is now Open Source

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We are happy to announce that is now fully open source and available on github.

The License

Copyright (c) 2016 Steemit, Inc., and contributors.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person 
obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation 
files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, 
including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, 
publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, 
and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, 
subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be 
included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


Security Bounty

If you discover a security sensitive bug in the code, please contact us at [email protected] so we can quickly patch the vulnerability. Those who bring us these issues will be well compensated. Thank you for helping make a better platform for all.


Another big step forward into world domination. :)

thanks @steemitblog @dan, i think it needs community support to make steemit better than others, we all support it and delighted with this information

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@steemitblog @dan
This is good news, I saw where all can help to support the full development of future steemit

definitely. steem is a revolutionary vision of the future of the web. get rewarded for your effort in the web in money!

This will drive the price of steem down in the future.

Bitcoin is open source and I believe has been from day 1. There are countless clones and the reason the clone coins haven't surpassed BTC is because they don't solve a problem that Bitcoin has. The ones that have thrived have done something else.

Same goes for Steem, someone just can't copy and paste the code and, viola, make a brand new Successful social coin. Early bird gets the worm. Having Steem as open source will only encourage people to check and modify the code to make it better.

Price of Steem will rise and fall based on the merits of its utility beyond its current speculation phase. Having it open source can only help.

Steem has been open source all the time. This announcment is about the Steemit website code. :-)

Ooopsie, well I'll take the money and run. :/

Sorry about that guys didn't mean to spread disinformation about Steem code. But on a side note, Steem would be nothing without In fact correct me if I'm wrong the two could not exist without each other so open sourcing one without the other is in essence not open sourcing the entire project.

Anyway the above is great news.

The crypto-economization of the social spheres, in my view is in it's earliest phaze of adoption/integration. Communities come in many flavors . Did that chinese steemit-like site (yoyow) ever launch?

Steemit was inspired by reddit, but instead of cultivating a non-monetary reputation based ecosystem (karma), Dan and Ned decided to go for the money. Which makes $ense. I like to think of 'crypto-economization' as a feature that can be interwoven throughout a community. The same is true with socialization itself. The opportunity to socialize is just another feature that has been encoded and made available for a cluster of nodes to engage with. There will be many 'steemit-like' portals (crypto-economized ecosystems.) Just like there are now many sixdegrees-like social spheres.

That said, steemit is going to be a massive success. Especially the more decentralized and distributed it becomes.

@coinz yes Each cryptocurrency here is to solve a specific problem and thus running eg golem, maidsafe coin, etc

In my view it will encourage further innovation that Steemit can use and benefit from. It will also inspire confidence in the website code/ security. Not to mention spark healthy competition. Very good move.

To be fair to the guy the codebase could be shit.
But it is a good move and does inspire confidence.

Wouldn't really matter much at this point given the amount of people on the platform already. 97% of the users wouldn't be able to say whether or not the codebase could be shit. Most are here to write.

why is that?

Same question. I don't see the reason

does the person commenting realize Red-hat is a billion dollar company that is opensource and Microsoft t is going opensource for much of there code oh and bitcoin is opensource so... his comment seems misguided IMHO.

No one can fork the Steem blockchain without persmission from Steemit Inc..

The Steem blockchain code retains no permission to fork without written permission from Steemit Inc..

They’ve entirely open sourced the source code, but apparently the Steem blockchain remains under the control of Steemit Inc..


Why would it? Open source has never been a problem for other major players. Why do you think Android has been so successful?

it really because of open source

lol yea, the same way that Bitcoin price will plummet because of open source.
Hmm yea maybe its true without Bitcoin open source there would not be steem, so people would not switch from Bitcoin to steem :)
But who knows what the future brings. The only thing I know is, that diversity is very very good. Every monoculture / single currency will always fail, so its good to have more currencies :)

NXT was closed source, then the source was opened... ... not saying it is the same case, but if that is what you are looking for...

You do realize Red-hat is a billion dollar company that is opensource and Microsoft t is going opensource for much of there code oh and bitcoin is opensource so...

how you mean.

Why do you make this argument ?

I completely disagree. This site is far more valuable to me thanks to open-sourcing. I believe I am not the only one who will be more dedicated thanks to a transparent community model.

(And honestly I'd build it differently anyway...)

Excellent. This will help STEEM scale to new heights!

The open source movement is slowly exposing many of the flawed arguments of the pro-IP crowd. For that alone I am grateful!

Nice! Developers can now use this to brainstorm new ideas and projects that build off the same platform. The development of steemit based Facebooks, Twitters, and etc. will surely accelerate. Great news!

If(steemit == "opensource"){
console.log("I am happy");

Congratulations, is a great post!

Do you like it?:

Wow. Good job!

The Steem blockchain code retains no permission to fork without written permission from Steemit Inc..

They’ve entirely open sourced the source code, but apparently the Steem blockchain remains under the control of Steemit Inc..

What was it licensed as previously?

It was closed source (the website).

Incredibly forward thinking to go Open Source.

thank you @dan and @ned for this great platform! you're doing a great job!

Oh! Sweet little pie of wonderfully written code. React and Redux, Node and Koa.... I would read it just to learn how to be better developer!

perfect, good project

Completely unexpected. Doubly awesome...

Alas, I am too busy steeming to actually fork it.

Awesome! It's amazing just how open everything is.

I wonder if this will lead to alternate websites? Maybe like Linux distros?

The question is would you trust your login-info to a third-party site that may offer similar functionality but may be a scam to steal your funds?

No, I wouldn't at this time, but I'm sure they will have a solution to secure that aspect. The blockchain security looks promising, though I don't know how that will be implemented open source?

SteemIt distros of Disqus like add-ons to websites.(You know, the comments section) Is what I was thinking, just answering your "?"

No, no, I meant LIKE Linux distros. So there could be many distros of the website.

But yeah, maybe someone can develop a Linux distro too :)

Woohoo! I'm really happy to see this.

My only gripe is the lack of commit history - will that be addressed in the future? The fact that all changes are bunched up in "initial commit" makes it hard for people to see how the site evolved and why things are the way they are today. It also makes regression testing not possible :( .

I thought it already was?

steemd blockchain client ( was open sourced but not website

Would I trust a third-site for accessing steem? I don't know... these things involving money require a certain level of trust... But it's a good thing that the code can be seen and improved so that we can have UI upgrades.

Nice compilation of info, Thank you !

Finally, check all the issues people opened please!

We do check it, but obviously we have a long list of issues to sort through. Hopefully people can provide pull requests to fix minor issues.

Wonderful! @dan I will see how I can help!
Edit: Just made 1st pull request -- adding a button the internal market on cancelling orders.

Thanks @steemitblog @dan, Look at this, I'm sure steemit more developed for future later ..
good job !!!

..then referrals should be open too

wow thats great! Just today I wished for that! I must be in haven :)

This is not talking about the protocol. It is about the website. This is very smart because it will allow people to build off of it. We will see quick improvements to the UI, etc, and the experience overall. In the end, this will greatly improve STEEM value.

This is good or bad news? :)

Good news, now there can be other sites just like steemit "mining" steem and getting rewards, that could benefit all of us and make the steem value go up!

I've been learning coding recently, this will be a great chance to look over code I am interested in.

And bug bounty will be like a double bug bounty, steemit reward you then post about it and probably get more

This is great news. Thank you. Would like to see more steemit sites around the globe so that adoption might take really a huge step forward.

To the moon. :)

Best news! This a big step in Steemit! Lots of new apps or dapps coming along !

This will increase the price of Steem as it will draw more attention in the market.

Very cool and looking forward to more updates!

It's not all about the price of Steem going up! :)

OPEN SOURCE! This is so awesome. WE ARE EVOLVING!!
I can't wait to see what world-changing things come from a move like this. We've got some incredibly talented people here who can really take this platform to a new level.
Up, up, and away, folks. :)

If someone decides to set up a Steemit clone , can they use Steam as currency?

Yes, that's the beauty of it, technically you can go now and make like a "steemit" clone, change the name and logo and use it just as steemit to create and earn a bit doing so.

steem is only available on the steem blockchain

Sure. is just a block explorer.

Great step for steemit! I see this bringing in new people in great numbers to websites like steemit generating awareness to the cryptocurrency world in general. Good going Steem Team!! Lucky to be here! Cheers :)

Steemit will be more innovative than ever. The users who powered down or are inactive will kick themselves when its price skyrockets. Github and steemit both are platforms that encourage sharing great content instead of hoarding it.

This is phenomenal news!

I can't wait to look into how you guys built this awesome platform that seemingly takes up a lot of my time these days.

Hi @Klye, would you be available to help me build a niche based site using this platform?

Swamped at the moment but perhaps in the future

Ok, thank you for the reply. Do you have any friends that could use some work? Looking to launch this new site ASAP. Got 3 million facebook fans that I want to get into this platform, but need the site to be only content related to the niche. Compared to the overall clone I built that pulls all of Steemit posts in.

I am surprised. Thank you very much to the devs! It took some courage without a doubt. It's nice to learn the full code of a commercially successful blockchain startup.

Nice! I am a programmer and perhaps I can begin developing apps which use steem, like some game sites and possibly a marketplace. Like a steembay lol. It is good to see that they have made the source code open source, as independent programmers will be able to contribute to steem through github.

This will definitely make steem better in the long run as well as make it much more secure. I am looking forward to perusing the source code and seeing how it works.

Thank you for making Steemit a truly transparent and decentralized community!.

wow! PR accepted? good @steemitblog 8]

what ?!! Why? I can't believe you're that cool, it creates competition, but it means you must truly believe your investments in Steem will pay out. Awesome, thanks.

Steem should be decentralized. That's the value of Steem.
Steem is not yet another Facebook.

Think big!

Ohhhhhhh man :D

This should be fun :)

Great step Guys. making it open source will actually help in stabilizing the platform as well as the currency.

BSD license. Good. I'm not a huge fan of it, but it has its place and this is definitely an example of where it should be used.

CMake. Good. The GNU tools for configuring and building have been superseded - largely through inadequate maintenance and lots of cruft. CMake isn't perfect, way too much logic in one program, but again this is a perfect example of where you would want to use it.

C++ files. Interesting. Those who are into bug bounty hunting might want to check US CERT's website for advised security practices with C++. I don't really see enough natively-compiled code to worry too much, but if you want to grab bounties then I'd start with the simplest part and work out.

Freshmeat - damn, Freecode - is dead, so I can't add this to the vast array of projects I used to monitor and front-page. However, consider the repository tagged.

This news should be sent to Slashdot.

YAY! Open Source. But can someone take the code and make another type of steem?

could bring faster improvements to the website. What you can do etc. See your favorites faster, sorting etc.
Great! Will help alot.

Wow. Thanks to the developer team. We gonna see steemit-lite or steemit-dark,but that is good right! More competitor, more developing. Always room for improvement!

Man..someone please fork it and make steem-porn. Can't wait for it!

I have domain of . Maybe suitable. would be better I think.

No need to fork it. Just create a front end which focuses on NSFW and erotic content.

So who tried to build the thing ?
I tried on Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS with no success yet, it appears to need a OSX library .... fsevents, and I don't know to desactivate this ....

Any place, forum to discuss about those issues ?

Fsevents is Mac OS/X's equivalent of Linux' inotify. I can't find any abstraction library to hide which API is being used, which is annoying as a lot of software uses fsevents. If both could be hidden behind a POSIX API, everyone would be happy and the software developers could live happily ever after. A portability library could be developed by Steem and used by their software, but it should really be external to Steem the engine so that everyone could use it.

@artakan @alfar did you solve this FSevents problem I'm facing the same here, on a linux Arch
any help ?

Isn't having to use your owner key on your online device a vulnerability? What about your active key without 2FA?

Nice. We are at the birth of a new paradigm. Congratulations to all those get to witness it.

Great! I will make for readers from different countries!

I just bought these domains today!

This will make Steem really decentralized!

now you're thinking, it may be necessary to create your own chain for various reasons, but less profitable for some time

, but there are advantages to keeping all in one

Seems like a logical move now that piston.web is out.


Very good news.Open source is the way to go.

Well! I am sure that with the talent that there are in steemit many persons will do big things with this initiative.
I want to see the impact that has and since it makes grow to steemit!


40,000 members? Hey Bitcoin Reddit only has around 183,000 members. Steemit is already bigger than Ethereum which has only 19,263 members.

Great! This totally changes the article I was working on about Steemit and the wonderful whales...

wait, there's an open source key on my keyboard!

Lets play this great game on Steemit platform great news.

This is really awesome, a very important step.
Thank you!

Keep up the good work!

Is there an official thread or #hashtag on here for Steemit feature suggestions?
.. or is Github the place for that?

"No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider."- Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act

What a great news! Developers in open source community are really committed to what they're doing since they are not part of corporate cultures, and not running after money. They share their ideas by letting users to access the source code and debugging tools. I'm confident that will improve the quality and stability of this fantastic platform.

Great! Wait for alpha version

Finally! ;-)

Very exciting news!!!! Steemit is making history by welcoming the new era of Blockchain technology!

Awesome! I've been waiting for this! This will hype the price up for a couple of days, but worth it. Every day there's hellaton progress in the steem community! Love this intensely! can't wait to check the code out and look for vulnerabilities to report :-)!

I have no idea what this means but the fact that you do is awesome!

i thought it being open source. if this is the new case . then lets do it

I have zero idea of what this means or how it will affect me. I feel so untechy.

Nice,very better.

Do you realize what that means ? That is a major news !!!
But it raises a few questions:

  1. How will we know we are on a legitimate Steem site, and that our login and private key won't be harvest ?
  2. Will the name Steem will dissapear, as you can use the steem blockchain and have a totally different UI

So many questions, I am very excited to see all these new developments.

Excellent, time for the devs to make this thing bulletproof!

Great news! :))

Great news, now the people who made awesome websites with stats, and everything can bring their work to help build a better platform

Ok, let's make our own steemit then !

Could you help me do this? I have a large niche audience I'd like to build a Steemit for, but lack the technical skills to accomplish that goal.

👍Thanks for information, success always steemit

A bold move. Congratulations.

Thank you for the great work that you are doing.

Awesome! This means that anybody can improve steemit! Pull requests are welcomed, right?



Open Source it is great!

We need an API

Great news.
This is an increased responsibility for all of us using Steemit :)

I am a huge fan of open source software where security issues can be discovered quickly and fixed! Very smart move.

Is the back end open source too?

About the impact on price will talk in a year.

I installed it local here, but how do I create an account? Facebook and Reddit doesn't work local.