3 Month Retrospective

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A few weeks ago we announced that we had left survival mode and entered into thrive mode. One outcome of that change is that we have been able to resume agile development practices which include retrospectives.

Retrospectives are conducted at the end of a “sprint” and are a time for teams to reflect on how they have been working with the goal of continuously improving their processes. We want Steemians to have as much insight into what we are doing as possible, so today we’d like to share with you a summary of what we discussed in our most recent retrospective which covered the past 3 months.

Things that went well

  • MIRA was merged into production and succeeded in dramatically reducing the costs of running a node.
  • We were able to continue making big cost reductions.
  • We were able to onboard a new developer and quickly transition him to working on all layers of the stack.
  • On a technical level, all of our deployments went smoothly and there were virtually no production issues.
  • We cleaned up the condenser (steemit.com) repo by closing outdated issues, merging completed PRs and organizing the rest into buckets. This has made our efforts on public repos more transparent.
  • We’ve reestablished good project management practices.
  • We rolled out featured posts (and made a lot of changes to it to improve our communication outreach).
  • We’ve engaged with the community on important matters, listened to their valuable feedback, and integrated it into our plans.
  • We’ve released more public communications and the overall engagement on those communications is way up (some is even positive!).
  • On a technical level, the wallet split rollout was smooth (more on this in the “Things that could be improved” section).
  • Thanks to the wallet split, we have been able to merge in MANY more community contributions and our development cycle for condenser has rapidly increased.
  • Thanks to the wallet split, user keys are handled more securely.
  • The ad program has matured a lot and begun generating more revenue. Splitting out the wallet alone added around $45,000 in revenue to our bottom-line.
  • Thanks again to the wallet split, we were able to migrate to a different CDN which has reduced our costs $8,000-$10,000 a month.
  • We were able to assist Flipside Crypto in their Steem blockchain integration. Because so few blockchains have the kind of user activity that Steem does, the Flipside team was not taking full advantage of all the publicly shared data on the Steem blockchain. By helping them process the publicly available data which reflects user activity, our assistance may improve Steem’s FCAS score

Things that could be improved

  • Communication with the wallet split wasn't as good as we thought it was (“Featured” posts were a response to this).
  • We didn’t identify how disruptive the wallet split was going to be to user experience, which means it was difficult to communicate to users about it.
  • MIRA development was longer than expected.

Moving forward

One of the guiding principles behind retros is that the first step to solving problems is acknowledging that they exist. The idea is not necessarily to know how you are going to fix all of the problems you identify as much as acknowledge where your weaknesses lie in the hopes that you will not continue making the same mistakes over and over. Instead, you want to make “new and exciting mistakes.”

We did, however, have some interesting discussions about how we can move forward. One thing we discussed was the potential need to highlight early on how different a Steem account is than an ordinary social media account. When Steem and steemit.com first launched, just getting people to consider using a blockchain-powered social application was a massive hurdle.

At that time it made sense to frame steemit.com as “just another social media app." But the reality is that a Steem account is closer to being a financial account than a social media account, and as long as we pretend this is not the case, users will continue to have a disappointing user experience.

Your Feedback

One of the things we’ve learned is that we aren’t always a very good judge of what the community feels is needed. That’s why we’d love for you to leave your feedback in the comments section below. What do you think went well over the last 3 months and what do you think we need to improve the most?

The Steemit Team

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Regarding Steemit.com-specific feedback...

  1. Notifications would be great to have again and functioning properly.
  2. A view counter that works properly and can't be "gamed" by F5-ing a bunch of times. (I see that this was already addressed by justinw.)
  3. Serving ads only to non-logged in viewers. (Give casual viewers incentive to become a new Steem user.) Or, maybe allow users to opt-in or opt-out of seeing ads. Even better...allow the option and start sharing some of the ad revenue with stakeholders logged in and using your interface. This would not only keep people using or attracting them to use your interface, but it may also entice more users to buy STEEM and power it up. Have advertisers pay for ads with STEEM and we're now talking about creating an actual social media/advertising ecosystem with perhaps some real investment/commerce.
  4. On user profile pages, separate user posts and those that they have resteemed into two different columns.
  5. Allow a limited number of characters to be written as a "blurb" when resteeming a post.
  6. Rework the trending page. Perhaps use the "Promoted" feature as a means to get onto the trending page. For example: User sends 100 SBD or STEEM to a null-like account for promotion. Steemit.com keeps a (small) percentage of that and the rest is burned. The total value spent is "added" to the projected post reward only for ranking purposes. This gives the Promoted feature some actual utility and gives Steemit.com another revenue source...and also burns the inflated currency that is apparently not in high enough demand to overcome the inflation and dumping.

Other than that, getting rid of Ned as the face of the company was probably the smartest move that has been made so far. I'm not sure that the damage he did as the "leader" around here can be reversed any time soon, but you have to start somewhere.

It would be great to see some actual marketing from Steemit, Inc. for both Steemit.com and the blockchain that you work on and that hosts your site. Talk more about the speed, scalability, and free transactions and less about how people can "get paid to blog!" And while you're not giving people so much false expectation about making money from blogging and commenting, maybe market the fact that the simple act of voting can earn them a little money. That's the much larger audience to attract. (Combine that with ad revenue sharing and you'll likely have yourself a big winner.)

Glad I could help yet again!

Steemit inc have given up on notifications because the database infrastructure broke and then they never fixed it BECAUSE the Ginabot and other discord and telegram steem notification bots and partiko cam eout

I have partiko notifying me of everything on my phone like transfers etc, but i do remember those good old days when i got push notifications on my browser for stuff that happened on steem...

They never got rid of ned as the face of steemit, he is still ceo and there is no other faces out in the public. I hope you arent talking about no stake elipowell who doesnt do anything useful compared to even the least active of steem minnow....

you know as well as I that its too late for steemit inc tro do any marketing and @ned is in fantasy land where he thinks he can pay $0 for marketing similar to reddit which only paid $500 in Total on marketing buying reddit stickers..... I am pretty sure ned thinks he can do this too...its been 3 years and no marketing. Ned literallly told Degensloth that the reason ned isnt onboarding a lot of people is to "Protect the steem name space" Can you believe that? Well that was his excuse over a year ago...

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@ned has my number,
I consider them incompetent or nefarious or both...


That's what I thought, you had nothing to reason your nonsense with.

Let me meander down this treacherous path, why do you consider them so...

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In retrospect I will put MY Work on this Blockchain up against THEIRS any day @baah...
now beat it! I hate typing!


Hi there, I'd like to report a bug. For the past three hours, I've been pressing the share button. I don't think it works. I'll keep trying but in the meantime do you think you could have one of your people look into it? Thanks.

It is working as intended. Thank you for testing!

The real one can be downloaded here, or tested on any of the pages listed here.

How many times must it be pressed before it engages share mode? I feel as if 999 is too many. Have any of your people over there heard of the double click? It's a new thing.

We don't want people to over-share, and we are excited to announce we have found a way to prevent that.

FOr three days. Push push push push. So tired. So hungry. Just want to share.

The woes of a sharing man.

Good points @ats-david, if they were to take just one of your numbered suggestions, I would say number 3 is absolute gold.

It would be great to see some actual marketing from Steemit,

I think I used to say this, but gave up after a couple of years. It would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath.


What are you doing about getting STEEM and SBD on exchanges?

Steem is on Binance and Bittrex that’s all you need. You can Convert all your SBD to steem and vice versa in your wallet.

Is it hard to get on Binance? What about the micro-fees? When say "in your wallet" are you referring to Steemit Wallet or do you have to get another wallet? ...puff puff pass

Very easy, just deposit what you want to exchange. You are going to find microfees even in DEXs like Bitshares....

No.... was very easy to get set up on Binance as far as I can remember .... fees are pretty low. .... I just use Binance as an Exchange to trade and move to Coinbase where I can convert to fiat if I want, https://www.binance.com/en?ref=11778379

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I flag trash (and morons). You have received a flag.

We saw lots of (for me unexpected) changes for the better. I am very happy with the new form of communication and pinned posts. And thumbs up for the keychain integration.
If you are able to keep up this pace of improvements, good things will happen.
I really hope that you don't rush the EIP+SPS hardfork and make sure that there are no unforeseen consequences. If there would have to be a rollback, that could seriously hurt the reputation of the steem blockchain.
As for criticism, you already mentioned the horribly executed wallet split. This literally caused panic and frustrations to a lot of people, especially to those that never used the posting/active key before...

I would love to see the view counter again. That one was very important for me and a huge downer as you took it away from me...
Another thing I am waiting for is an easier way to filter through posts. It is so hard to find good quality posts for curation. For improving this just add a ton of easy to use filters...

I know this is not a priority, but the rep score has been gamed by bidbots. I am in favor of a new rep system which factors in daily activity, number of posts created, number of received comments and SP.

Steem has sooooo incredibly much potential. Please don't fuck it up for everyone...

@ew-and-patterns Thank you for touch these very interesting points and I really hope like you to see the view counter eyes again too.

Steem can be one of the best platforms today.

I really hope and I wish the best to Steem team and all the stockholders.

Wishing you a beautiful and successful day!

Improvements are being made which is good but the bidbots have to go. Bidbots remind me of the payola system in the old music industry where artists had to bribe DJs to play their songs on the radio.

  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Payola

I am not sure if they have to go completely, but I would certainly like them to have less influence. If the trending page algo gets revamped so that it does not show posts which have been upvoted by known bidbots, then they are not as much of a problem anymore.

No Bidbots are fair, you cant stop them, its a free market. you just need steemit inc taking responsibility to SORT the posts out, it would be very easy to mark posts as having been using bid bots, it wouldnt be difficult at all ..... but you cant get rid of bid bots they are just the organic advertising system

once steem has real users again we will have organic upvotes but youy need to have actual GOOD CONTENT like REDDIt has and Reddit users post for FREE

Reddit is PROOF steem can change and be successful if it had better leadership leading the CONTENT

@ackza, why is promotion not implemented in the front end? For the record, I don't think the answer is incompetence.

It can be done but you know as well as I that bid bots are not exclusively used for promotion. It's the "free money" notion being pushed where people can ROI with minimal effort. I've seen countless abuse posts that have allowed many a scammers walk away with piles of Steem.

The fact that large stakeholders are whoring out the reward pool to those with the deepest pockets is a problem. It's legitimized circle jerking.

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No its not circle jerking, its proof of stake,its just not framed well, its not whoring out no more than google or facebook whores out to advertisers.... the promoted sectiona nd bid bots just need to be rolled up into one and @steem/ @steemit inc can SIMPLY undercut every other bid bot and drive them all out of business by offering the cheapeest bidbot service, like walmart, then they drive up prices later when otehr bid bots are out of buisiness

i dunno if this would work, like is there ENOUGH SP in hands of @steem and @steemit accounts to handle the demand of all bid bots? Yes I think there is because they have like 70 million just in those two and no one else has anything clsoe to that

the steem/steemit accounts can be used for a passive income system, if you have steempower you SHOULD be given a passive reward like just for staking without having to pretend to make shitty contrent just to "circle jerk" as you say

Payola, in the music industry, is the illegal practice of payment or other inducement by record companies for the broadcast of recordings on commercial radio in which the song is presented as being part of the normal day's broadcast, without announcing that there has been consideration paid in cash or in kind for its airplay adjacent to the recording's broadcast. Under US law, a radio station can play a specific song in exchange for money, but this must be disclosed on the air as being sponsored airtime.The term has come to refer to any undisclosed payment made to cast a product in a favorable light (such as obtaining positive reviews). Some radio stations report spins of the newest and most popular songs to industry publications. The number of times the songs are played can influence the perceived popularity of a song.

Good ilike..

We were able to assist Flipside Crypto in their Steem blockchain integration. Because so few blockchains have the kind of user activity that Steem does, the Flipside team was not taking full advantage of all the publicly shared data on the Steem blockchain. By helping them process the publicly available data which reflects user activity, our assistance may improve Steem’s FCAS score

The average user might need a small reminder about what this was all about. Here's the direct effect:

  1. Go to coinmarketcap.com
  2. Search for: "Steem"
  3. Which brings you to the Steem currency listing.
  4. Navigate to the Ratings tab.

From here you will see HEALTH 548 (at the moment). The efforts of Steemit, Inc. will hopefully result in a better score over time. Just keep checking this page.

I doubt average users know or care about FCAS. Investors might care but that is another matter. FCAS is marketing.

You don't think the average user would care to follow my steps to see if what Steemit, Inc. is reporting can be verified as having a successful outcome?

I guess I will check the scores in a month to see if they are actually entering thrive mode instead of failing gamma.

I found it useful information and also, if they are going to use it as an example of success pointed at the community maybe they should try to communicate in a manner the general community can understand. :)

Marketing is important as well...

I care but a simple explanation like this one suffices

Thank you for this valuable info!
Much appreciated.

I for one appreciate this comment and had no idea what that section of the update was about prior to the context you added - thanks @inertia!

Didn´t know that. Thank you.

Thank you Steemit Inc team for this.

We rolled out featured posts (and made a lot of changes to it to improve our communication outreach).

This is one of the best decisions you've ever taken. Communication is the lifewire of any community. YOu've showed in recent times how much you value Steem users and their feedback. This is a good step towards a better future for Steem.Thank you.

Meanwhile, I wish to remind you to add to the list of tings that went well:

  • The integration of Snax blockchain to Steem. We are now earning #snax token and this is an amazing way to catalyze engagement on the Steem blockchain.

Thanks @Elipowell and Team for this forward movement.

What is this #snax token you speak of? We are earning this now on steem?

I agree 💯 % with your comment.m especially on the communication side !
We just need to BOOST Marketing !!! To get more users and more traffic on Steem dapps ans Steemit.com !
I am also earning Snax now, let’s see how it develops.

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Thanks Vlemon, we have to do more of the advertising and begin to have real products gets exchanged for Steem like SPlinterlans of @Steemmonsters and @Tokenbb are doing.

On Snax, I hope if steem community will support snax for a good listing, it will be good deal for steem

Exactly my thoughts! I swear i didn't see your comment before i wrote mine lol. Communication is key!

Im happy to see more updates from you guys. A lot has changed in the backend but now im happy that more can be done to improve the actual user experience.

I agree with those that want view counts back. Weve been waiting a while for cosmetic improvements.

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Good stuff. To me this is a good indication that steemit is really getting its act together and showing some mature development practises.

Keep up the great work.


I definitely think Inc has improved a lot since the restructuring

The vision is clearer, communication has improved and it's a lot easier for important ideas to bubble up to the surface and be accepted.

For the first time in well over a year I'm feeling optimistic about this place again. Thank you all for your hard work.

Great to have you @trafalgar. Very patient man in this space

Hi. My name is.. well... nevermind. Someone took all the names.

I've been here forever. 25600SP. Earned it, organically. The honest way.

I work hard, then I crash and burn. I just got back to this place after a five month hiatus. People missed me, apparently. I don't know. They must be crazy.

Screenshot (552).png

That's what I get for coming back. These people are awesome, I like it here. I managed to pull that off without buying a vote, as per usual. It's not unusual for my posts to have more engagement than the majority here. I'm not rubbing it in, just saying, "That's what happens here, for me, sometimes."

I want the view counter back. That's my only request. Back when we had the view counter, my posts would receive hundreds of views within the first day, sometimes. I'd have more views, organically, than some of these wannabe trending page bloggers, and of course far more genuine interaction. Real people, saying real people things. I'd publish my work, enjoy whatever came my way, then push my work to the outside world by dropping links in key locations. Because I focus on entertainment, people looked, and over time, I'd see that view count rise. Many month old posts seeing sometimes 20 more views in a day and I had no idea where they were coming from, but those links of mine were drawing outside eyes to this place.

Now I don't even bother. I have no way of knowing if going the extra mile is even worth it. Swinging at curveballs in the dark.

So what if people are paid to look away and that's mainly why there's nobody left to actually view and vote. I still want to know how much action my posts are getting. It's important, to me, and I'm not alone, but that's my story. If someone gets duped into purchasing votes so they sit at the top of the trending page with their whopping 7 comments or whatever, them seeing what they're actually paying for would be a fine wake up call as well. You want to see the quality improve around here? How about lets take an honest approach? If someone spends money to be internet famous for a day, you damn right they'll improve once they see how much a fail their crap wannabe trending post was.

Now, pardon my tone, or whatever. I've been away for awhile and I kinda walked into yet another political shit show of a mess, when I was silently hoping things got better while I was away... so I think being a tad bit frustrated with a few things today is excusable. I'll try to be a nice guy, and if you can put that view counter back, maybe I'll even smile. Deal? ;)

I want the view counter back deseprately as well. My best post had over 1000 views which made me proud. I know that the counter only factored in steemit.com page views, so the actual number of all frontends could have been even higher.

Hopefully they can figure out a script that tracks traffic from all frontends and combine it in one viewcount.

I once wrote an odd little humor piece where I went into character as Elmo's son, except in my twisted world of thoughts, Elmo (that red muppet from Sesame Street) was a dead beat dad living the A list celebrity party lifestyle. Elmo didn't even know he had a son, but the son was actually more of a creeper fan/stalker. The son witnessed his his dad, Elmo, get stabbed by the cookie monster in the club that night. Elmo didn't die though. Anyway. Long story short or whatever.... It was a well written bit, but those were my early days here, I only earned ten cents... but the post had thousands of views. At the rate it was going back then, by now it's possible that post alone might have 100k views. ...but I have no way of knowing and it drives me nuts! LOL

LOL, I feel you. It is frustrating to not know your true reach. On any other social network you know at least that, even if you don't get paid for your efforts :D

Thanks for your feedback, and welcome back!

A post view counter is something we would like to add back and we've actually had some discussions about this. We have a pretty good idea of how we might like to do this using hivemind. However, it probably isn't the single most important thing for the front-end team to be working on. This by no means means 'no' - it just means it's on the backlog to be worked on in the future. Again, thanks for your feedback 🙂

I'm a patient man. Take your time, get it right, and I'll look forward to having it back.

upgrade the look of steemit, like golos did

plz get rid of xrp and eth prices on frontpage add steem-engine price

sponsor @yabapmatt fund him to get a MOBILE Steem Keychain created for iphone and android.... you guys at steem need that so badly..... keychain needs to be like scatter is on eos....

you also need an organic marketing system that works off a reddit tip bot anda twitter tip bot that uses steem, and allows reddit users to get tipped and use theiur reddit account to redeem this steem tipped to them, also on twtter, because the dogecoin tip bot on reddit years ago hgelped push dogecoin to here it is today.... so a steem tip bot on reddit would blow reddit users minds....

Hey @justinw!!

While I agree with @nonameslefttouse, @ew-and-patterns and many more steemians here that recovering and getting back in function the view counter, is and will be a very welcome feature to have for content producers & authors. I want to add another old feature that we all also had and enjoyed here on stemit long time ago.

Sheez mate, please, restore again the internal DMs (private direct messages) within the steemit platform UI/UX... ¡For God Sake! It doesn't matter if these 'transactions' are going to be registered on the Steem Blockchain or not. That's not exactly the goal mate. Whether it can be implemented in Hivemind jointly with the view counter or way before. But crap mate, we actually need a quick and more expedite way of private communications between each other without have to appeal to the infamous Discord, Steemchat or the undesirable practices on the rise of send Wallet Memos for that crap. };)

I was not around here, when private messaging was a thing, but I like the idea of not having to use Discord^^.

There's never been DMs here

Pft @pharesim. Under what sort of heavy rock you've been hidden below?

You are old enough here in steemit to know that we actually did have DM features within steemit interface. I even remember having used this feature to talk with @sykochica plenty of times when she was very active here and also on the original first steemitchat.com website.

Well, unless you don't remember. You never used that feature before. Or you wouldn't classify what I'm talking about as DMs. };)

PS. Don't worry @ew-and-patterns. Let's give to our good friend @pharesim a little more time to refresh his shipwrecked memory. LoL

You are refering to something else. There was https://steemit.chat, which has rebranded to https://steem.chat quite a while ago to show that it's not affiliated with steemit. Those have always been witness projects.
There's never been DMs on steemit.com

Yes, on a second thought I think you are right @pharesim. :)

I have the hunch that that feature I recall we had before within the old steemit UI was 'Notifications' and not DMs.

Yep, there was a time when we didn't need SteemWorld, GinaBot or any of those external Discord/Python bots to know who the hell interacted with us in our content. };)


Do you have an idea what he is talking about if there have never been DMs here ?


Maybe steem.chat.

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I flag trash (and morons). You have received a flag.

Welcome back 😉 missed you mate.

Technically speaking though, if everyone was using steemit.com,a view counter would work, but since so many people now use partiko and steempeak, it wouldn't be an accurate representation. It would have to be built into the blockchain, but that in itself raises an issue in that it would be really easy to fake views.

You just put Donald Trump's voice in my head you f-worder.

You're fake views!

Oh hey, by the way... it's good to see you too!

There could be a collaboration between all of these platforms. What I envision is someone runs a server that has the view counter, with both unique views based on ip and returning views, that then gets implemented on each site so none of them host it, they only transmit the data on who accessed the particular post and receive the updated count. This would be essential and I would also give us an accurate representation of traffic. Whoever runs the server wouldn't matter, all that would mater is that it's open source and auditable by whomever wishes to inspect and analyze the data.

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I think running it on a server defeats the whole point of decentralization (that's the whole reason for the blockchain). If the view-counter was on-chain and did like you say, use IPs (and maybe an IP/username hybrid), that would be perfect. No way to make the other sites adopt the viewcounter function of course.

Well the best solution would be to make it decentralized, but honestly that would probably take a lot of computing power, essentially making it a very hard sell for the witnesses who would be the ones paying the price. The way you get everyone to adapt it is simple: make them an offer they can't refuse, and since they won't bear any costs and it basically is a much requested feature, all one needs to do is host the feature and make the code available to be audited.

Posted using Partiko Android

{'type':'view', 'timestamp':'<<timestamp>>,' block':<<blocknum>>, 'json':{'ip' :'8.383.849.11', 'account':''}}

Is what a view would look like on the chain. Literally bytes of data, not even kilobytes. And every transaction we have makes our blocktivity ranking go up. Steem witnesses used to process ten times as many transactions as they do now, and that was before mira made node costs a fraction of what they were before.

Can't argue with that, but wouldn't it take computing power (not just storage) to add those transactions up, what would that look like?

Posted using Partiko Android

Very little. Whenever you refresh steemit.com you'd be using more bandwidth and processing on comments and votes (which are tallied the same way) than on tallying views. Counting is bread and butter for a computer. And counting the votes could even be done clientside (on the users phone or Web browser).

Wouldn't an accurate view counter be of interest to advertisers?

Maybe, it'd work if ip addresses that'd viewed the page were stored on the blockchain along with usernames of applicable.

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Seems like an unnecessary addition to the chain and still possible to fake.

Unlike votes though, there's no real incentive to fake views unless it meant trending.

Yes, or unless it's meant to attract advertisers.

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I flag trash (and morons). You have received a flag.

where is smt i'm just waiting for smt you should tell us because we are waiting last 2 years for it why you not launching smt look eos price and his system they have awesome developers who did completed his job within time and steem developers so lazy just tell me when steem price cross 1 dollar atleast?

SMT is still in development. You seem to think that there were any promises made or dates nailed down regarding when it is coming, but you're very mistaken. You were waiting for 2 years?

Why do you think that they are lazy? Because they didn't bring SMT two years ago? Why do you have the impression that any one person knows what the price of steem will do?
Go troll on eos, please. You don't have to be here if you think so little of this place, go thrive somewhere else, check the price listing and cash out when you've had enough, no?

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They put out several deadlines... the last one was January 26th testnet and March 26th go live.... which was cancelled after 2 months after announcing the definite deadlines in November 26th.


Then go to eos mate..

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I think you guys are doing a great job, communication is on point, measures taken to reduce cost, more open discussions. My only concern is what is going on with SMTS, now we have steem engine and Freedomx with coins most don't even know what to do with once they get them. Then SMTs will official launch with more confusion, that is my major concern. Should I start my coin on steem engine or wait for the official SMT? ( I know it can be converted but what a step to go through)

One of the best things that i think has happened in the last 3 months is that you guys have got more communicative. This is very reassuring and motivating that you guys are constantly working to make steemit better. I don't get all the technicalities of this post but this new change is what i liked most.

I think you've done pretty well in the past 3 months. But HF21, as it crystallizes, will most likely be a big hurdle, especially considering all the economic changes. I don't agree with those changes, but I'll 'live' if they will be implemented.

Communication pre- and especially post HF21, when people will start to feel its effects will be... problematic, I believe. Hopefully I'm wrong and everything will go smoothly and the proposed changes will have the desired effects to revitalize STEEM and true curation.

Hi guys

I always thought that the algorithm of curators is just 25%, however I am start noticing the payout is completely different than the reward at the end. What is going on? I am losing a lot of STEEM.

Could you please explain me why the payout is COMPLETE Different than the reward, even with the 25%? Is not suppose to show that the payout amount (sbd and sp) is the final payout and not hiding fees or something?



How can I as a newbie Steemian help to grow this platform? Because I've just joined and yes I would like to see it succeed. Having said that I find all the different terminologies and different things, groups, bits and bots slightly confusing at times. I'm slowly making my way through the unknown but there is just so much info I often feel overwhelmed and that not because fellow Steemians aren't helping because they are. It's an amazing platform with some great ideas and tools but it takes a while to figure out how what when where and why. Bottom line is that I would love to see it grow and am keen to be a part of it.

I really like the increased communication. Here is an idea.

Steem account is closer to being a financial account than a social media account, and as long as we pretend this is not the case, users will continue to have a disappointing user experience.

Perhaps we could also offer individuals a way to interact with the block chain in similar ways as they might any other social media platform, at least initially. Now that ad revenue is a thing, it would be beneficial to have even more eyes on the page. These individuals would not be linked to the crypto rewards program and could post and like without any monetary effect. If they wished to become part of the blockchain economy proper, they could then open a wallet and be issued keys. It would require a small investment and so steemit would no longer have to delegate steem power in the early stages.

This is something we are trying out with tokenbb at the moment. Every tokenbb user has access to a global guest account that can be used to interact without needing your own steem account. Our goal is to allow users to earn a "real" steem account with their guest interactions and that way add an emotional investment to their account.

Awesome! It's great TokenBB added this possibility, I hope more will.

How is it working?

Can you be more specific about what you mean? Basically users get a guest account and when that account earns enough rewards they can claim a real account.

I think it is a really good idea too!
Really good!!

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I think that's a great idea! I think in the past we wanted steemit.com accounts and Steem accounts to be as closely linked as possible, but I think you're right. Like we discussed in our retro, we need to figure out ways to make it easier for people to understand that this isn't an ordinary account, and the strategy you outlined could be great for that. Thanks again!

One community member's perspective and feedback only because you asked.

Wins for SteemIt Inc.
More communication although could still work on messaging to clearly communicate a vision and how various decisions play into that vision.

I especially appreciate the communications I have seen from JustinW.

Mira seems to be appreciated by witnesses, that's worth a big plus.

Community development making it to the site. (keychain)


Launching the foundation and SPS basically unfunded. This would not be a negative at all if expectations weren't set by Ned, but they were, so it leaves a bad feeling.

Also, a side note, it is difficult to try to separate Steem from SteemIt in part due to the stake but also because there are no clear lines regarding what you will do and what you aren't doing.

Also, I Acknowledge that your team is showing effort and really making an effort to improve.

I think you improved a lot your communications with the community, and also you tried to listen and understand their concerns.
Thank you very much for the hard work of the implementation of Mira.

On the other part, I think most of the economic issues discussed in the EIP can be solved with a better approach in the organizativo of the information of the blockchain.
I see the issues of the actual system, and also the strenghts. However, I imagine a better way of organizing and showing the posts (maybe communities or some reddit way of organizing info). And a lot can be solved with that.
People is concerned with what is on the trending page, I think that if you are able to navigate on the information of the blockchain better, the Economic implementations are not needed yet.
Just give people the ability to search and find meaningful posts and thats all they need.

Also, there is a lot of people that is building or have built using the actual system that could be damaged. We have to take care of what we have now.

Thanks for your work!

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What we need to fix the most are two main things:

Fix the Steem economy

Currently Steem economics are quite broken. We need to make some changes to this because without doing so the second major issue cannot be resolved.

Generate demand for powering up Steem.

Without this demand for Steem the economy sinks like the Titanic no matter what changes are made.

We can debate ways to increase demand for the Steem token, and we can debate ways to fix the economics but these in my opinion are the two most broken aspects of Steem right now. Of course UX improvements need to be made and SMTs better implemented but between right now and the implementation of these improvements we need to retain the current active users.

Our analysis of the reward system reveals the fact that more than 16% of the transfers of cryptocurrency in steemit are sent to curators suspected to be bots and also finds the existence of an underlying supply network for the bots, both suggesting that the current cryptocurrency driven rewards system in steemit is under severe misuse that deviates from the original intended goal of rewarding high quality content.

This is from a paper coming out in July, a real empirical scientific study of steem, explaining with MATH how it's reward system is broken, or rather "deviates" from its intended goal.

Its kinda sad that they make a very rigorous study and mix Steemit and Steem :/

Please link the study once it is out, I would love to read it :)

Which paper is it? Any link?

This is a bit unrelated, but: Would Steemit, Inc. consider a larger donation (e.g. several million STEEM, not just 200k) to the upcoming Steem Proposal System? The advantages of doing this seem quite big to me:

  • No need to code changes that will redirect some of the inflation to the worker fund. This change can be done at some later stage. Save the developer time for other high-priority things now.
  • Changes to the platform will happen faster. As you probably understand quite well, time is of the essence, otherwise the risks of STEEM continuing to sink on CoinMarketCap and the community diminishing in size become greater and greater. With faster development of the platform, the STEEM price should rise, leaving Steemit, Inc. with more than it had before its donation. The alternative seems quite risky: the company holds all its STEEM but the price continues to decline. How is this risk justified? And again, faster development of the platform will help make Steemit, Inc.'s holdings greater in terms of US dollars.
  • Steemit, Inc. holding less STEEM means better distribution. The centralization of so much STEEM in the hands of one company is a major problem currently, and Steemit, Inc. has been expressing its desire to decentralize its stake and contribute it to the platform's development (as described in the Steemit 2017 Roadmap, page 21). A donation to the worker fund will be in perfect alignment with the intention expressed in the 2017 Roadmap - use the stake to develop and promote the platform. Only this time it will be the community doing the work, rather than Steemit, Inc. having to do it all, which takes sooo much longer than multiple parties working simultaneously.

Please provide a response to this. Thank you.

that we had left survival mode and entered into thrive mode...

I love the sound of that.

“just another social media app." But the reality is that a Steem account is closer to being a financial account than a social media account,

I guess with that statement I need to completely re-evaluate why I use the steem blockchain.

@steemit @steem @steemitblog is there any further news regarding Steemit and its progress as I seem to be stumbling on tons of posts and articles and forums with a negative slant, this is making me nervous, as I have been trough a few of these kinds of projects that end up leaving users high and dry, can we please get some kind of affirmation or update on anything at all. think it would do wonders to keep the steemian community at ease. Unless I am just not looking in the right places for information?

any response would be greatly appreciated

Lol, after has done you are still trembling? be afraid not, always remember do not to invest you are not willing to lose

Haha🤣 yes am still. A lot calmer in my panic though. But strategy changed to accumulation and hodl. Lol

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You must set an strategy so you will not kill yourself in fear. Good luck

Thank you😊

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do you think you'll get more users by framing it as a financial account or as a social media account with the potential to earn rewards?

Steem is more than Steemit. But I don't think Steemit is meant to be a financial account. Steem on the other hand is a token and with SMTs you could make a case that it's going to evolve into something like that particularly if the SMTs include actual securities.

But to frame Steem itself as a security I think would be stupid.

edit, all been said by others

Ad nauseam.

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Upgrade the #UI / #UX to compete with new Dapps like:

  1. Dlive (Lino)
  2. Friendster (Tron)

Their Dapps are currently more user friendly than @steemit.


Great work done! Congratulations!
I would expect more efforts now on marketing and Blockchain promotion outside the ecosystem.
Spread the good news as you have done here but also outside.
I would appreciate as well a roadmap on that regards.

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How about we focus our efforts on making steemit.com sustainable without having to sell any steem?

To me that should be our focus above downvote pools, voting changes, etc.

We need to make sure this thing is sustainable before we worry about fine tuning it.

I find it interesting to clarify that steemit is not really a social network. What I would expect to define well what steemit is for you today. Because this of a financial account is a little vague to me. I do not say it as a criticism, but only as someone who really wants to understand, because I have invested in this platform and I want to know as best as possible how I would like to deal with it.
Thank you.

#1 Make Steemit Inc a profitable business without selling steem
#2 With the profits, buy back steem and burn it, like binance has done.

Look at the difference in CMC positions due to the difference in how each company treats their coin. One burns and one sells. See the CMC rise and fall?

Yes, very much this ^^^.

The sooner we can make steem and steemit sustainable without having to sell steem the better.


Make onboarding and helping new users get moving easier!

And smoke more weed!


To view or trade BEER go to steem-engine.com.

Hey @ganjafarmer, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Beer? Beer! I like beer!

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more !BEER ?

To view or trade BEER go to steem-engine.com.

Hey @ganjafarmer, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

i love that GIF but you need a website that lets someone sell their SE tokens for steem, cash that out for a GYT card for a local Bar or beer delivery service, honestly, even fi its just a gateway to beer you need a clear path showing how to cash out beer tokens for ACTUAl beer you wont need anys pecial sponroshoip or deal just a clera path to the gYFT app which sells gift cards for crypto and that includes grocery stores where u can buy beer


Communicating with the community has improved whitch is great.

However I find the "EIP" discussion as bad political move at minium.
There are plenty of negative blog-posts about it (though no-one bothers to mention that here). I put here the main issues:

  1. What is direction of steemit inc?
    For a moment it seemed like steemit incs strategy was to make steem infrastructure token with the smt's. However the "EIP" proposal suggests that steemit inc is considering steem from purely steemits perspective, by suggesting to modify the distribution algorithm in a way that could be damaging to Dapps, without considering it in the initial suggestion.

  2. Why does the "EIP" changes have to be thought in a "tandem"?
    What is the benefit of having them all at once? This was left very unclear to me.

  3. Way too radical!
    Changing curation rewards to 50% alone is already too radical. From current 25% to 50% is a whopping 100% increase. If we are considering steem as potentially 1 billion $ crypto-coin, such moves are too radical to be done at one time, and will not build trust of future investors. Why could it have not been from 25% to 35%? Do we have to ram and rush everything into 1 fork?

I also want to say few other things.
Steemit is realy bad for discussing. People will just generally comment on blogs that support their opinions. Attempt to gather some form of community opinion from here is very hard, due to way steemit works.
If the "EIP" has seriously been discussed as a whole among witnesses and they are all willing to aprove it as it is, I must call them incompetent. It does not make sense that non of them would be against it as it is. They have also not bothered to make any bigger blog-posts on their witness accounts about this subject. Some of those nerds need to man-up and become politicians, we have enough people reviewing the code and too few doing politics.

The EIP is pure destruction...