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Steemit is revolutionary Social Network where users can not only write posts but also share photos and videos. I’ve been posting for quite some time now and noticed that the use of visual imaginary is really important, especially when it comes to catching your audience's attention

Have You Been Paying Attention? Perhaps you noticed that there has been a shift towards visual social media content online lately, with apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest going mainstream

The emergence and power of visual platforms such as Instagram have highlighted the need for businesses to think visually, through the use photographs, slides, films, charts, or other graphic content

Did you know? To stay relevant with times, Social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter, have redesigned their news feeds to place more emphasis on visuals. Based on research alone, posting Images on Facebook tend to generate than 50% more likes than a text-based post

This means that if you’re still posting solely featuring plain written text, your overall social reach is bound to trend less as it may not attract a large enough audience to go Viral. If you're an Internet marketer or someone who wants everyone in the world to see your latest Steemit Post, then viral is a word you love.

Today, “going viral" refers to the sharing of something , however research indicates that often a Video or Photo have higher chances of actually going Viral

(Unless, you’re Celebrity on Twitter where plain Tweets can trend like no tomorrow like how Donald Trump Tweets about his political Agenda)

While Twitter's real value proposition is audience reach at lightening fast speeds, the use of Imaginary was only introduced in 2011 when users were allowed to upload Pictures, Video and GIF's

Based on official Twitter's Report, Tweets with photos from verified accounts indicate a 35% boost in Retweets, indicating the most of trending Content will feature either a Imagine or Video when compared to plain old boring Text

Twitter has come a long way since then, but it seems like almost of all the Social Media Giants, allow their Users to upload their own visual content. You can take advantage of this boost by sharing photos on Twitter, this applies to Steemit as well as I highly recommend to have at least 1 Image featured in your Post


If you don't use at least 1 image, you'll end up with no Thumbnail for your Post. Thumbnail, basically is your Display Picture when submitting a post that is featured on Steem's Social Network and practically the 1st Image your Audiences see's when browsing the ''new'' Steemit post Feed

So I kinda made it a habit to use a minimum of one image with every Steemit post. Why?

Because images speak a thousand words but the most important reason is to display kind of eye-catching Thumbnail which makes your Steemit posts look more visually appealing.

Steemit has a much more minimal design when compared to platforms like Reddit, Facebook or Twitter, this make visual content even more appealing as Users aren't bombarded by Advertisements

maxresdefault (2).jpg

You're more likely to get people to click on your Post through the use of a Thumbnail, while this is not a rule to follow for all occasions, I would definitely enforce this Rule to people planning on publishing their first ''Introduction Post''.

While it's interesting to read your Life Story in black & white, the audience will more likely appreciate see you in person as to leaving them guessing for your Identity

Also try to use High Definition Images & Graphics, as it will also compel users to share your content on their social media networks so it may help you to drive more traffic from Social media sites. It's just a really good idea to feature at least 1 piece of Content that can be visualized , but you can always go full ''Text''.

Steemit to me has a strong Minimal design, a bit of Graphics is not going to be heavy on the eyes, so make sure to utilize all this empty white space which I'm sure many of you appreciate (Some of the Worlds most popular sites like Google are practically plain White) but let's add some color to the Screen


Visual content marketing is more successful than any other form of communication and those on Steemit who embrace visual content reap the rewards of higher returns – in terms of more Followers & Readers

For those starting to blog on Steemit, it's best to follow this ''1 Image Rule for a Post'' especially if you have no Followers. This may be your best shot at going Viral on Steemit & existing Social Media's by capturing your reader's attention through the use of Visuals

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You have to source the images.



Please refrain from using #photography for posting art, posting graphics, posting other people's photos without proper attribution or explicitly stating it's not yours.

Repeated use of the #photography tag when posting other people's photos without attribution or indicating it isn't yours could be considered spam. Spam is discouraged by the community and may result in action from the cheetah bot.

If you are the photographer please reply and let us know!

If you do not tag your post with #photography tag but use images for your guide that are not yours, you should always provide clear source of each image (for example, such as the websites that we sourced).

Thank You!

More Info: Abuse Guide - 2017.

This is so helpful, thank you.