Simplifying the news

in photography •  2 years ago  (edited)

Today I will show my pets today we will change the topic of News to know me a little and my cute Cats

Gordo, My first cat sadly left us 3 years ago I miss them so much one of the best! Will always be remembered

Then I arrive

Chiquita, And with them their children!


And now this
Chiquitin when he was young

Then the second layer

And then the cat was sterilized

A few photos of Chquitin, Soon I will upload new photos of them since I have 5 cats in the house =)





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Can I pet them? :3 I really wish I have one

=) nice, They are just mine hahahaha

Lol sadly I'm allergic to them so I really can't have one :(

Very unfortunate that they are allergic because they are very very good 100% faithful and affectionate pets

True, but I still love cats :)

So cute! Lovely cats

Thanks I also love them very jejejejeje I have 5 cats jejejejeje =)

all cats are Love! such cute kitties!

thx I love Cats =)