Your content ain’t worth **** to me!

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There I said it, you know all that content you make? It’s not worth **** to me. Anything you are creating here I can find more useful or entertaining/whatever content with a simple search, so it has no value to

Same applies to my content, you can find a better artist than me in about 5 seconds with tutorials and whatever else you may want so I dont think my content has any value to you. That may sound harsh but hey I’m a realist.

I see people talk about quality content all the time and my first thought is that anything on this platform ain’t worth ****. Second thought is do some really think their content is valuable when most here dont get paid in the real world for the content they create here? If you arent getting paid for your content out in the real world then its pretty much safe to assume it’s not worth **** here either.

What does have value to me? I would say its you as an individual, its the social aspect. Many who I met through chat I would almost consider friends and this place is a good way to read posts from them on and to also “reward/help” them with my small vote. I consider it an investment in those people not necessarily their content. Now admittedly I actually do enjoy some content from people but for me thats different than”value”. It’s sort of like I enjoy finding out what’s going on in a friends life or seeing the skills develop and many other reasons I follow and read many of you here.

For me its the sense of community, its trying to build a little network of people I hope to support and perhaps even some who support me. It’s a new frontier and I enjoy having people of the same mindset who are trying to build something here, kinship I suppose.

You know who I want be voting for here? Those “big”names that may one day arrive. Remember Rolling Stone writer dude? Some would upvote his content to top of trending and he would take the rewards and cash out cause price was high and where is he and those like him now? He did not increase his steem power to help others on this platform, he is not up voting people right now.

Suppose I just wanted to vent a little today, since I usually dont ever write much about what I’m thinking :) have a good weekend all!

I am about to get back to work on trading cards. It has been awhile but I have my tablet back so should be able to work on them soon.

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You are too harsh today xD
I do get paid for the stuff I make, handsomely, once in awhile 🤔 and I do learn from some content here. :) But you are absolutely right about the social part <3 lots of great people, lots of fun people and just enough assholes too keep you on your toes 😋


Just enough, lol. I thought it was just enough good people to keep us on our toes.


So the consensus is... “just enough”.


Yea I almost feel bad lol

For sure I have learned here and enjoyed a lot of content as well. I never watched so many videos and I wonder how much I have read here!

Community here on Steemit is worth so much more than the money imo. I wouldn't have stuck around if it was just for the money, never spent so much time in the chat ...
People need to realize that it's not worth supporting those who just cash out and leave the moment things go slightly south. Buuuuut that won't happen ^^

Glad you're still here, it seems like most people I followed in the beginning are still around - but those were also the ones active in the chat. I think I see a connection.


I find I agree with you yet again :) I also think you really hit on something with those who were active in chat, specially around the time we arrived. You also must have an epic amount of content stored up. I could see you mining these old posts one day for future projects. Congrats on being done thesisising!


I have such a huge folder with Word documents that contain my posts... XD

You are right though. There's no value in the content here to be sincere. I was even thinking of ways in which content creators can compete with those outside steemit, so they can actually prove themselves. Steemit is like a cocoon and it could get dangerous, if one takes the accolades gotten here as the Holy grail. You could go out of the platform only to find that the general public is not as excited about your work as you'd expect them to be.

The social aspect is the key. Making friends and connecting is the reason why we are here.


Yea I was a bit harsh lol but my general thought was that anything found here could be found elsewhere so dont think your content is “the gold standard” and everything else is’s all relative.

In my opinion, it would be good if more experienced people could relate more with new users and thus be able to learn all of them quickly and for the benefit of all. However, you can see that this social network has many negative aspects, such as lack of effort, sincerity or really make Steemit grow. For my part, I have seen a lot of content that has been useful to me.


Yea I think i was a bit overly harsh because same as you I have found some content here useful.

Can you feel dah fire!?!?

Hate it when those “Rolling Stone” dudes come and get paid a second time for already very well-paid creations. Yet, Chuck Palahniuk may soon have to sell his house but isn’t here on Steem.

Tbh... I may not be good at using search engines, or maybe I just don’t know what to look for but... your art you share here is pretty awesome.


Lol yea I may have been a bit much in this post but I figure it was at least better than my more typically bland posts lol

Thanks for all the support btw it means a lot and also glad you like the artwork, this place has inspired me a lot actually.


I only do bland. Bland is the new pink magenta. ;)

Nothing is so black and white :)
I understand if people quit, we don't know each others personal lives and struggles.
Personally I do art for a living, but different kind. So if I wanted to start a patreon or sell merchandise I would put my other work at stake which I don't want to. I'm having fun here and some of my work is better and some worse. I don't have to be consistent and I can take breaks when I want or need. I was absent for 3 months last year and now it's as if nothing happened.

I agree a lot of content on Steemit isn't worthy or useful for me, but it's supply and demand. Plus some people from low standard countries can earn much more for the same effort.

Moreover, it's up to us if we want to reward quality, effort and/or simple intrigue (like this post for example). Also to keep getting good content, the creators need coompensation otherwise they might not be able to afford the luxury of a hobby.
Most importantly I agree that venting helps ;)


Yea I was a little to harsh in this post lol Iagree with your thoughts actually and I also think its really important for us to support the content creators. It always excites me when I think about what this place could be in4-5 years.


Nahh, I understand. I recently vented about Steemit on Discord and I'm pretty sure I made a few people uncomfortable haha, but it helped me. I got motivation to make 2 more detailed posts even though I felt my dragon post last week was underpaid :P ( I posted the dragon 2 more times to rectify that :) )
Steemit has potential, but I'm afraid it might get overtaken by other blockchain social media, making all the effort wasted. But I hope not :P

Agreed that the community aspect is important - but what is valuable and what is not is in the eyes of the beholder. So, some content on here is, other maybe not so much. But who am I to judge?
If it makes me laugh - it added value to my life. If it makes me think - it did too. 😄

Oh man, those cards need a post of their own...........

Nice to see you actually vent here.......... I think I have never seen you do that before :-) I think one of the advantages of blogging is that one can do whatever one wants on their blog without having to worry about it. I never really had blogged before Steemit, so I kind of discovered this therapy here myself :D

The word quality perhaps is used here a lot but I think there is good reason for it. The basic idea of any social platform is to generate social interaction but the premise of it has to be built on something. I think that is where the idea of 'quality' content comes in. Obviously the said quality doesn't really have to be the best, but at least good enough to create a social dialogue over which people can bond over and perhaps form communities of their own.

I guess even for mutual support we got to get to know each other and I think 'getting to know' part has to come from the content that we create and obviously the quality of that content can give us an idea of the person behind it............... my two cents.

Nevertheless as you said, developing a sense of kinship has to be one of the reasons. Without a decent company this place ( or any for that matter) is going to suck balls.


I really do continue to enjoy your thoughts, I glad you took the time to comment on my blog.

This blogging thing is really new to me so I have very much to learn even after a year. I just hope you dont burn out from all the effort you put in here :)


Your delegation has me so pumped that burning out is not even an option :-)

Actually I am so excited that I have to kind of hold myself back. Basically pace myself so that I can run a longer marathon.

PS: I am self up voting all my posts :-)

I have occasionally wondered if this place would have ended up better or worse if we upvoted people (with or without the percentage) rather than content. Which I think is what some people do anyway (I'm guilty of doing that...well I was going to say when I'm too short on time to venture outside of my feed but that's pretty much always lately, if I upvote something outside my feed it's because someone resteemed it).

Yay for getting tablet back :D


Oddly its a mix for me I think of content plus the person. I forgot to post my comment on your blog post other day. It was long and only read half at the time but it had some great “cartoon” work I am going to go back and finish it cause it was really good.

I do the same with my feed, and it pretty much assures good content :) thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.


It was a bloody long post, I'm surprised people were able to plow through it XD

The "cartoons" are what I call "silly/stupid sketchies" as each "panel" usually takes maybe 10min max to do (or 15 if I actually care about things like perspective), apparently that scratchy style is the only one I can humour in, anything more time-consuming than that automatically becomes srs bzns XD Thanks for being interested anyway!

I manual everything so I miss a lot of things, but if I see something from you I will come look XP

I am not sure about everyone but I usually read the posts I vote for so in my own way I value content... I also know you are very right. Steemit is turning to a worse place than facebook because greed drives some souls. Most people here don't read what they upvote but probably do what they flag. That and the fact that the trending page is trending most of what should not be there makes this site unpredictable in a way too.


Yea i was a little overly harsh lol because I do enjoy and find some content useful. I read prolly 70-80 percent of what i upvote. The people who i follow I have an interest in so i do read when I can. I do find I have to comment more to let them know. Like I read your stuff often but then dont comment, I think sometimes I just dont feel like i have anything valuable to add so would rather not leave a “great post” comment lol

Appreciate you stopping by :)


"Great comment', lol.

Thank you :)

Well... I guess I'll be that guy and remind everyone Steemit is the real world and people are making money with their content in the real world, here.

But I do agree with you, it's the people that bring the true value. Everyone seems to be fixated on content, but in the real world, people follow and support other people. In life, social media; everywhere. I'll support people even on their worst days because I'm a fan, follower or friend of that individual.

When it comes to content though, I always explain it like this: I like motovlogs on Youtube. Not all motovlogs though, because some people are so goddamn boring when they talk that I can't find a reason to spend 10 minutes per day watching their vlog, even if the scenery is fantastic. It's all about the person, not the content.

It's no different anywhere else. People like music, but not everything in that genre is for them, so they pick bands.

Why folks are so fixated on content and not the people doesn't make sense. Then to top it all off, people get disrespected because they produce content some people like and consistently vote for. Who cares about who votes for what! If someone enjoys another individuals presence on this planet, that's life! I'm rambling now... oh well.


Always feel free to be that guy, specially in my blog. Good point about this being the real world as well.

WHich reminds me I have to go leave a comment on a blog post I read of yours the other day cause it was one of my favorites from you I just didn’t leave a comment at the time. I find I have to work on commenting more whenI read someone’s work. I often feel like I dont have much to contribute even if I really liked the article so I say nothing, but I think I have to start saying more just so people know i read it. I read at least 70-80 percent of what i upvote but I think i should try to let em know it.


I need to be doing the same. I'm not commenting enough where I should be, though I do keep busy responding to comments coming my way, so it's not like I'm being a recluse. I read everything I vote on and just yesterday I dropped my 20000th vote on someone. That's a lot of reading posts and comments, information overload maybe, which could be leading to those moments of silence where I too feel like I don't have much to add.

For me its the sense of community, its trying to build a little network of people I hope to support and perhaps even some who support me. It’s a new frontier and I enjoy having people of the same mindset who are trying to build something here, kinship I suppose.

Support has always been the value of Steemit. I think those of us who use heavy chat quickly learn the difference between giving and getting support especially from those who always claim to be the big supporters.

To be honest I read about 10 post per day at max and have 52 people on auto-vote and I really don't care what they are posting because I am supporting that individual and not rather their every post is of top-notch quality. We all have different thoughts and idea's but we are people. I can't say everything I have voted on I agree with or even like but it is the differences that make us worth the support.

BTW did you say you were an artist, I'd like to see some artwork from you one day : )


I was almost thinking of setting up an alt and powering it up some just to put it on autoupvote for people. WIth the people I follow I tend to try and spread out my upvotes evenly between em. It’s hard to get into my feed in these days. I am glad I got in when I did with a lot of us “active chatters”. Pleasure to have met you and I hope things have been going a bit better for you.


Depending on how many you have, you have to do it across a few accounts.

Most of the people in chat are the ones I auto vote and around 10 that I found through their blogs. Chat was the reason I ended up hanging around from the beginning, now it's other projects as well but anytime I want to hang, I always know chat is where it's at.

I am glad we met as well, life is still upside down but there is light starting to show itself.

What does have value to me? I would say its you as an individual, its the social aspect. Many who I met through chat I would almost consider friends and this place is a good way to read posts from them on and to also “reward/help” them with my small vote.

You could not have put it better dear. People need to chill and also see the social side of the platform

Vent away. That's the fun of it!

I don't think I like the sound of Rolling Stone writer dude lol.

I think one day, it'll happen for this platform (or if not, Dan Larimer's Steemit 2.0). The idea is too solid not to work on the long run.

And who's to say it won't happen for you too. Just a tiny chance. A sliver of of one.

For example, what if a budding writer puts out a call for illustrations here, and you answer the call, and the combined work becomes a thing in the real world?

Unlikely maybe, but not impossible in my view. Not impossible. :)

Wow I like the post totally awesome.... I want to resteem so please vote


This is hilarious! Lol.

I find it a great platform to really write open and honestly Also brush up on the writing skills and assessing where you are in life. It feels good to get something off your mind. You can’t do that on “beautiful people “ Instagram or Facebook . Plus If people like it , it’s a few cents in the steembox. Win win .

All the content that works a lot is worth a lot and I have seen many publications that help me prepare many sweets in the kitchen or in the food area, since the coins affect their fluctuations and among others. Not all content does not work. regards

Interesting to stumble on this pretty randomly @steemitadventure, and I feel you on this, BUT....

Social content — on the whole — "ain't worth ****." We talk about Farcebook "raping" all its users because the "profit" from our personal information and we know that they are making billions! Right?

They actually "make" about $19 per account, per year. Barely enough for two movie tickets, here in the US of A. In the "exploitive" advertising business, 1000 page views is actually worth (in most cases) somewhere south of 50 cents.

Steemit is really cool, but I think sometimes people tend to "suspend reality" around here. Everybody gets all wrapped up in "quality" and "content" and "the rewards pool" and "upvotes" and "bidbots" and it becomes easy to lose sight of what perhaps keeps us here:

Like you are suggesting, Community.

This is a SOCIAL content site. Or a SOCIAL blogging site. Granted, I say this with the naive perspective of a 4-months young newbie, but still... this is more like a Patreon hybrid than a Farcebook...

Just my $0.02.