Updates: Design and Security

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New homepage layout

We've been busy synthesizing community feedback and designing ways to improve Over the next few weeks, we'll be rolling out a series of changes to the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI).

To kick things off, we've started a series of small improvements to the homepage which are explained below by our Head of Design, Pon Kattera:

Putting people first

We've included the author's profile picture alongside each blog post. It's the people within our community that makes Steemit special and we hope this small change helps to deepen the connection between you and your fans.

Improve the scannability of each blog post and separate the key actions

We changed the layout of the post summary. By separating the author and timestamp from the key user actions (like upvote and reblog), it's now easier to quickly scan posts with elements in predictable, consistent places.

A picture is worth a thousand words

We've built a new expanded blog view layout. This gives you another more visual layout to browse posts. There is a toggle so you can quickly switch between the compressed and expanded views.

A new right sidebar on desktop

Yes, it does look a little lonely out there right now but this new structure sets us up for some new content items currently in development.

Design is never done.

In this period while we're testing new designs and rolling out changes, there are some visual inconsistencies scattered across the site. We're acutely aware of this and we’re working hard to unify the design and make it better.


Improving security

The following pull requests help make condenser ( more secure.

Accidental private key sharing

Pull request 1763 added a warning to users who accidentally paste their private keys in the memo field when doing a wallet transfer.

Malicious link warnings

Pull request 1839 will prevent malicious links from being clickable and will show the actual URL behind them. The text will be changed to red to warn users. Any link where the actual URL does not match the URL that is being displayed will be changed.

You will now see something like this:

Instead of:

Pull request 1822 added a warning to the wallet history to caution users about potentially malicious links that may be sent as wallet transfer memos.

Change to hide-post logic

Pull request 1838 updated the logic to show and hide posts so that any user’s post can be hidden if it receives enough downvotes. Previously users with a reputation of 65 or higher were exempt from being hidden. This will prevent malicious users from being able to use a hijacked level 65+ reputation account to post links without being hidden by downvotes.

Other changes

  • “Submit a Story” was changed to “Post” in pull request 1768.

  • Pull request 1808 updated the “Claim Rewards” button so that users know it is in progress, and cannot click it a second time while it is still working.

  • The user profile page that users see if they view their own blog when they haven’t made any posts yet was updated to have new links. (Pull request 1785)

  • Pull request 1787 ensures that hashtags found in a post are only added to the categories if they don't exceed the limit of five. This will prevent users from getting a validation error if they use more than five hashtags in the post body. #fun #hashaway

  • Links were added to the main menu for "The Steemit Shop" and the "Steem Bluepaper" (Pull request 1724).

  • Pull request 1804 made several updates to the FAQ page to clarify the stolen account recovery process.

More to come

The recent changes to are the first of many that we will be making to the website layout over the coming months, so stay tuned and Steem On!

Team Steemit


I'm really glad about this level of communication, for a while it felt you guys were like:


Different jobs, different roles, different priorities.

Lol! Well I'm glad you no longer feel that way! 😁

Community Liaison, Steemit

No actually quite happy with the Steemit team, I have massive respect for you guys, pioneers of disruptive technologies managing a community of non-tech users accustomed to the look and feel of maturized social media platforms that have +10 years of R&D invested already.

Still thought the comic was funny.

Also their's a difference between the front-end and server developers.

The people who work on the uierinterface, aren't nececairly the same people that work on the server, neither are those people working on the block-chain tech.

the stability of the network is most likely not the responsibility of the people who work on the UI.

LOL, LMAO!! So true, but I hope after this update post, it changes, and they rather throw out the new logo guy!!


LOL, LMAO!! So true, but I hope after this update post, it changes, and they rather throw out the new logo guy!!

Well I, for one, think the changes are absolutely beautiful. I'm really, really excited to see what you guys have planned for the future. Pon, I want to personally thank you and your team for the awesome work you've put in. I'll admit that when I heard a new design team would be making changes to the site I was worried. It's such a make or break moment for a platform like Steemit - it has to be beautiful and appealing or nothing else matters. So great work, and looking forward to seeing the new as it rolls out over the next few weeks up to years end!

I wish to request a Compressed view. Well, a truly compressed view. I have seen this come up time and again in discussions with the most active curators on Steem. Many curators have noted that the new UI is actually a step back from the previous one in terms of information density and discoverability. Curators have a unique need, which these changes currently ignore. Something akin to Reddit would be a boon for curators who scan through hundreds, if not thousands of posts, every day.

Of course, I'm aware most casual curators (i.e. regular users) don't care, but given that there are two view options already, I don't see a drawback to adding a third for an important group of people who shape the content on this network.

Part of the post summary redesign was to create markup that would enable us to create different layout views in the future with simple CSS changes. The truly compressed view for curators was definitely a part of our thinking for this structural change.

Before designing a truly compressed view, I'd love more insights from curators in the community. For example, do you want exactly the same information to be displayed, but more compressed? Is there information in the summary that we could remove without affecting your ability to quickly curate?

For me, current information is necessary, except maybe that brief summary could be shorter, but make everything more compressed with lots of posts in the view, so that I can browse through them more quickly.

We might be able to do without the picture (included with the post) or even the brief summary under the title. The things that absolutely cannot go are the title and poster. I'd say everything else is pretty negotiable, depending on how much more screen real estate is freed compared to what was removed.

Great! Is there any other information that we're not providing that would be useful?

The preview pictures also make very bandwidth hungry. Keeping in mind that much of our user base comes from regions where internet data is at a premium, a compressed view that does not display or preload pictures would be very helpful.

Pack more posts within a single view. Reddit is pretty good in that sense. Loving the design update btw @pkattera!

The author's name on trending page and blog needs to return where they were. When reading the trending page, logic wants it that we look at post's title first and then possibly look at the author's name.

The way the author's name are displayed in relation to the post's titles make it appear as if it's the author's name that is being published. Titles are being published not author's name. The intents of authors are being published and transmitted in the post's title first and foremost. This is were the reader's mind should be drawn first and very unequevically. This is where the novelty is and intention are being conveyed.

A lot of what we see is being picked up and process by our brain unconsciously first. The way we design and display things mean something.

Right now the display seems to mean that what is being published are the author's name. When our brain understand it's the titles that are published and we have to make a constant effort to look at the titles first, our brain is constantly telling itself "Don't look at the elephant" so to speak and that's pretty much impossible. Our brain have millions of years of evolution of constant analyzation of what it is faced with. It's been annoying me to the point I instantaneously switch from steemit to when the new design came out.

Also I totally agree with @liberosist post about the number of titles display on a page. And I feel like this need mentioning, I browse Reddit ever day for more than an hour for many years on end now and I almost never look at any author's name.

Reddit is the top 8 most visited website on the internet the most similar website to Steem in the top 20 probably top 100 and not matter what some people think about its designed, it still hasn't prevent it to be as popular as it is. In my opinion Reddit is really well designed, simple yet efficient.

I look forward to sharing with steemit more of my ideas and understanding about how I see things on the subject, pun intended.

That's great to hear! Now that we have your ear, I have made a more detailed post about it here -

Please leave your feedback.

Great – thanks for taking the time do this! I'll leave my comments your post.

This is a great point, but I kinda want to chime in here. I'm not exactly a curateur extraordinaire (I know it's probably not how you say it in French... it should be, though) but I would very much like to see such an option to help make browsing authors, especially new authors, easier. I think the community in general would benefit from this.

I'm not exactly a curateur extraordinaire (I know it's probably not how you say it in French... it should be, though)

In as much as the word "curator" that we are using here does not have the usual meaning (1. A person who manages, administers or organizes a collection or 2. One appointed to act as guardian of the estate of a person), there is no reason to not use the word curateur with a new meaning in French.

So curateur extraordinaire or extraordinaire curateur seems very good to me.

I like this guy! Somebody crack open the bubbly, a new phrase is now in circulation on Steemit.

I like it!

Community Liaison, Steemit

Ok. What of the problems with commenting and upvoting. What is the latest dev about them?

Hey @yaanivapeji we discuss this in our last post, I'll include the relevant portion here for your convenience: "The Steemit development team takes any issue that impacts the usability of the website very seriously. We have multiple performance monitors in place, which are running on the website 24/7, and we are alerted instantly if the site ever goes down. We track many metrics that inform us of how long things are taking as users are interacting with the website. We know when there are issues. We also appreciate the many alerts that we receive from users when they notice something that could be wrong. We may not always communicate publicly about every challenge we face, but you can rest assured that we are actively working to resolve all issues as quickly as possible."

Thanks for your feedback!

Community Liaison, Steemit

That would belong in the dev blog. Also, this post seems to be mostly about aesthetic functionality more than the gears of the system, so to speak.

I'm liking the changes so far!

I'd love to see an improvement where I can categorize posts within my own blog. Not sure if that's in the plans or not?

Here's to that idea. We need some deep improvements when it comes to managing our blogs. I mean, at the moment, the only way to get to a post you made months ago is to scroll through every single post you made between now and then. Categories and a good archive calendar would be freaking awesome!

It's great that you are improving things but here is my 2 cents worth so far.

The site still doesn't work and I still can't vote so I'm using Steem Stage.

The tag list would be better on the right hand side where it used to be, and could be combined with the links area.

Both of those things are a total waste of space and could be drop down menus.

I often look at Steemit on my tablet and the bad use of space is a real issue on a tablet.

What I want to see is the entire first line of the post, as I could before.

And what I want to be able to do is comment and vote with no spinning wheel. On Steem Stage I can, but on Steemit I still cant.

Only thing I miss on Steem Stage is all the Steemit More Info stuff.

I'm excited for what's coming. I'm liking those changes @pkaterra

Accidental private key sharing
Pull request 1763 added a warning to users who accidentally paste their private keys in the memo field when doing a wallet transfer.

Will this also work for accidentally copy-paste key here in the reply section?

Especially happy the see some of the security warnings... sadly, they seem more and more relevant these days. And-- as Steemit continues to grow-- more and more people will ill intent will swoop in here and try various scams and schemes to separate the unaware from their wallets.

Well done - I like it so far :)

Hi @steemitblog and @steemitdev. After several hours trying to get the active key of my account, I got do it using a little trick to get it: change from spanish to english. At the end is a good solution for me because I dislike a lot the spanish translation made in the new interface.
But my comment is intended to inform you that in the spanish version, when you try to get your active key or any other change that you want to do in your account that needs your keys, are not working properly because the buttons got stuck and does not makes anything at all.
Also, you can not change only the language because the buttom does not get activated if you do not change anything else in the rest of the information.
It should be fixed as soon as possible because this is a imprecindible function...

"new expanded blog view layout" - I love this change the most!
But I dislike the fact it doesnt remember my preference.

I love the new expanded post views, but the upvote and comments that never post gets old fast. We’re counting on you, you make us proud. Keep up the great work guys!

Love to hear that #design is never done. I'm putting a post together about designing the blockchain. To bring these complex technologies to the masses, we need simple and beautiful interfaces. The updates are a nice addition, thanks!

Pull Request 1839 - could the actual URL be a different colour than the puported URL? It would make them easier to tell apart. Great idea otherwise.

Some other good things on the go, but the instability of the site really has to be the most important. I was wondering if the new Steemit extension is being used by lots of people and that is slowing things down. If a bunch of back end info that previously wasn't being accessed all the time IS now being shown all the time, by a lot of users, could this create the problems we're all getting very frustrated with?


Over the next few weeks, we'll be rolling out a series of changes to the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)

Can we expect the communities feature within this timeframe as well?

Hallo! I need on page /followed to add som comment to my frends!

Amazing work. Am loving all these beautiful tweaks! And improved security warnings. I had to learn the hard way ;)

Great what I have seen so far. Would be amazing to have a list of favourite topics on the home page GUI :)

Keep up the great work

Great what I have seen so far. Would be amazing to have a list of favourite topics on the home page GUI :)

Keep up the great work

Awesome! I wish that clicking on a tag/hashtag would take you to the /new page for that group instead of the /trending page.

Thank you kindly for the updates. love the new changes.
I was thinking we should add
to the links. i just discovered it last night! steem rocks!

I love the new security features. The best thing ever.

Great changes, thank you.

That's WONDERFUL that you would tell us.
it' would have been even nicer if you'd have told us


like a week or two ago

Great changes, thank you.

That's WONDERFUL that you would tell us.
it' would have been even nicer if you'd have told us


like a week or two ago

Hey guys, thanks for the hard work and for keeping us updated!

I like the new design overall; only the square "Post"-button looks somewhat out of place next to the round profile picture.

By the way, have you considered implementing the option to adjust the post-thumbnails? I think this would be a super useful feature.

I agree. The post button in its current position between the other icons feels a bit awkward right now. As a core platform action, it needs to stand out within it's own space. We'll work on that.

I'd also like more control over how thumbnails within the post summary display. A custom UI for users to precisely choose the thumbnail would be great for those of us who care about pixel perfection.

Great job, guys.

In case you're looking for additional ideas, I was wondering if you might consider something. If users are writing software that repeatedly polls the server with time-consuming requests (e.g., retrieve all recent posts in channel x), it may increase system-wide performance if we offered an API to register for notifications (e.g., the user's software registers once for notifications upon start-up, and then the server sends it a notification when there is a new post). This would cut down considerably on server network traffic, web service requests, database requests, and CPU cycles).

Please understand that my goal is not to make bot development more convenient. Rather, my goal is to avoid situations where several bots are making repeated server requests, only to dump most of the retrieved data on the floor, and then repeating that over and over.

One idea would be to make a list of the typical bots that people are using (I've seen quite a few in tutorials written in user posts), and then perform an analysis to see which type of server request is wasting the most resources. That would be the best candidate for developing a notification.

It's just a suggestion. I've seen some serious performance issues over the last couple of days, so I think it might be a good idea to start a conversation on ideas to improve.

Interesting idea. For suggestions like this we love it when people submit PRs on github.

Community Liaison, Steemit

Cool. I'd be happy to write it up. Can you point me to the URL for the github repo? I'm still a minnow newb trying to figure things out.

good job. so much has been done recently.
as you mentioned design is never done and so too is the job of protection. 😎

Oh wow I love seeing ALL of these meticulous updates! Anyway we can speedup the process of more updates happening faster? Can we upvote posts that can go to paying for more employees? Any groups on steemit we can support ? Is there any sort of discord chat like with people like @inertia that we can discuss new possible upgrtades with? Do people hangout on the Steemit Github tio propose new canges like the ones listed here?

UI think theer is room for a lot of new suggested changes and I lovethese chnges... I would love to see more changes like this every week! I love seeing more and more and more updates like this every week or as mch as posiuble!

Steem at $10 by Christmas COULD happen guys... new updates p[partnerships with big social media stars, new steemit officla apps new features all combined could rocket steem up to $10 easily! If we got just a few big investors to bring millions of followers from traditional social media, we could start seeing steem moon like any other crypto currency!

Look how ethereum went from $1 to $300 this year ina matter of months, well steem can do that too... steem needed time to incubate, but now that it HAS incubated its READY for big investors!

I totally agree! STEEM is about to take off... Funny because I've been thinking about STEEM at $10 by year end too ☺

I am loving what I am seeing here today! Real solutions that old grandmas like me can understand!

Getting better day after day, satisfying the quest of users! Glad to see that there are also hidden enhancements that took place apart from those that fast noticeable.

I appreciate the improvements.

good job. so much has been done recently.
as you mentioned design is never done and so too is the job of protection. 😎

Good to see that you guys are working more on website design, however, these updates seem to bring some issues as well. Like if I comment on any post, it keeps on loading and when I refresh, my comment seems to be posted.

I can see a post thrice on my wall with same content, I guess the author had the same issue, she refreshed again and again without knowing that her post was actually posted!

@steemitblog on the right sidebar you can add links like,, and everything which is related to steem :)

I love it.

Shared for others!

You can find Russian version of this post HERE

Awesome stuff!!!!!!!!!
Super EXCITED!!!!!!

Anyone please check out d.Tube
It is a (woking !) platform just like YouTube but completely decentralized using Steemit + IPFS for hosting the videos.
It is such a great platform but doesn´t get the attention it deserves by @prc is gonna get the attention it deserves Son people like Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars will HAVE to use Dtube when Youtube gives him his third content strike! if people who get banned from youtube start googling "Decentralized Youtube" or "Blockchain version of Youtube" they will end up finding Dtube in the google search results. In fact we should organize a campaign like a Google Bomb to get Dtube to come up as the top search results when people search for "Youtube alternative" we should really find ways to allow url and description pop up as a search result for people looking for ways to avoid using youtube, which is a HUGE market honestly for people looking for a Youtube Replacement .. a place where you cannot get censored is what people will eventually look for and Dtube is already coming u in searches... lets help Dtube become associated with alll the big search keywords used by frustrated Victims of youtube's abusive censorship policies.

DTube isn't working with Safari or Firefox on Mac. So it isn't a real alternative. (Although a good idea.)

Try Chrome or Brave. Safari wont work with any BLockchain technology bc Apple but firefox bugs should be fixed soon

This is simply not true. I tried and it worked instantly.

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