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Hello Steemians, is back up as are all of Steemit’s nodes. Over the weekend the chain halted due to a bug in the curations reward curve that was unrelated to the previous halt or the delegation bug. While all services have been restored, and operations appear stable, we wanted to take this opportunity to fill you in on what occurred. A more thorough investigation will be conducted and more information will be shared after our next retrospective.

We were able to develop a patch which did not necessitate a hardfork, however, it did require a replay of our nodes which are used by and other Steem applications like Steem Monsters. Witnesses upgraded using the patch and resumed block production on September 2nd at 06:26:42 UTC. Around 13:00:00 UTC on September 3rd Steemit and the Steemit API services were restored after replays were completed.

The Bug

The bug was especially resistant to detection because the problem was not with the mathematics backing the curation reward curve, but subtleties in the integer based approximation of a square root. The bug was the result of a subtle behavior in the new curation rewards curve that lead to votes being able to have a curation reward weight of -1, which when stored in an unsigned field resulted in a computed value of 2^64 - 1.

When paid out, these votes were attempting to receive trillions in STEEM. This was caught by other assertions which instructed the blockchain to halt block production and prevent the unintended behavior from impacting any reward distribution.

The Fix

The new release creates a floor for the curation reward weight in such cases to 0. This can only happen when votes are allocating very few rshares and would not receive a reward, so forcing the value to 0 will not impact how rewards are allocated.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We will be conducting a retrospective and sharing the results of that retro on @steemitblog, so if you would like to learn more about this incident and what we have learned from it, be sure to follow this account.

The Steemit Team


OldSteem went out fighting, much how it lived.

It's NewSteem time! Let's thrive.

mister whatsup , in new steem whales are downvoting even good post who not agree. not everyone's thinking is same. every people have a own definition of good post. That's why they downvoting own way. some days ago my friend get downvote and when she asked to downvoter that why you downvoted me then he answered that your post is not related to crypto , post only crypto related topics LOL.

Your friend was likely using the wrong tags and misunderstood the flags. :)

This is in the nature of downvotes: they are misleading and are usually perceived as offensive and unfair. Nobody likes to see a red flag or disappear his comment half invisible. This is always followed by an emotional reaction. If you want it to be emotional, this is of course the best method.

Instead of misunderstanding, one could also choose an alternative method. Usually it costs more time and energy. If you want to be fast, you won't take the time to look for alternatives.

However, I would think there is no such thing as "wrong tags", because the categories are freely selectable. I can decide which tag I take for what. Only because someone is perhaps cheeky and places his topic to adopt the methods of advertising for himself, he does not deserve a downvote. Is my opinion. Those who are bothered by someone using a "wrong tag" can safely ignore the content after all. The policy at @steemstem says exactly this: You can post under the "steemstem" or "science" tag, but whether you are perceived or read is a completely different matter.

I think everyone has the intelligence to recognize when a tag is a phoney and decide whether or not to pay attention to the content.

If you would like to use a platform that has eliminated downvotes you really should go check out

If you want to earn Steem, we have to have a way to curb abuse. So, if the downvotes are too much for everyone to handle I guess we should just pay all the inflation back to stakeholders and take the financial end out of this entirely.

I still haven't made up my mind what I use this platform for and if money making is my first goal (guess not). The place here has many different faces and they appear according to what the people make of it. I came here for blogging purposes and thought that being voted on my blogs are an interesting thing to experience. I heard a lot about decentralization and saw it probably as an inspiring and interesting field of experimentation. Went through the usual ups and downs. Learned a lot.

I've got some ideas how abuse was rising within a system in the first place and how it could be lessened in the long term. I favor an indirect approach which I explain on my blog.

Never been on - so there is no downvoting?

They eliminated downvotes entirely. It's been messy for them

Very appropriate. This ought to and should be done expeditiously!!

Someone pretty smart worked this out!(hope they got a beer)...Still, it does seem the kind of thing that should have been picked up on the testnet?
-is there a key reason it wasn't spotted, are you improving the test environment to pick this kind of thing up moving forward?

This is very necessary! Thanks for bringing it to their notice!!

Thanks for digging the Steem Grave a bit dipper. Great Job Team!

Thank you for the update. I am glad the new steem is back

Thx for the update. I think the next hardfork needs a better Testnet testing and also the time for a complete replay should be optimized, maybe by introducing checkpoints that can be loaded more quickly than replaying the whole blockchain.

After having some replays I'd love to see some way to get faster replays. Great suggestion :)

Impressed by how quickly the bug was detected and a fix provided considering the time of the week this happened. Creds to Justin and Vandeberg in particular for providing a solution.

After sleeping till 3pm today to catch up after a marathon of ensuring our own witness got up and running asap, I can't help but respect the shit out of everyone else who was present over the last 48hours.

They really did work their butts off! Steemit is so fortunate to have such a dedicated team!

We shall all respect the hard-working and firm people in our lives.

But Action inflicts Reaction, that is one of the basic rules of the universe.

Someone had to frick up at first - testing is not a light task! Testing in important projects can take up to 40% of the time, not in this last HF. Don't do that again!

I read your comment and it's right to cheer at firefighter, but in this case... some of them might have also been the ones seeding the fire! That is not ok.

I'm ready for #newsteem to take my body.

HF21 sucks bigtime, but was somewhat expected. HF22 seemed okay, but was unexpected downtime. What are we calling this latest one? Not HF23, but... "the 48 hour can't-divide-by-zero surprise patch"?

50 years.png

Really not on a roll, from what I've seen. A lot of people seem pretty ticked off at how things continue to go here. Unexpected downtime is a definite hard limit for so many people. Investors are mad, content-creators are mad, developers are mad, and the public is avoiding this place like the plague. We're developing a really terrible reputation, and I kind of understand why. This place may have been able to rest on its groundbreaking programming in 2016, but the years are ticking by and we've gone nowhere but downhill (and slightly sideways) since then. We need to do better. We had such potential!

That madness you talk about is from my point of view not necessary. Systems do change on long terms and that needs patience and calmness. Seems, you think that, too?

I tried several times to propose alternative mechanisms - still do :) If you would like to have a look, read here:

I'd like you to participate in that experiment I proposed.

... but the years are ticking by and we've gone nowhere but downhill (and slightly sideways) since then.

Not sure where you've been, @drutter, but you must have missed MIRA's release. That little thing from STINC that dealt with STEEM scalability. Something that virtually no other crypto has done, so that STEEM continues to be just about the fastest and cheapest blockchain out there. Oh by the way the testnet is open to all. Did you do much testing before complaining like someone around here owes you something?

As you know, I was here for MIRA. But as you forget, I have zero understanding of pretty much anything you just said. I'm a content-creator and that's pretty much it around here. Cheer up, you might not be underwater forever.

Cheer up, you might not be underwater forever.

Is that some kind of investment lingo?

For transparency sake, my investment approach is that of a HODLer. My investment cryptfolio is all in PoW coins, as DPoS seems too susceptible to corruption to be considered for investment, in my humble opinion. My interest in STEEM is
for non-investment reasons.

My big buy in to STEEM was at 3275 BTC satoshi. It brought my account up to Dophin status and left 1000 STEEM which was gifted to my daughter and Son-In-Common-Law to start their STEEM journey as Minnows.

That buy in cost approximately 0.18 BTC or approximately $1800 at today's trading value. Through the magic of inflation and stake based voting rewards, this account is now showing an Estimated Account Value in US dollars of $1,449.55 even though STEEM's value in the BTC pairing has dropped and 1000 STEEM was given away.

The biggest buy in to my Bitcoin investments was done in the bear market of 2015 at $330 CAD. Prior to that doubling down all my other coins were obtained when one could still mine BTC using a graphic card.

Hope that clarifies my cryptfolio so that you can, at least, not make idiotic innuendos.

So you do understand what I meant by underwater, then. You got REALLY mad. Good thing you're rich and awesome though, carry on.

Gonna be hard to recover after this one. Reliability is extremely important in my opinion when you messing with peoples income. Isn't this what testnets are for so you don't mess up the production chain and end up with egg all over your face?

When you talk about "reliability" some thoughts were coming up, considering "liability":

I think the problem is probably due to the fact that Steemit has been advertising profitably from the beginning on an extremely unstable platform that is still in the testing phase. If you like, the test isn't over yet, I'd rather think in years, if not decade. Until then, many hardforks will follow.

However, it is difficult to express reliability and responsibility at the same time in speculative transactions. If the price hadn't fluctuated so much and gone down to the basement, fewer people might be bothered by the changes.

It is difficult to tell where the dissatisfaction comes from: From the decisions of the company, witnesses or a general depression in the crypto market and the Bitcoin dropped off. Much is mixed up. Causes and effects are understood causally and linearly, but they are not. It may well be that Steemit Inc. only wants to keep the store running, but is not interested in innovation. Who really knows? Difficult to say. Corporate communication doesn't point to it, many things seem to be quite unprofessional and with very little investment in personnel costs. But that's a guess. You would have to see an annual report. I don't know what it's like in the USA, but you can look into it in Germany.

The Federal Ministry of Justice publishes not only court notices and commercial register entries in the Federal Gazette, but also company data such as the annual financial statements.

Companies with a legal form as "GmbH" or "AG" even have a duty to publish their balance sheets in the Federal Gazette. Interested business people certainly like to read annual reports in order to estimate the willingness of a company on spendings both structural and Human Resources wise.

Okay, #newsteem...

Kudos for getting back up and functioning on a holiday weekend.

Side-eye for not updating that Twitter post so we knew what progress was being made all day long.

I was contemplating making a bigger investment into Steem. I'm definitely going to wait on that now...

Without a bug HF is incomplete! So we had a bug, that means HF21 is succeed!


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You guys are beyond brilliant! Thank you for how quickly this was identified and resolved Bravo to everyone involved!

melinda they created the problem themselfes... really 'brilliant' people don't do that. Won't you agree?

They also created #steem and - that's more than what I could do.

no they did not... that was a huge team and a mass of investment.

It might be helpful to consider things from different perspectives @manniman.

  1. In one sense, it is the same team, since it is still Steemit Inc. and we are talking about Steemit Inc.

  2. In another sense, it is not the same Steemit Inc. today that it was in 2016 since some of the employees changed.

Both perspectives might be valid in some sense, but I am speaking from perspective #1.

It sounds like you think Steemit Inc. was more capable when they had more money and more staff, and I think that makes sense. But given the limited amount of resources they currently have, I am personally thankful that I am able to send this comment to you, and it's in large part due to the work of Steemit Inc. and their current team.

No, you very wise, thanks for answering me.

I'm experienced in software development and see the errors very clearly. They took the risk and lost the bet, that is what I blame them for.

If HF21 would have taken to Jan. 2020.. would you have minded?

I think a lot of people would have minded since there is a lot of pressure for SMT's.

It's possible that the Steemit team is so focused on speed, that thy are willing to accept some downtime for it.

The con is that the blockchain halts, the pro is that we are moving much faster this way and competition for innovating in this industry is fierce.

This is what I fear the most. Because there is development out there, with way fewer business interests in the success of the Blockchain ( @aggroed and co.) and more personal and ideological interest (prooven). The weaker Steemit Inc. gets, the more powerful they get. So it's also a gamble, especially since Steem-Engine is running.

Whom would you like to be in charge? It becomes a problem when fast pace destabilizes the whole chain and mainly benefits Steemit inc. Does that sound crazy to you?

Maybe the Steem.Dao can be used for bounties during the next hardfork to reward people who find bugs?

Thank you for this update! It's wonderful to see that finally the issues are resolved and our favorite social network is back on track! Keep up the great work!


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kay, BEER seems to be broken xE

!giphy beer

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// You can support giphy by using one of your witness votes on untersatz! //

Thx a lot!..excellent job!!..

Thanks a lot for all your effort! I'm sure this wasn't easy! Great work everyone!

!BEER what is dramatoken?

lol. It's an expression that you are perceived as being a bit dramatic with what you said above.

Hi from Hamburg!

I guess you needed a large bounty during testnet to detect such bugs, nothing will be resistant then

Maybe that might help - bounties during the testnets :)

mhm, yes... is that an option? Maybe create something like that?

Great to hear that the bug was detected and was fixed. Kudos to the team!

yes, whoever found the problem - you did it.

Man.. you really are all over this comment section...

fast fingers, you actually did read all the comments, too? o.Ó

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Thanks for the communication. We understand that there’s going to be issues, especially around hardforks, but just please keep us in the loop.

Thank goodness our #newsteem is okay now, I thought it died or something.

#newsteem was HF21, but then we got HF22, which would be #newnewsteem, so I guess this latest patch is #newnewnewsteem!

Could anyone tell us when will steem price go up? @steemitblog

You've got DRAMA!

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Too bad exchange nodes are not operational and Steemit Inc is not working with exchanges to fix that.

Great work. Thanks for finding the problem and fixing it. Onwards and upwards I always say. Let’s get Steem back to $8 now. And then $100

Es increíble que un proyecto de este calibre, tenga errores muy seguidos, osea ya deberían de conocer todo sobre esta tecnología y su programación.

When do you open an exchange withdrawal/recharge?

I actually noticed to because I could not log in to my steemhunt account

now start working on SMT. SMT THE LAST HOPE

Can you tell me about the future plan of steemit ?

When paid out, these votes were attempting to receive trillions in STEEM.

I knew it!! And I had to act in consequence. };)

Click & Read

There was no way that a discriminatory #newsteem algorithm which would reward <20 steem posts with crusts that break teeth and >20 steem posts with the soft & sweeten crumbs with a cherry on top, would stand steady in time as the norm, without exert first a good deal of organic READING with a constant manual commitment for aye .


...and READ more!!

Hi @steemitblog, in the middle of the problem that the chain presented, I made a transfer of 57.217 steem from Ruedex.steem to my account. Upon receiving them I made a transfer for the same amount to the @orinoco account, and to date they have not received them, nor do I have them back, could you help me please? My user in discord is danielcarrerag # 2667 to contact me.

The bug was especially resistant to detection because the problem was not with the mathematics backing the curation reward curve, but subtleties in the integer based approximation of a square root. The bug was the result of a subtle behavior in the new curation rewards curve that lead to votes being able to have a curation reward weight of -1, which when stored in an unsigned field resulted in a computed value of 2^64 - 1.

Είναι ελληνικό για μένα!
But I'm grateful everything is working again. :)

after years of working.. they finally understood datatypes, impressive right?
Didn't they have to master high mathematics in order to graduate... like me? Well, I guess.. who cares, right? -_-#

ha, wondered where my bazillion steem went

Great to hear!

All sounds good. However you lost me at -1, I don't understand that. I am not as technically savvy as I thought. Thanks in advance!

Steemit account can't upload images as well as BUSY.beta have the same problem as if was done on purpose all I can do is message and I would like to post the glitch on BUSY.beta shows that I have 25 false messages I need to have this looked into ZomboMeme 03092019154313.jpg

Can we see whst the reqard curve looks like i.e. what is my full vote worth at five mins compare to five hours compared to five days? Is there a resource that details this in plain lingo? Thwnks for the detaila about this bug

The curve does not depend on time, but on (stake behind) accumulated votes.

There is another one in the first 5 minutes, but that only affects your curation rewards and not the displayed value (0-100% linear).

thanks for the update and getting it back on track

heh, wellnow, a bit of a hobbyist in coding myself im not gonna hack & sneer on the "why did you not see the bug in the complex system in your crystal ball up front", windows gets patched all the time, LINUX even more and you cant say those people are retards, right.
BUT and HOWEVER, the communication ....

leaving people in the dark without even a few everysomanyhour-updates, EVEN if they only say we are working on it, does not show respect, no offense but it doesnt... the rest is unforeseen, however do i remember correctly LAST time someone triggered the failsafe by withdrawing a negative amount ? is this one related to that one ? in that case ... well never mind hah im sure there will be more, good you have failsafes in place

We apologize for not communicating more. Part of the problem was that the incidents occurred over a holiday weekend which was at the end of a very long week for the team due to the initial halt followed by the delegation bug. Part of the problem was also of course that was down. Which is why we did tweet from @steemit. So if you're not following us on Twitter, please do as it is a good way to disseminate information during incidents like these. These aren't intended as excuses, but explanations. We are always trying to improve all of our systems including communications, and we plan to learn from this incident and do better next time.

maybe add community communication members to the task force next time, people like @exyle would be perfect

Steemit has become more passive. The number of people who put downvots has increased and they use it as a source of earning steem.

The STEEM that is subtracted from the Post/Comment revenue via the 'dislike' goes back into the 'Pool' and increases everyone elses' vote impact. I still think that 'dislikes' via bots and whale accounts can be used to censor and that is a genuinely very very bad thing.

I'm not 100% sure if it's the same in the tribes...

ähh.. what? @inertia

You might wanna help educate this one, seems like a case for you :D

You're out of your mind, I already posted about this. You need a different approach when it comes to communication. I don't have any ill intentions and if you want me to help, I'll do it!

But please be more transparent next time.

This weekend I had to cancel meetings with business owners, which I tried to convince of turning to STEEM and it's platform advantages. That was not good for me.

Welcome to! Invest the amount of Bitcoin that you want to double and you will receive your profit in just 12 hours!

Do you know Bitconnect? Also very great!

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