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RE: [STEEM iOS APP] Announcement: First Native iOS App Released (Approved by Apple) – beta download available

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Can anybody verify legitimacy?


Can someone now verifiy security?

The current version does not require a login and build was verified and signed by apple as malware free. Future versions will likely demand the posting key only - so your funds are proven to be secure.
The code is open source on github. See @abit comment below, a process for verifiable builds needs to be established. Track progress here:

Congrats to Steem iOS app

Do you even read @stellabelle ? There is no security to verify, rofl.

Nice thanks for verifying that for us! +111

Looking pretty clean, and hooray for more adoption from the apple users.

A. Send email get App ;)
B. Or Go to git hub see source code
C. Or Build from source from github

This is NOT an approved iOS app. Test Flight is a beta Testing channel which does not require the Apple's approval and without going through the real review process. I am a real iOS Developer and I know what I am saying. I exposed his lie here: