Why Your Posts Never Reach to Desired Audience in Steemit ?

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Today I decided to handle one of the core problems that minnows face while they are using the Steemit Platform. Because with the HF19, we welcomed lots of new people to the platform and we all saw that our most precious articles didn't get the attention they deserve.As an educated guy in communication and advertisement ,I will try to solve some of the problems I see in posts.


Communication model explanation (Steemit)

Since the 20th century communication is accepted as a branch of science. Shannon - Weaver Communication model is one of the early models that aims to send your message in most efficient way. This model is a pioneer eventhough it is a linear engineer style model , it works perfectly fine in todays technological communication style. The model is pretty simple there is a sender. In this case the sender is you and You encode a message and send it with some platform. Since our Platform is Steemit we don't have to decide which Medium is better to deliver our message. You wrote your quality content and post it using Steemit , but you didn't get any comments or upvotes ( Feedback ). Obviously there is an important factor preventing your message to read your audience. We call it Noise , noise is basicly everything in the platform that prevents your message to reach desired audience. We can't change the medium because we are going to continue to blog in steemit , therefore I'm going to try to enlighten you guys how to bypass some of the noise and reach to the desired audience.


The Headlines in your posts

According to my researchs and my endless desire to get feedback from others helped me to find this one out. @kingscrown adviced me to keep titles short and explanatory. If you wan't to reach your desired audience always create a decent headline to explain your piece of article. Obviously this is really important , because it will help you to reach your desired audience . Clickbait headlines may work too but it will work for only once . If you want to build your respected audience people will notice you are doing clickbait headlines.

As an instance : https://steemit.com/life/@steeminator3000/steeminator3000-is-on-a-mission-operation-youtube

Here is an example from one of my series . It says Steeminator3000 is on A mission : Operation Youtube eventhough it is clear in my mind. This one is an example of bad title because it says nothing about what am I writing or what am I going to talk about in the article.

This is my 2nd month in steemit but I'm still trying experimenting stuff and I try to learn how the platform works.


However this article written by @heimindanger is saying what will be inside the article. It is decent example of how to headline.

Increasing the traffic to your Blog & Networking

There is noise in the platform . SO WHAT ? . Networking and interaction with community is really going to be helpful to you if you really want to buildup an audience . Because there are lots of active influencal community leaders in the platform. If you really think you created something gold they will eventually see it. More you interact with community you got more chance to avoid Noise. Because lots of people posting and creating content in popular tags. Just interact with platform and you will definelty see the beneficial side on this. I recruited like 5 people to the Steemit , 2 of them already quit the platform because of 0$ Syndrome. Please don't demotivate yourself because you are earning 0$ just start networking and create your own audience.

Follower Count

This is another subtitle for networking. I mostly advice my padawans @kalvas @yberkg @bettybleu do networking instead of posting , because interacting with other people is the key part. I see no point creating quality content when you have no connections. It is like sending the message to wall. But don't forget there are also some decent hardworking curators and they are good at noticing gold. Eventhough you have few followers , you got a decent change to discovered by @ocd or @curie . As an instance you opened an instagram account and you got 0 followers at the moment. You post a super hot photo of yourself and you didn't get any upvotes. It is same in Steemit you can't expect 100 of votes when you got only 25 followers. It is all about how you use a mass communication platform. Follow the content creators you like and start interacting with them !!!

"Medium is the Message"

Eventhough this is still highly discussed . This theory is created by Marshall Mcluhan a professor with his media theories.
Meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in any message it would transmit or convey, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived. It is still a higly controversial topic in communication theories , but I support it in some parts. So basicly if you want to deliver your message to your audience. You should learn how your medium works. The more you learn about Steemit Your chance of bypassing Noise gets higher. Learn how the platform works then create your message accordingly.

Even the time When you Post Matters!

Yes! between 17:00 and 19:00 the posts gets more upvotes and it may increase your chance to reach wider audience. This is definelty not an ideal way of posting but I just want to state this one out too. Because creating message is the easier part the hard part is how to deliver it efficiently.


This one is another title as important as headline. Because people's reading patterns changed with the internet technology. Instead of reading a whole article full of information lots of people prefers to read more easily digestable formats. When you are creating your message don't forget to encode it in a decent digestable format. This can help you greatly. Because Eventhough you are a nobel prize winner author , you may end up with 0$ syndrome. Always make your writings understandable. I'm still working on this because I'm a native english speaker my mother language is Turkish.

Today I tried to summarize the main problems minnows like me faced when they are using platform and I tried to give usefull tactics about how to avoid Noise created by community. Hopefully it is going to help many minnows like me. I know it is going to be hilarious and lots of irony going to happen if this post doesn't reach to the desired audience 😝

Thanks For reading , See you Soon !

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Nice post! Followed and uprooted! I also suspect there are some randomness in post upvotes. The pareto principle is also nice to have in mind: 20% of your posts get 80% of the rewards. I do not know how all the bots that supposedly are on Steemit will influence the 'noise' part?

Such valuable insights.
All valid points.

Emphasizing : Interaction - create value followship - quality content - good formatting - great headlines - great thumbnail (800x600) and build your brand.

Great stuff.


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wonderful post thanks for sharing.

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Thank you steeminator3000!
A brilliant post - chock full of facts and intriguing information.

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Thanks a lot for your appreciation icedrum !

I really liked what I read. Thank you.


Thank you too !

Great info & post :D and its always funky when ' someone is watching ya ' :p ;) LOL


Paranoia level over 90000


paranoia???!! ...

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LOL fab, il be watching ya then ;)




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I like the part "Follower Count" most. This is an advice I try to give everyone who is asking me about how to start on Steemit. I am new to Steemit but this I know for sure. Give great comments and you will get the attention. Especially at the beginning before you start posting at all.


Yes you need to read the content creators you like and leave a comment basicly interact with community !


Thanks a lot for this advice!

you put suspance in your post down down down hahaha lot of people waiting @farhannaqvi7

Very informative posting.Keep posting on similar topics.Thanks for your effort.

thx @ steeminator3000 and @kingscrown , @kalvas @yberkg @bettybleu

I will learn to make my post a lot of interest by people, hopefully this post can be useful for many people

plis upvot https://steemit.com/photograpy/@pinkbiru21/rumoh-aceh

Really great post, thank you. I'm a web designer who specializes in UX, user experience. You make important points here. I think I'll do some posts about writing for the web platform and usability. Important things to know for improving readability.


Probably don't forget there are also commoners who is interested in some stuff. Better use less terminology


Yes, exactly!! That's one of the key points. I work at a university as a web designer and teach faculty and students about writing content and interface design. The KISS method is always best. No jargon or undefined acronyms for example.

Very useful information, thank you!

aman aman :) also about "permalink" and post's titles...it is true that the shorter the title the better in fact by writing in the title box a famous tag like steemit or art or bitcoin and posting it you have created a "clean" permalink where the site algorithm has a clear pass to what your post is about and then quickly back at editing it again this time writing what ever title you want and as long as you want it too because by that you have by-passed the "noise" zone but now the human eye zone which also prefer short title and too the point in fact the 1 word title in my opinion is the strongest title there is, titles like "WHAT??" "ANTICHRIST" "HELLO" ...lol but because of that also the hardest to make lol...but that's just my opinion !! assalamualekum

nice post
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Very useful information. thanks for sharing. followed n upvoted

Helpful mate. Ta

Great article that covers major noise issues that obstruct reaching the target audience or even the followers.

Find it a bit confusing checking for the content that matters in the Home feed. Having two separate feeds one general and one favorite would be nice since i do not want to miss content that matters and do not want to un-follow beginners that may need support and/or advice too.

I am not even talking about the noise in New feed. You have to be really bussy to keep up with the flow of new content.


Great summary man you are right maybe some arrangement in interface can solve this because it is fast !


Well it is beta I am sure developers are well aware of the issues and will fix it:)

Muchas Gracias ! Esto me servira!

Very good post @ steeminator3000. I will try to put this information into practice. Many thanks for sharing it. ;)


Hope it works for you

I am American myself but have children who are half Turkish and many relatives I still hold very dear. Harika makale, Teşekkür ederim! resteemed and upvoted!


Great turkish skills ben teşekkrü ederim


:) Our surname is Çiftçi. Do you live in the U.S. or Turkeyi? My older children are 35 and 32. Both live in the U.S. Florida and North Carolina. Been trying to get my son on Steemit as he is an amazing writer.


Ah 100 percent turkish name I'm currently living in Turkey hope your grandchildren starts soon !

nice advice . thanks for sharing

Great article mate. this would explain alot for my articles.

Thanks for a very useful and positive article

thank you! this article terminated any confusion !! (-:


Thats my job indeed terminating confusions !


I will be sending the link for this to new friends who join Steemit. Also resteemed. Would have voted but pointless right now.

That's helpful man! I hate clickbait! I will try shorter headlines!


Thanks for your kind comment I just tried to be helpful hope it works !


great! Wish you a great day!

That is a very good post agree with you, I never post more than 1 a day. There are people who put to many posts on per day. Makes it difficult to upvote.


Yeah that works too ! spamming decreases the value

Thanks for the post.
I am one of those Minnows that is struggling to be seen!
I am doing what I can and slowly I feel like I may get 'seen'.
Right now its a waiting game.

@steeminator3000 got you a $1.85 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@steeminator3000 got you a $1.85 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image: pixabay.com)

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Well-written, not much to say! Appreciate your help a lot, thanks, man!


Thank you too buddy !

hmmm 5 to 7? you don't say!! I've been doing it all wrong!! Only 2 or 3 people see my post. I thought something fishy was going on! ;)


Now you can get more traffic to your blog !

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This was extremely useful I got alot out of it 😊 I will strive to do better thank you for your help🌷


Thanks man I appreciate your interest !

great info!

Thanks for sharing this information. Very helpful to us newbies.

Nice post but even with these tips followed it can be tough here. I had a really good growth initially but everything slowed down and it is tough to stay motivated. How is your experience with that?


Yeah motivation is the hardest part I try to take feedbacks from people to keep myself motivated or to improve

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nice post

Great article and thanks for mentioning @ocd as well. Networking is key to succeeding online (or anywhere else).

Thanks for a positive article. upvote and resteem

Totally true! @steeminator3000 and the message. The message must be so so clear in mind. Don't you think? Peace...V
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Great post, thanks for sharing your knowledge so us small fish can grow! ::thumbs up::

Nice post! Resteemed & upvoted!

Do you mean between 17:00 and 19:00 in you own time zone if you are targeting a 'local' topic? What UTC zone time do you think you should target for maximum global appeal?

Good info but that gif is killing me! HaHa

Yeah, this is useful,

Reboat and set sail!

Awesome post. Very informative.

Its pretty helpful @steeminator3000
I do some of these tips .

This is great content. I will keep an eye on those tips. Thanks for sharing!
A big hug from Venezuela!

You did justice to this article.... You elaborately touched on key points that will help more steemians here get more visibility. Nice work

Really Awesome article...Thanks !!

i think a lot f thing to learn for me from this article. Thank you and keep posting this way and i will follow u every day.

I am definitely slow in learning how to use this platform but I enjoy reading posts like yours. Thank you!

I am definitely interested in content producing and reading. Steem on!

Thanks for your post steeminator3000 i will follow your guide lines!

Thanks for the tips :)

good suggestions @steeminator3000, I'd like to add a thought in response to
"networking instead of posting , because interacting with other people is the key part. I see no point creating quality content when you have no connections. "
Yes, I agree but also think it's important to have a few of your own good quality posts up before doing too much networking. The reason I think this is important is because when someone writes a compelling comment or I discover them in some way, I immediately go over to their blog to see if this is an anomaly or if they are creators I'm interested in. This isn't possible to determine unless there is some content for me to peruse and I won't follow someone unless I want to see their content.

its such a great article

very good article. let me finish reading it and resteem

Great work, very useful advices. Thanks! I follow you now.

Good post, I'll try to digest some of these tips and implement them in future posts!