One year anniversary on Steemit (July 21, 2018)

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On this day one year ago, I joined Steemit and created a Steemit Blog under the name @steemit-foodie. It would be appropriate to take the opportunity to reflect on my past year on Steemit, under a series of Who-What-When-Where-Why questions:

Who introduced me to Steemit?

It was my husband who introduced me to Steemit. He discovered Steemit as he is into cypto currency. As for me, I still don't have a clue about cypto and and rely on my husband to manage. But yes, one of these day, I will figure it out.

What do I like most about Steemit?

I love the chance to participate in contests on Steemit, in particular, the Steemit Sandwich Contest. Not only I get to play with food as I love to eat, I am also able to unleash my creativity to produce sandwiches to share with my fellow contestants. It's a super fun and friendly competition as I shared a lot of laughter and chatted with many.

When do I find time to post?

I do have a full time job which kept me busy, but I never had problem finding time to post. Trust me, when you enjoy doing something, you will find the time. However, I just had a two month old baby, it is getting difficult to manage my time, but I post whenever I can.

Where do I see myself going with Steemit?

I love to blog, share my thought and ideas about FOOD. Steemit is the perfect platform for me to do just that. I don't care if I have followers or likes, but I do need an outlet for me to share! As of now, I see myself continuing to do that as long as I continue to love FOOD.

Why was I on Steemit initially?

I had posted a couple of introduction posts in the past to share the reasons I am on Steemit. Here are links to them:


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Yummy good for sure. Happy Steem Day.

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