing!

Totally! Let's rock this thing!

Excellent video! Nothing introduces fun than fun! Does that make sense? :D

Haha it sure does!

Molly is such a bitch!


I agree that steemit is a great site. I've had a lot of fun posting and commenting to other posts. As an encouragement I want to let Steemians know that if your posts generate a lot of up votes but not a lot of replies, don't fret. While there is probably a lot of bots out there, I personally found that I agree with a post but don't have much to say. So not all up votes are bots. Keep on posting!!

Thanks @roswellrockman! Definitely keep on posting!!

Omg!! I love the video!! That´s an awesome work Adil, wow!

On the project ..This is also an amazing idea which is going to distribute the rewards even more. We were all partying in Amsterdam while you and Tom were working so hard!

Haha it was teamwork, a lot of us were working on this actually :)

But thank you and I'm glad you loved the video!

Nice to see some progress in right direction. Good job. I hope it will bring some results.

Thank you @oldtimer!

Hopefully this will pull lots of new people in:)

I hope so too! We need to do some stuff about that, it can be exciting and fun as the video above!

Plus, if we're doing well, and having fun, all the more reason for others to join :)

Exactly. Also forgot to say I love the video. The girl is cool but the dog really makes it for me - so funny! How did you get her to bash the keys like that it is so cute?

Haha secrets of the script writers ;)

The whole thing was engineered like in any movie, although this is only an ad.

The girl in the beginning, and the crew with the dog actor none of them know about the other part to keep the acting natural.

The girl was asked to keep a tiny air of shyness so that you drop your guard and empathize with her dog story :) And then we pull the rug and a big surprise at the end :)

Seeing the reception here, I think I should do more of those to promote steemit.

It was really well done. OK I didn't realise about those Hollywood tricks. You should definitely do more:) We could link to them on different sites and spread them around. In fact I will post it on twitter an facebook.

Thank you! that would be great!

Yeah we should promote these things :) I'll do some facebook ads and stuff like that I think :)

Great, keep me posted then. I have shared that on FB but I'm not very active on there any more. I have more Twitter followers so have shared it on there too.

Will do! Thanks man!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

@tuckfheman is back in business baby... He was this content type king...
someone please rattle his cage...

Yes, we need Tuck and his memes back. I miss those!

Haha he would like this I think.

I've tried before but failed. He might listen to someone else though and this new initiative might help seal the deal. I loved his little comic strips.

This is awesome! Let's have some fun and bring some more people to Steemit!

If that's what people like best on Reddit, why not offer the same options here, but do an even better job at it!?!?!

Makes sense to me!

Let the fun begin!


Excellent job and great idea.

I just learned something new and posted it in #til today.

Thanks for all that you guys are doing to make steemit all that it can be!!!

Thank you @papa-pepper! That's way too kind!

It should get some good conversations going too!

I rarely reply postings, but you posted, I must reply, I have very important suggestions to you, I support your Rewarding #funny, #news and more other #tags ,This text I must used in bold, is to draw your enough attention

But there must be an important condition

"All the funny, funny videos , news article must be able to bring traffic and new user to steemit can be Rewarding"

Otherwise, I will mobilize robot FB forwarding funny article to ensure that you busy

If you are a big fish, I can easily use "funny, news" images / videos" to catch you

So this condition you must add, do not waste of energy

We need to do is that these funny content can be spread rapidly on the network and bring the steemit logo,funny videos includes web site url "http://www.steemit.com", so that more people know steemit

This is the best SEO method that allows funny to spread quickly in social networks

Great input! I agree.

Yet another great idea. We have some very interesting times in front of us. Interesting from many perspectives.

Does this article about Yours.Network qualify for viral tags of #news and #til? Should I use one tag only?

Thanks and keep on the good work and initiatieves!

Hey @ervin-lemark! Nice to hear from you as usual.

Glad you like this new initiative btw!

If I were you I'll use both when in doubt, though only one will suffice. :)

Thanks for your quick reply. Well, I've learned about it today and it is in the news :)

It is funny how your post promptly answered my dilemma of making a full copy paste of the article or just an abstract with link. It was no coincidence, I am certain.

You're welcome :)

Yeah and added touch, even if it's minuscule is better than a copy-paste in my opinion.

It has an element of attention, a differentiating aspect..And I think people like that :)

I've been in news with links and memes for months. I was cool before it was cool.

I know you were, and now we can reward those too :)

Together we move forward, we create traction, as you see the News is trending now . We had to come together to make this happen. And now we can move on forward :)

that sounds good. Tired of getting $0.24 cents for a well thought out news post while the sports betting makes hundreds and fills the top slots with curie all the time...

I recall seeing that fury creature while I was trying to enjoy a day off.

This idea intrigues me. I look forward to interacting with your planet's lifeforms. I believe it is important to understand your enemy before you crush them under your boot like slime from Jabba's mouth.


Loved the commercial, that was great! Vibe was awesome as it took me away from home for a bit;)
Join Steemit people!

Thanks! Yeah the vibe was amazing and that's great!

source: zubeezone.com

P. S. Thank you for mentioning #steemprentice. :)
Shared on twitter

Don't mention it, thanks for the help!

When we all come together and have fun, we can do great things :)

Thanks for the awesome pictures and for sharing!

Welcome! :)

Steem_Land Steemland.com tweeted @ 16 Nov 2016 - 02:14 UTC

ANN Jumpstarting New Tags, Rewarding Comments, Boosting Engagement and Going Viral!
@steemiobot @Beyond_Bitcoin

Steem_Land Steemland.com tweeted @ 16 Nov 2016 - 02:13 UTC

ANN Jumpstarting New Tags, Rewarding Comments, Boosting Engagement & Going Viral!
@SteemUps @SteemitPosts @steemit

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Can you please look at our new curation method based on powering up too? Do you think it is important or not! Thank you!

I love this idea, I've often thought thatshort content adds to the site as well.
The video is fab , great work.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! :)

  ·  3 years ago Reveal Comment

Haha! Thank you for this awesome comment! :)

"Are you not entertained!" :)


great video

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

This is great news! And a nice video as well :D In other #news it's midnight in India!

Thanks @droidsid!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Awesome post!
Thanks for sharing.
Together we move forward!

Absolutely! I couldn't have said it better: Together we move forward!

Looking forward to more!
I follow you now :)

Yes! This is just the beginning :)

Thank you btw!

That was a great vid!! I would have loved to meet you but sooner or later I know I will. Cheers!

Thanks Randy! I'm thinking about making more vids like that now, I think it'll be good.

Yeah I wish I could've gone to steemfest, but as you said, sooner or later we'll meet somewhere.

Yes, it can be done! You got the community engaged once again in the content. This is wonderful.

Thank you Richard! Yes we've done it, all of us together! And that makes me happy. Together we can move forward!

Why "funny" and not "humor?" Isn't "humor" the proper tag for humorous content? That's what I always thought. I have a new post today that I hope will make it into your curating circles. :)

Awesome! Just make sure to tag it :)

It's already tagged and posted. And earning a little!

That is great to hear that short-content posts will be acceptable. I agree that the lengthiness of our Steemit posts, while creative and valuable, will not fit within a lot of potential new users' short attention span.

Let's keep this Steem train rolling!

Yes! We need to keep Steemit open for everyone, not just thesis writers! :)


Steem on! :)

I only just found this post and I like it very much.

It just happens that I used the #news tag and I want to mention a problem I had.

I reported something about Trump, with a video included. I was pleased to see it earn about $4 (at my level that is sort of rare) but hours later I saw it drop to under a dollar. I found a poster from Pakistan had flagged me (I thought flagging only works if you have a larger rep, but I was obviously wrong, as I had 54 and he had 25). I went to his blog/home page and flagged everything I saw (he only had a couple of posts and 3 comments) and I informed him that I do not flag those who are not of my political beliefs and respecting their rights to post, demand the same respect. If he undoes his flag, I'll undo mine, or else I will continue to flag everything he does. For more than a month he has not used his. no posts or comments.

If posting at #news, how do we avoid this happening, since news automatically is going to be slanted according to the interests of the poster.

I think we should have some system that if it is news reported, with a bit of text explaining the background, or why the poster finds it important, that if it is flagged, then the flagger should be flagged to the value of 10 x 1.

That will make flaggers think twice, plus, it will at least provide the flagged party some satiisfaction that the flagger was punished.

@the-alien We need to have a steem fest in South Africa! Steemit, biltong, beer/brandy and braai! Mnnn think im onto something here. Thanks for sharing the positivity is awesome!

I just posted my first post under the news tag, Maybe a quick share is in order: HashOn: A steem powered bitcoin faucet driving traffic to steemit.com!

Excellent job and great idea :D

Thank you @levycore!

Ya know, I have been seeing a few posts today for #til and has no idea what was going on or why people were posting until I came by this post via a @papa-pepper article. Now it all makes sense!!! Well today I have at least learned something!!

Haha we all did!

Is it possible, and legal, for Steemit to pull in an image from a link as other sites do, e.g. FB and G+? We know an image gets more attention than just text, but we have to make it as simple as possible. I don't know how it works regarding rights to the image. In some cases you would need to be able to select from various images on a page as the default one may not be what you want. I think this feature would get more people engaged.

Yeah for images you have several solutions, like citing the source is a must.

Plus if you're searching for images in google you can filter by user right if that makes you feel more comfortable.

And I'm with you, I think this feature will get more people engaged. :)

Gotta love getting paid for spam. lmao

Spam? Only good comments will be rewarded don't worry.

Or maybe we can make some exceptions for the Nigerian Prince emails spam ;)

Nice! Just landed and reading this is real good news on top of the many goood steemfest news. Lets get it started :D

Hey Kevin! How was Holland man! Glad you had a great time man! Hopefully you have a longer trip this summer :)

Amsterdam was awesome. I really love the city - I think the cold weather added to the charm. Even just walking around with the pevo gang during the final day was fun enough for me :). Keep up with you in the chats later!