Steemit Update: UI change for ''Post Payout'' setting + Direct image upload for Profile & Cover photo

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Steemit developers have made some UI changes in hopes of improving the platform by making it more user friendly, so there has been few slight changes that I want to sum up in this post as part of my mission to keep track of the latest Developments. By doing so, we get to witness how a platform like Steemit changes through time to meet the growing demand of users who want to be part of a Social Network that is easy to join and participate in

It is important for any web designer to design functional sites that can easily generate interest and online traffic among the internet users, hence the community should discuss or accept changes done to UI/UX, if it allows for for more mainstream adoption

There are 2 notable changes such as:

  • Adding Post Payout under ‘’Settings’’
  • Allow for Direct Image Upload

Adding Post Payout under ‘’Setting’’

Now, you can adjust the post payout under ‘’Settings’’ with the additional options of manually adjusting the Payout for Posts & Comments


Previously, there was a custom drop-down menu available at the bottom of the page during Post Editing that allowed you to adjust the payout of the post however this option is no longer available. Now, users have to go ‘’Settings’’ if they want to adjust the Post Payout under ''Preferences''

Allow for Direct Image Upload

For user convenience, Steemit now accepts direct Image uploads under ‘’Settings’’ for the display Picture and Cover Photo


Before this, Users needed to use third-party image hosting solution to upload their Profile/Cover photo, a process that involved copying & pasting HTTPS Links under ‘’Settings’’ as explained in this Post: How to quickly setup your Steemit Profile Image using the right HTTPS Link

Additional Announcement

Apparently, there is a discussion going regarding the decline payout reward option, with the suggestion of burning rewards by sending payouts to null. With this functions, any decline post payout will result in reducing the over supply thus increasing the price in the long-run. Keep up with this proposal or feel free to join the community discussion on Github Issue 2512


More Markdown & Educational Post

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FireShot Capture 439 - SteemitGuide (@steemitguide) — Steemit - https___steemit.com_@steemitguide.png

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@steemitguide thanks for keeping us informed, information is power 💪


I agree; Information is Power 💪

Great updates @steemitguide .You should consider adding direct messaging function on the platform.


Definitely, a must have! I think they are taking their time but will likely have more changes with more mainstream adoption. Saving the best updates for later

An interesting move.

I am guessing most people didn't really change things post-to-post.

Also, with the price of SBD, the '100% Power' option hasn't been in someone's best interest, and I'm guessing very few people ever decline a payment these days.


I've been doing Steem Power for almost a year plus, i think up to 80-90% of my post are 100% Steem Power. Since 50/50% payout more, I'll likely use less 100% powerups! I do like to have more choices


I decline payout whenever I repost non-original material, such as public domain documents. I miss having the option to decline payout for such posts individually.

always inform your post , and i upvoted. thank you :)

Thank you for this. I love that we will be able to upload our own images now. I look forward to seeing more advancements in the future. I can't wait.

This is amazing and wonderful thanks for sharing this information

Wow, this is cool. I look forward for more. Thanks

Good news indeed. I really agree with burning decline payout.


Me too! It's a cool option that would impact demand & supply, essentially reducing the overall supply of Steem

Thanks a lot sharing this great valuable post...we always inform your of luck..

I much preferred having the option to select on a per-post basis what kind of payout system I wanted to use.

EDIT: As a constructive suggestion, perhaps an update with a simple "Decline Payout" checkbox would be a better improvement, along with the return of the "Upvote Post" box.

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I am a beginner and here I am getting something very interesting and knowledgeable information for me thank you so much I will wait for your next post