It is very easy to earn 0.3 sbd

but I'm not sure I can achieve it in a short time, because now my wallet income is only about 0.01x/transaction :'(

Check ur wallet ; )

Thanks zord189, you are very kind. i will use it wisely @ninjawhale on my next content. start writing now :')

All the best :) Write a good post.

hi @zord189 i have put this link and payout to @ninjawhale. hope there voting upcoming. i cant wait to see what happen next :)

update :
WOOW its work! i got 51 upvoted but with very little amount $ :') how to improve this $ my friend @zord189 can you teach me ?

Hey @syafrizal, please read this post.

This is the purpose of ninjawhale, in time, ninjawhale will definitely increase in SP and that will improve the $ for everyone who uses him. That being said, continue to follow @ninjawhale.

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