Steemit Update [ June 14th, 2022 ] : Country Representatives

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Country Representatives have been a feature of Steem now for almost two years.

In that time they have made a considerable contribution to the growth of the platform in their respective countries.

As there have been some departures over the last few months it is a good time now to review, refresh and expand the network of Country Reps around the world.

The Role of Country Representatives

The primary role of Country Reps is to support Steemians, new and old, in their country.

This can be through curation, advice and guidance, organising events and contests.

The advice and guidance part of the role is particularly important to help support and develop newcomers to the platform.

The secondary role of Country Reps is to help grow and develop Steem and Steemit in their country. This might be through public events, recruitment and general promotion.

The final, more general role, for Country Reps is to promote and support new projects and initiatives launched by Steemit Inc and Tron.

Many Country Reps also help manage and administer communities for their country. Although this is not obligatory it is something we are happy to support and reward.

Rewards for Country Representatives

All Country Representatives are given a delegation of 5000 SP. We encourage them to use this to support Steemians in their country.

Country Reps are also invited to make weekly reports which are rewarded with votes from @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02. CRs should limit their reports to one combined report per week, which should be posted in the Steem POD community.

These reports should not just be lists of people voted for in the past week. They should include details of contests, meetings or other activities they have organised in the week to support Steemians in their country. It can also cover any issues in their country, and any ideas or plans they have for promoting Steem.

CRs will also be given preferential voting support for activities and contests they organise for Steemians in their country.

For Country Reps involved in running their country community there will be some additional voting support for administration, moderation and curation activities.

Applying to be a Country Representative

As it has been some time since the last review of Country Reps we are planning to start afresh.

Existing Country Reps will need to reapply if they would like to continue in their roles.

We are also very much looking for new people to come forward to become Country Representatives - both for countries with existing Country Reps and for countries without any existing Country Reps.

Country Reps are an important part of Steem so we are keen to appoint people who demonstrate ongoing support and commitment to the platform.

People applying to become Country Reps therefore should meet the following criteria…

  • Active on the platform for at least the past 3 months
  • At least 1000 SP of their own (not delegated)
  • A reputation of at least 60
  • Live permanently in the country they want to be a Country Rep for
  • Be fluent in the main language of the country they want to be a Country Rep for
  • Have a CSI and voting pattern that clearly demonstrates that they are already supporting other Steemians in the country they want to be a Country Rep for.

Applicants should also be generally active in the wider community through curation, commenting, organising contests or other activities.

Country Reps must also not have recently powered down and they should actively support the #club system. Preference will be given to applicants who are in #club75 or #club100.

Users of bid bots or voting services will not be considered.

To apply to become a Country Representative you should make an application post showing clearly and succinctly how you meet all the criteria above.

You should also say, in no more than 200 words, why you think you would make a good Country Representative.

As well as the actual content, the quality and clarity of how your post is presented will also be taken into consideration.

Posts should clearly include in the title the name of the country you are applying for.

Application posts can be in any language. They should include the tag #countryreps2022 and your country tag in the first four tags.

We are not setting any limits at this stage for how many Country Reps will be appointed for each country.

Applications should be submitted by 11.59pm UTC, on Sunday, June 26th, 2022.

We plan to announce the successful Country Representatives by the beginning of July.

We look forward to receiving your applications.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


Greetings friend @steemitblog

Interesting news, I think it's great that new opportunities are given, I'm going to post my request.

I would like to see a rule that the Country representatives are exclusive Steemit bloggers.

Thank you very much for your effort in maintaining an environment of opportunities on the platform....,

I second that. There are still a couple of CRs who also blog on Hive.


which ones?


That's right, little friend, this initiative is very interesting, that's why I will also participate, taking advantage of the opportunity that @steeemitblog is giving us.

Many Blessings...🙏🏻

I wish I hadn't lowered the level so much by this point, I also wish I didn't have to power down half my SP.

I think this is a great opportunity for any Steemit user, especially those who work hardest, I'm sure they deserve this opportunity to show that they can help improve Steemit. I am glad to see this CR election being held again.

I wish a lot of encouragement and good luck to each user who leaves their application to be CR.

This is a very good news for us and our country because at present there is no CR from our country side. I would hope that our Indian people who are on this platform And if he follows all the terms and conditions, then he must fill this application.

At last very thankful to Steemit Team.

It is the best time I was waiting for . Time for me to prove myself on this platform and make my Steemit proud!

Venezuela counts with me✌🏻 improving my weak points and preparing my postulation

apoyo total para usted lider

Saludos amigos de @steemitblog
Interesante información para todos.
Una buena oportunidad para presentar mi solicitud.
Excelente trabajo realizado.


Banner Saludos y hasta pronto - copia.jpg

An opportunity to see new faces, I hope many steemians apply and show their progress on this platform.
For Colombia I will be preparing my application.

It's an opportunity to hard workers who plays a vital role to our country growth and steem growth .
I m not follows all terms and conditions but some of my friends from India they follows all the rule and i think they should made application for CR of India 🇮🇳 .

Wooow, what a great update from steemit team. It's time some Countries have CR and other countries have added CR because of how the communities have grown so far and how some CR had long stepped down from their positions

I wish all the applicants best of lucks in this application

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