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If you’ve been keeping up with Financial Markets lately, you’ll notice that Steem prices have been dropping over the past few weeks, considering that the overall state of the Cryptocurrency Market seems to have gone bearish since the 2017 Bull Run

Those of you who have bought Steem since January will be at a loss however fear not as the general Crypto markets is experiencing fluctuating prices, this is because investing Blockchain Technology is still deemed to be a high-risk investment due to the volatility

Prices seem to have dipped since January and it’s showing slight recovering over the past few days, leaving many of you wondering of whether it’s safe to invest again?


While I may not be a financial advisor, I’ve made a lot of money trading Cryptocurrencies, and also have some experience in trading Forex, Commodities and Stock Markets. Fascinated about Financial Market since I’ve been 14 years old

Having been fortunate enough to invest in Cryptocurrency back in 2015, I was able to enjoy prosperous growth and also personally invested 150$+ in Steem when prices were as low as 0.08-0.15$ per Steem.

Life is a roller coaster and Investing is the same, I’m glad that been successful when it comes to trading and was able to cash-in, without doing so I couldn’t afford to pay off my studies

As an Investors, Tech-geek and Blockchain Enthusiasts, I do not believe in revealing how much I’ve made due to security reasons. My Account @steemitguide which has over 3K Steem Power should prove that I’m a firm believer when it comes to Cryptocurrency Investing & holding especially since I have a reasonable amount locked up in Steem power

What I’ve noticed with Steem! No matter what the price is currently trading at, is that it’s backed by a platform that never ceases to amaze me, which is Steemit

Over time I’ve also started to become a fan of Esteem, Dtube and DLive, essentially more application built on top of Steem, which will over time will help bootstrap the digital currency Steem and I look forward to potential of Smart Media Tokens has to offer; like how I will be investing some of my Steem in the upcoming APPICS ICO taking place on 28th March

Also, I’m still holding on to those gains I’ve made from those upvotes back in 2016, it’s paid off pretty well over time!

Steemit is a user-friendly platform that makes voting extremely easy, basically allowing me the voter to distribute the digital currency Steem to content creators and as a small fish in the ocean, I feel grateful for all the earnings I’ve accumulated over this short period of time

The future for Steemit is Bright!

Because it’s part of a Billion Dollar Industry with a proven Business Model! A Social Media that plans to onboard Millions if not Billions of users.

Steem is bound to have Financial value in today’s Society. There is so much growth potential as Steemit has ambitious goals to register over Millions of Users over the following the years, we just need to be more patient (my guess that it will take around 3-5 years to record around 250+ Million users, once we go viral of course!)

Steem is a long-term Project, that makes it worth holding onto because unlike existing Cryptocurrency, this particular Blockchain is targeting a specific niche Market that has the opportunity to exponentially grow over a short period of time.

Don’t sell your Steem but instead power up and contribute, as you’ll certainly get to witness in person the power of Social Media. Note that back in those days, Facebook — arguably the most mature of the top social networks — only had about 1 million users in the year of 2004. It took Facebook 7 years for it’s network to grow so large, its population was being compared to that of a country.


So it should be our Mission to grow Steemit’s Community as each individual plays an important role. You don’t need to invest a single cent but instead, contribute by publishing content or voting. Feel free to enjoy the various free content made available on the platform

Let’s revisit this Post in on the 23rd March 2019. 2020 & 2021 because I’m bullish on Steem and so should you be! Invest if you want to increase your stake within this platform but feel free to hang around because it’s not only an amazing Cryptocurrency but a Social Network that's recruiting Investors, Creative Individuals and Developers

Steem is not an investment you would have to worry about especially with the current prices because you’re almost guaranteed the mainstream adoption of Steemit

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I hardly watch the price of Steem. I have very little money invested right now. I wanted to make sure what I was invested in before I got in too deep. I'm glad I did.

There seems to be a flaw in the design that allows heavily invested users to rape the reward pool to a point that everyone else makes little to no money by providing content. If the only people that stand to gain anything by being here are the richest I don't know how many percent then you are not going to get people coming here.

Holding your vote for only the most professional looking content will stagnate the platform. You'll end up with the exact same content as a million other news platforms on the internet and everyone will just be reading instead of joining and participating.

I don't care if someone uses headers. I don't care if their pictures are HD. If someone puts in an effort to express their opinion or inform me about something I am interested in, they get my vote. If I open their post and read it from start to finish without closing the window then they deserve a vote. If it was complete garbage I wouldn't have bothered with more than a passing glance.

If you want people to join then they have to feel included. If you want to give constructive criticism great but don't withhold your vote. You make that person want to give up because they know they aren't ever going to produce professional, publishable content.

People that enjoy what they are doing will strive to get better at what they enjoy. They will try to do a better job than other people that are doing the same thing. There has to be some incentive to try. I'm not going to be Walter Cronkite. If I have to be Walter Cronkite to post here then I might as well leave.

The way things are headed there are going to be two kinds of posts to see here. There will be a few big accounts producing content and then the rest of the users will be spammers and bots. It's already headed this way. Just go look in the new posts category and see what you see.

There's a big circle jerk of the top content producers all upvoting themselves or each other. The newcomers come in with enthusiasm for a platform that might pay them for their content and then they find out they have as much chance of making money on Steemit as selling their post to Facebook.

People don't care about most of the posts on Facebook and yet they read them and upvote them anyway. This platform needs to be more inclusive. I give my upvotes freely. If I stand any chance of being successful here it's going to be by getting more users like myself to join.

Leave it to greed to destroy a good thing.


I agree to some of the points made here! But to be honest, let's say you don't blog to make money (like how there are users utilizing Facebook & Reddit)

  • Steemit is extremely SEO friendly
  • Steemit has the potential to grow & attract more users (it's relatively New)
  • It can be compared more to Reddit than Facebook (there doesn't need to be incentives for users to sign up)
  • It's decentralized
  • You don't need to invest to be part of this network & stand a chance to earn from Comments & Post

At this point, I think those that have a lot at Stake, should use their brains to grow the network because Steem Value isn't going up when we only have 1 Million registered users..

There are already Flags Wars and people are going after Whales.... This is really an experiment but i don't see how it's not going to succeed because it's truly revolutionary idea. Perhaps there are some flaws but I doubt we ever can't get a near perfect platform.

If Steem price was around 0.01-0.05 Cents, we would have many whales with little vote power... The lower the price of Steem the better the chances of someone having a more powerful upvote in the near future. If you're a late joiner and don't want to buy Steem, you don't need to write to please other Users

The abuse of Voting Power is probably the worst thing happening on this platform but those individuals have invested more money into the platform and took a bigger risk initially! Once you have a bigger community that's more aggressive when comes to reward distribution, the #leaveSteemit or #flagWhales motive will rise just like #deleteFacebook

I would want to have more SP so I can upvote some of my Friends Post and those who leave Comments. It's hard to determine what deserves to get upvoted because we all are used to centralized services that make their investors money.

It's definitely a good idea to have Cryptocurrency get distributed and seems like to me that whenever money that has financial value is involved, human nature seems to play an important role.

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil

Good reading :) tip!


Thank you very much! Definitely, Appreciate it! Will definitely write more content like this because Steemit is definitely a Crypto project that I can freely promote without having to include an investment disclaimer

Great article @steemitguide , I especially enjoy your reply in responding to jasonb777.

Come to think about it, Steemit provide many great features but most are tend to forget or taking for granted.

  • Steemit is no Ads and there is no need for tracking bots for ads.
  • No irrelevant suggestion posts on your news feed (because somehow they believe it related to your interest base on their tracking bots. like facebook)
  • It like blogger, wordpress with SEO but it is free
  • It had a great community, like steemitboard, photocontest... and you do get reward for your contribution.
  • Writing on steemit at least 2 articles every week for more than 2 years and your writing skill will be improve and so your steempower, reputation. It is a mutual beneficial. But those benefits won't come fast. You get what you given.

Make a living base on Steemit is not wise choice, getting a job in writing field will be more rewarding than trying to earn on steemit, giving that you have a good writing skill.

We don't know for sure the future of Steemit but we know the benefit we can get by anticipating, involving and having fun.

Ps. I sent an email to you in responding to your request of collaboration 3 days ago, the email is cao**** Could you please let me know if you have received one. Great day

Those of you who have bought Steem since January will be at a loss

Which was my situation exactly when I started buying STEEM. I started buying in August and September of 2016. The first major buy, STEEM was 90 cents; the second, it was at 50 cents. As oldbies know, it was on its way to 10 cents and even below.

I toughed through the losses and even bought more when it was between 15 and 20 cents. I had to wait a very long time, but I was eventually vindicated.

The same dynamic applies now. Just HODL on and give it a couple of years. Worked for me.

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I consider the money to be a bonus here. There's a good community and I make sure it's fun. Steemit is still small. When it gets huge then steem may be worth a lot more.

Sounds like you have done your homework and very convincing to me to stay in Steemit.
Only big regret is that I quit a year ago and lost out on potential of Steem and Steemit but I am back now convinced that Steemit is the future platform for me.


Publishing when Steem when prices are low, is the best decision any Blogger can make right now! You don't need to invest a single cent and beginning working on quality content. Now, would be the best time for anyone to build a social following before masses come to Steemit, another feature that amazes me is that there is financial incentives to interact with one another via Comments


Yes, I am here of course for financial Incentive too but also, flexibility of work time where I can blog 24/7 at my own time on Steemit. Amazing....why did I quit before...not sure....Any way, I am back.

Yes, I agree. Steem is a future investment


Steemit will fully flourish within 3-5 Years, it will be easy for platform like this to go Viral because has a unique value proposition that no other platform currently can offer! I have no idea what prices will be at when we onboard billions of Users. Definitely, a Long-term hold for me and those that are interested in Social Media should fall in love with Steemit because Steem's value will increase as the community get's bigger


That's right my brother. People should know about this. That's why we will continue to socialize Steemit to the villages. We do not want to succeed alone, but success together in this incredible media.

Great post

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