Dear Steemit, why do you undervalue your developers who make this platform big and usable?

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Since my first intro on Steemit, i've been paving my way up the ranks and reputation where each step brought me closer to the inner community of those who give actual use to Steemit: The developers.

From the top dogs, to the new underdog developers, we all share one thing: The passion for what we do.

During many talks with many people that i've started to know beyond their nicknames by sharing experiences, advice, ideas and concepts, one detail started to be obvious for most. We feel undervalued by this community. Now hold your horses! I'm not talking about the financial aspect to be clear. All we do and create is to help this community and to challenge and improve our own skills.

The thing here is simple; We don't get the recognition we deserve. We're spending countless hours staring at code for you're improvement or pleasure, for the community's sake and for the future of Steem. I'm having a hard time finding ANY new community where this amount of work and tools have been made and created by it's users, making Steemit and STEEM very usefull to anyone without knowledge on blockchain technology. This also includes the big dogs, like @dan and @ned. When do you guys ever thank them for the work, when will you ever leave a message about the work they've done? Yup. When you're looking to get an upvote most likely.

Well fellow Steemers, we feel undervalued when getting 200 upvotes in 12 hours for a work we've spend all our free time on, while some guy promoting drugs, or some other one-post-guy get's 500 votes and makes a 15k post in under 3 hours. Sometimes it feels like a slap in the face, and again, i'm not talking about the financial rewards here!

All i'm saying is, if you use a tool made by someone, send him your upvote, even if it's an older post. If you see a developer announce some usefull tool, upvote it, try it, use it, and leave some feedback.

All i'm saying is, don't be a sheep and blindly upvote random crap just because a whale upvoted it. Read the posts, judge yourself, look at how it could benefit the platform, support active writers/developers instead of one-post people, and please! Stop upvoting that #introduceyourself - The hype is over!

Small PS note

I never heard any developer literally complaining about this. I do feel most of us agreeing on this matter without the need to discuss it. It's just a 'Aah man, look! This random guy get's voted up for no reason and our hard work gets no votes' thing. Like said before, we all love what we do, and will continue to do it!

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Thanks for venting for us fellow devs! I've had a very sleep-deprived week, in the midst of a 45-hour work week developing and releasing a few of my tools. I mean, it sucks to see the trending posts on the homepage and getting envious, but I'm not complaining, I just want to add value to this awesome community and I'm honored to be contributing:

[] - Which whales are powering down?

[Steemit ↔ Steemd] - Quickly Switch Between and

[Steemit CountDown] - 🕐 Easily Monitor Elapsed Times of Posts

Hopefully they are helpful to all Steemians!


I hear you.... Keep up the good work!


Thank you! =D

Yes... I also do believe ass kissing should be more prolific!


Gave you a upvote for speaking exact what i twas thinking:
plz check too

Yes, @steve-walschot, unfortunately, this is similar to how children do not thank the parents. Children take care of parents for granted. But when they themselves become parents, they understand what it is.

I was educated as an engineer-programmer. And I have some experience of software development. And I know what a hell of a job. But those who've never done this (and such the majority here, I think) - unlikely to be able to evaluate your work.

Thank you for all you're doing, guys!

the people working on tools and functionality for Steemit always get my vote. But maybe there should be a comprehensive post outlining who's doing what, so it can be promoted for all who are making Steemit better.

I totally agree, I think the devs are amazing, I thank the steemit team and community or give praise in almost every post I make simply because I'm still in literal awe of the masterpiece they've put together. The atmosphere here is amazing and the developers have truly built a unique entity in the world today. I am truly grateful which is why I do try and thank them in every post, sounds like brown nosing but in reality I just value this platform that highly.

I would really love to see a version of steemit where the info on votes, author rewards.... everything is hidden for a few hours at least, Truly make it more about assessing content based on content & value instead of the forever whale chasing. I am giving my approval and thanks!


Unfortunately I can only upvote this once. I want to choose what to read without seeing your rep score! Positive or negative fine, not 1 or 8.

Yeah steve, im actually behind you.
We need to improve our skills, and that is exactly what are developers doing.
Improving their skills, and our website, so why do you bitch about it?

We need steemit to upgrade, if you dont like new updates or smth, just dont visit steemit right? We dont need haters and grouches over here.
The envy and hate is too big on this website :((

The problem with being a developer is : If you do your job very well, no-one thinks you are doing anything. If you don't do it well, everyone blames you.


Haha life of a developer

Coming from a non-technical user - I think a lot of challenges for good content to rise above the bad have more to do with the UI rather than the community. I find it really hard to find topics I am interested in on Steemit - I just see the stuff that is trending. As the UI evolves more to be simple like Reddit or take another shape, then I think chicks baking cakes won't take such large paydays vs. someone creating a useful tool like steemstats or steemstory. Tell your dev friends to find ways to make a better and more searchable UI!

As a non-developer, I never really thought about thanking the developers for their contributions to making Stermit and the related apps. But it's pretty obvious that a lot of hard has been done. Thank you! And I think you should repost a variation of this on a regular basis, to raise awareness about how important development is.

You should talk to management. We are very eager to hear your input.

the developers have been very friendly and seem like a cool hardworking bunch of people :)

As a Steemit developer myself I definitely support this. I think there are a lot of potential for cool projects but the developers need incentives to make it happen.

Here's my contribution to the ecosystem so far:

Very nice write-up. Upvoted! Exactly what I was thinking...

Thanks for working hard for the Steem It community. You are definitely appreciated. The truth is, I didn't even know there was a develop force actively working behind the scenes for free. Post more and I'll up-vote you.