Request a Steemit post UpVote and tweet to my +195k Twitter followers

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If you would like an UpVote and tweet to my +195k Twitter followers then follow steps below. Enter the Steem Dollar amount you offer for these actions (All offers considered). I will perform the actions within 24 hours. I reserve the right not to perform the actions in which case I will return your Steem Dollars with the reason why I decided not to accept it. If I like the post I might also resteem it is well.

Minimum Steem Dollar I accept for this service is 0.01 SBD. The higher the amount the more places I promote the post to.

If you would like me to tag you in the Tweet add your Twitter handler at the end of the memo field after the post link.

If people refer this to their friends and their friends buy the service I will pay the referrer 25% of amount paid. Tell your friends to add "Referred by @YourSteemitID" at the end of the Memo field after the post link they want shared.

New UpVote/Tweet Bot coming soon!

1. Go to to your Steemit Wallet and click the Steem Dollars.

Steemit 1

2. Click Transfer.

Steemit 1

3. Enter "sydesjokes" in TO field, the Steem Dollar in Amount field and your Steemit link in Memo field.

Steemit 1

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

On Saturday my Upvoting Power was at 32% and today it is at 54%. Needs to be close to 100% for my new Upvote/Tweet Bot to work.

If people refer this to their friends and their friends buy the service I will pay the referrer 25% of amount paid. Tell your friends to add "Referred by @YourSteemitID" at the end of the Memo field after the post link they want shared.

Cool.. I want to try this..

Part of the Steem Dollars I get from this service will also be shared with people who Comment/Resteem/UpVote my posts. So we all benefit so share this post in your networks.

boss --- upvoted and resteemed

This comment has received a 3.13 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @red-rose.

really, really nice idea...

is this just one round for the next 24 hours or is there a round 2 sometimes later ?

This is ongoing. People can do with other posts.

i will try , but well i dont really have to much , but i will transfer all i have left for you to read about my mom

thanks soooo much even in twitter nice gesture <3

I hope it helps. What is your Twitter ID?

my nephew is Takeru255 he retweeted you , my instagram is luisa_isaaccura i dont use twitter.
yes it do help thanks.

This is a brilliant idea @sydesjokes. I posted on SteemThat offering some assistance with automation if you need it. I do not remember how to automate a twitter bot but I Will look into it for you. I think this will be huge for you! Congratulation my friend!

@SteemThat that would be great if it could be fully/partly automated because then it will be a more valuable service to people.

If you could tweet about my website that would be amazing :) Keep up the good work

Thank you for sharing

very interesting

Great works, I wish you success

very interesting to follow

Seems like a pretty good service.

Thanks. Like to help Steemians and spread their content.

@sydesjokes i wish you a lot of customers and good luck to your project.

Thank you. Like to share peoples content.

I really like your style and you are very altruistic person. That why I follow you. Your project will be successful one day! Even more than it is now.

I like it. It is a rebranded type,you are not doing it the way other use to do it. That is a good innovassion.

Thanks. Always look to do things in different ways :)

That is what will make someone unique. I have learn something from that your post.

It is not about doing things,but presenting it in a more better way will be good

Interesting post. I might use this to get your upvote.

A very generous offer from a very professional person and what he says always do , I acknowledge and really supports this idea. @ sydesjokes . I am sending my first post right away. Best of Luck!

Did you send a post?

I'll send in a while or so , awaiting the required 0.500 :) ASAP will do so.

I enjoyed reading your post. There is a lot of good stuff.

Great offer to get posts onto Twitter and promote Steemit at the same time @sydesjokes

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Nice service.

But i dont have twitter account.

But for support, i upvoted and resteemed this post. Goodluck my friend..

Interesting your iniciative my friend!!!

Nice service I will try it soon.

Have setup a Bot for this but not live yet as UpVote Power needs to be 90%-100% so for now I am doing the service manually.

wow what an good idea. upvoted, resteemed


Wonderful idea..

Thank you.

I think people shouldn't sell upvotes, but instead upvote and care about other people's posts honestly and genuinely. But this is just my opinion.

Everyone has a right to their opinions. This isn't just UpVote as I tweet to my Twitter followers as well so give more visibility to peoples posts.

Post promotion benefits everyone on Steemit. The more people that see a post the better. I ping all of my posts and submit them to the search engines for good measure. Many never get to upvote but they comment months later. The more that join the better! Good Job @sydesjokes. Promote Steemit And Peoples Posts!