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Greetings Steemians,

As the title suggests, the purpose of this post is to let the minnows know abut the best authors and Projects on steemit which not only support but embrace Minnows. And together they are making Steem a better place. These authors through their little but meaningful initiative for minnows making steemit a place where no talent goes unpaid, no minnow remain unsupported and hence making SteemIt a place where everybody is rewarded according to the talent they have. So without a Due lets begin but no top list because they all are trying their best to support Minnows so they all are the best -

@MinnowSupport -

As their name says, this initiative was started to help the very minnows. Making their content appear in the hot list for a little longer. They provide a lot of useful services for Newbies of steemit. Like upvoting service and Delegation SP Leasing services. These service allow the minnows to have a much better Experience at Steemit. They also upvote less famous authors Randomly to keep the Morale...

@Jerrybanfield -

This guy isnt running any Profiles but have great initiatives for the embracement of newbies. He has a weekly Upvote initiative running in which he upvotes good content from good but New authors to make their steemit Experience better. This guy was the reason i started steemit because he has also been doing Ad Campaign for Steemit to increase its popularity.

@RandoWhale -

This profile allow authors to trade an upvote for 2$. Which helps the author to maintain its place in a the hot posts a little longer and luckily if the content is good the Author can make his place in the trending section. This Project also have a random upvoting scheme running which also help new authors to make a place in Steemit.

@bottymcbotface - 

Mentioning this author becuase this author give every new Steemit costumer a Penny for welcome with a memo
remember me when you are Rich. They are now working on a project named The FrontRunner Bot which is currently in Beta.

@Curie -

They are Discovering promising new authors since August 2016. and help curate good and meaningful posts. This initiative has made lives of thousand Steemians and i recommend you to give it a chance. This author also has a weekly curie Campaign Running to earn from.


This is a newly created bot which automatically Resteem the post given as a memo when you sen it a very few amount of SBD. This is very helpful, since it is in its progressing stage now. Once progresse it will help many hidden gems to curate their Content. Recommended


Last but not the least, this author organizer weekly interesting contest in which the winner can win 20 SBD. which is life saving for a newbie. Many have won and i also regularly participate in his competitions and recommend you too. Because authors like this help the minnow Grow effectively.

I Will not choose anyone for being the best because they all are doing their best. Everyone is very helpful in their own Field but it is up to you whom you choose and whom you dont. I know this is not all but these are the ones i know so if you know any good one let me know in the comment section Below.
And Feel free to Upvote and resteem because this can be very helpful for the newbies and for the authors who dont know about these Promising services...

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Thanks for your supportive advice. I will follow it.

Great info for minnow grow ! Thanks!

Lets make this platform more better

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This is a Really Nice Overview of the keys to getting more out of STEEMIT.
Thank You

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Good info

Really some very useful info here @talalofficial, just an update : Randowhale is at SBD1 now!

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