special care (nursery)

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this is my mom

her name is Teresita

she suffers Alzheimer , is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that usually starts slowly and worsens over time
not managing self care, and behavioural issues, so this make me a full time mom for her, i live in Venezuela so, things like a nurse to helpme caring her or even buying some diapers for her, results very dificult , we live from Health Care Society and church

i apreciate any tip any advise for making this post groing ill will make my best to make time to read between me and my twin @maria.isaaccura

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su nombre es Teresita

ella sufre Alzheimer, es una enfermedad neurodegenerativa crónica que generalmente comienza lentamente y empeora con el tiempo
no manejando su propio cuidado personal, y problemas de comportamiento, así que esto me hace una mamá de tiempo completo para ella, yo vivo en Venezuela entonces, cosas como una enfermera para ayudarme a cuidarla o incluso comprar pañales para ella es muy difícil, vivimos del apoyo de los familiares , Sociedad e iglesia

Aprecio cualquier sugerencia o consejo para hacer que esta publicación cresca, haré lo mejor que pueda para leer entre yo y mi gemela @maria.isaaccura


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Yes, how can I help you, dear.

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I don't know what that is, I work for a living.


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Unfortunately I don't know of any groups that can help you.

you have done more than enough i am really gratefull <3

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Prof. Edinger works in BRD / Germany you can send him (his coworkers) an e-mail.
read www.inakarb.de
His methods do impress me.

If oxidative stress is/were involved, I would eat an (organic grown) onion every day

sorry to hear, hope she gets well soon !