Splitting Condenser: Social + Wallet

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Condenser is the open source software that powers steemit.com and features 5 major functionalities: blogging, social, market, wallet, and sign-up. Initially, having all of these features in one codebase made everything easier to manage and scale. At this point in our growth, however, there are some important advantages that we can unlock by separating out the wallet functionality from the social functionality as it requires the highest level of security. This change would have little to no impact on user experience.


Ad space provides hackers with another avenue through which they can launch an attack. Separating out the wallet functionality and hosting it on an entirely different domain is the best way to protect users because it guarantees that even if a hacker manages to find a way around our strong security measures, they will still not be able to gain access to any financial information.

Additional Benefits

  1. Because the Condenser-Social and Condenser-Financial (these are placeholder names, not official) applications will be smaller than the existing Condenser, they will consume less memory on the server-side and the client-side, reducing both our costs and the costs to the end user (CPU/RAM usage on their machine)

  2. By making the surface area of Condenser-Social (the social functionalities in Condenser) smaller, we will be able to develop new social functionalities with greater ease

  3. Developers who want to create Steem-powered front ends will have the ability to choose between supporting one or both of the applications. Financial applications could choose to only support Condenser-Wallet, while social applications could choose to only support Condenser-Social. This should enable more rapid and diverse innovation for Steem applications

This project is in-line with our main priorities at the moment of lowering costs and increasing revenue so that we can improve the economic sustainability of the Steem ecosystem.

The Steemit Team


Please add a wallet section on steem.com with links to wallets and how to store, transfer and stake Steem. This very important information is still missing on the new website.

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This is nice, but I have to point out that, separate site or not, it's still not in any way secure to be putting your private keys into a website. Really hoping Steem Keychain will be integrated into steemit.com soon (more details about that here)!

We all want to integrate keychain and believe that splitting off the wallet is an important first step. So +1

Hey, I got a question, is Steem Keychain available at steembottracker? I use that site a lot and so far it seems that is not available... I'm not tech-savvy so I dunno if it is my the one missing one point here. I already have the browser extension and I have been using pretty well on other sites.

Thank your time and dedication mate :)

Any chance of a Firefox version of keychain Matt?

I would love to see the wallet have traditional bank statement type features such as statement report between a specified historical date range, with opening and closing balances of Steem, Steem Power and SBD. A cumulative column like a traditional bank statement would also be handly for each of the currencies, maybe would have to put each currency on its own tab first to facilitate that more easily, and then have a "view all" tab which shows all transactions like it currently does and that page likely would not have cumulative balances.

Also wallet search with filters like keyword in memo, amount value or amount value range, filter by sender / receiver accounts etc.

Thank you for the update. It is good to see the new model of communication with the community. In this situation, it is better to say too much than to go silent.

As for this post, it seems it is keeping with the idea of making things smaller on the nodes. It is encouraging to see this process proceed over the last couple months. Keep at it.

Sounds good to me. It can for sure reduce the potential risks for hacking things.

Since you want to put the wallet into separate Condenser, I would like to make a suggestion. If it is technically possible, would you be able to add invoice generation within user wallet? It will simplify the whole payment thing tenfold.

My team recently added Steem payments but it is so challenging to make them fast since there's no wallet that can scan qr codes that embed Steem URI payment link.

It would be extremely helpful for community and potential wallet users to be able to generate and scan invoices that contains account name, amount and memo if included. I believe this feature can help to improve integrations with point of sale systems, e-commerce platforms and maybe even games.

In any case, thanks for keeping up the good work. I really appreciate the openness.

Steemwallet on Android/iOS can scan qr codes. Afaik it doesn't support memos, maybe @roelandp has plans for that? Last time I saw something about it he came up with unique ways to attract attention from the App store review team, so not sure how keen he is on making another update :D

We already talked. He is working on it now.

At this point in our growth


What growth? You haven't shown any significant signs of growth since inception.

wallet functionality

Funny that you say that because Steemit wallets have been bugging out ever since inception....

It's about time you get your shit together and fix them wallet buggs and actually start delivering on your promises such as SMT's and a lot more you should have done more than half a year ago.

1.3. bi trebao SMT testnet krenit.. U gajbu Žuje da nista od toga.

baaahahhahah tko je to rekao? @ned? hahahah dobra, dobra :D

Hi, I have a problem, when entering my wallet, only the master key is displayed. the active key does not and for this reason I can not send tokens @steemitblog

I really love the impact of the new MD...!!

Separating out the wallet functionality and hosting it on an entirely different domain is the best way to protect users because it guarantees that even if a hacker manages to find a way around our strong security measures, they will still not be able to gain access to any financial information

This is spot on and thanks for being prepared ahead of time.

The social condenser will only use the posting key and the wallet side will use the active key!!

Good point on the separation of keys.

Separating wallet functionality would be a good idea.. lets hope the steemit.inc team will deliver and make this a reality, we are tired of empty promises

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Thank you for such great news!

I know most will be looking at the financial side, me I want to know will this mean someone will be able to bring in IMAP for images and we can use more html code in our post to make them more visually appealing and functional, example of functional is a post with internal links to various sections in the post or an image if doing an online mag-style post so that if a person clicks on the headline in the picture it takes them straight to that point in the post. Also I would like to see frames come into being inside the post, so that a poster can have their unique look.

That's indeed a great idea for the 'Social' side of the code @bashadow. But I'm afraid, all those features that you mention, will have to be developed by YOU or someone else different from Steemit Inc given their shining past record. 😈

If I understand correctly, this is a work proposal?

Sounds like a GREAT idea.
How bout making the Wallet confidential?
No one else needs to know what's init.

What's the new domain going to be? 😁

Good question! We're trying to keep everyone as up-to-date on what we're doing as possible, so if any information is not included in the post, that means no final decisions have been made as of yet.

I was thinking wouldn't a sub domain be sufficient? Like wallet.steemit.com?

Excellent work @steemitblog @steemit @elipowell @ned 😊👍

Great security measure, and I'm pleased to know Steemit is still making improvements to our favorite platform (and world changing paradigm).


this makes sense to me!

Please consider Keychain integration it is more secure and comfortable for the user to handle his private keys.

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