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Regarding feedback...

  1. Notifications would be great to have again and functioning properly.
  2. A view counter that works properly and can't be "gamed" by F5-ing a bunch of times. (I see that this was already addressed by justinw.)
  3. Serving ads only to non-logged in viewers. (Give casual viewers incentive to become a new Steem user.) Or, maybe allow users to opt-in or opt-out of seeing ads. Even better...allow the option and start sharing some of the ad revenue with stakeholders logged in and using your interface. This would not only keep people using or attracting them to use your interface, but it may also entice more users to buy STEEM and power it up. Have advertisers pay for ads with STEEM and we're now talking about creating an actual social media/advertising ecosystem with perhaps some real investment/commerce.
  4. On user profile pages, separate user posts and those that they have resteemed into two different columns.
  5. Allow a limited number of characters to be written as a "blurb" when resteeming a post.
  6. Rework the trending page. Perhaps use the "Promoted" feature as a means to get onto the trending page. For example: User sends 100 SBD or STEEM to a null-like account for promotion. keeps a (small) percentage of that and the rest is burned. The total value spent is "added" to the projected post reward only for ranking purposes. This gives the Promoted feature some actual utility and gives another revenue source...and also burns the inflated currency that is apparently not in high enough demand to overcome the inflation and dumping.

Other than that, getting rid of Ned as the face of the company was probably the smartest move that has been made so far. I'm not sure that the damage he did as the "leader" around here can be reversed any time soon, but you have to start somewhere.

It would be great to see some actual marketing from Steemit, Inc. for both and the blockchain that you work on and that hosts your site. Talk more about the speed, scalability, and free transactions and less about how people can "get paid to blog!" And while you're not giving people so much false expectation about making money from blogging and commenting, maybe market the fact that the simple act of voting can earn them a little money. That's the much larger audience to attract. (Combine that with ad revenue sharing and you'll likely have yourself a big winner.)

Glad I could help yet again!

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Steemit inc have given up on notifications because the database infrastructure broke and then they never fixed it BECAUSE the Ginabot and other discord and telegram steem notification bots and partiko cam eout

I have partiko notifying me of everything on my phone like transfers etc, but i do remember those good old days when i got push notifications on my browser for stuff that happened on steem...

They never got rid of ned as the face of steemit, he is still ceo and there is no other faces out in the public. I hope you arent talking about no stake elipowell who doesnt do anything useful compared to even the least active of steem minnow....

you know as well as I that its too late for steemit inc tro do any marketing and @ned is in fantasy land where he thinks he can pay $0 for marketing similar to reddit which only paid $500 in Total on marketing buying reddit stickers..... I am pretty sure ned thinks he can do this too...its been 3 years and no marketing. Ned literallly told Degensloth that the reason ned isnt onboarding a lot of people is to "Protect the steem name space" Can you believe that? Well that was his excuse over a year ago...

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@ned has my number,
I consider them incompetent or nefarious or both...


That's what I thought, you had nothing to reason your nonsense with.

Let me meander down this treacherous path, why do you consider them so...

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In retrospect I will put MY Work on this Blockchain up against THEIRS any day @baah...
now beat it! I hate typing!

You know the difference between a writer and someone who invented the typewriter? That's the difference between your work, and theirs. They ain't writing shit, because they're busy revolutionizing being an author.

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'I will show em up at this typing game'

Yeah no one is doubting your ability, but you still avoided substantiating your opinion of them, is it because, your opinion is golden?


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Hi there, I'd like to report a bug. For the past three hours, I've been pressing the share button. I don't think it works. I'll keep trying but in the meantime do you think you could have one of your people look into it? Thanks.

It is working as intended. Thank you for testing!

The real one can be downloaded here, or tested on any of the pages listed here.

How many times must it be pressed before it engages share mode? I feel as if 999 is too many. Have any of your people over there heard of the double click? It's a new thing.

We don't want people to over-share, and we are excited to announce we have found a way to prevent that.

FOr three days. Push push push push. So tired. So hungry. Just want to share.

The woes of a sharing man.

Good points @ats-david, if they were to take just one of your numbered suggestions, I would say number 3 is absolute gold.

It would be great to see some actual marketing from Steemit,

I think I used to say this, but gave up after a couple of years. It would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath.