Recruiting your Friends on SteemIt & Getting Them Addicted

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The success of steem

As someone who has been a part of STEEM for almost one year now, I think we can all agree that the success of STEEM depends very much on how well received the platform is by the general audience, and mainstream adoption hopefully in the coming future.

As early adopters, we want to see the steemit community grow as much and as fast as possible, and one of the best ways we can do this is by making a collective effort to spread the word and recruit those closest to us, as smartly as possible.

Over time, I managed to succesfully recruit a good number of friends. I think I am getting pretty good at it, and this article's purpose is to help you profit from my experience so you can recruit your friends, get them to stay, and give them the most chances in the STEEM game even if you are not a huge whale yourself.

My padawans

Here are the current stats of the friends I consider 'succesfully converted'.


This is an old friend of mine from France, who already shared my interest in Bitcoin and Crypto before, so it was logical to inform him about STEEM on the next day after I discovered it.


I recruited this friend while on a trip to Poland. Young user, who is mostly used to mobile devices, and who had absolutely no idea about cryptocurrency / cryptography before steem. Dogs don't go to school, you know.


A friend from Turkey with whom I play some DotA games. He begs for money often. 6 months ago I gave him 20$ on Poloniex, that he grew to $300 and recently converted it all to STEEM Power.


A business partner from Singapore. I have been talking to him about crypto for a while, but he never bought bitcoins because he was 'waiting for the right time', but prices have been growing steadily, so here he is on STEEM instead.

Now that the personas are introduced, I will make a list of the most common obstacles that my friends encountered.

The Language Barrier / Bad English people

As you can see, I recruited on many different countries/continents! All my internet friends usually speak English, but @french.fyde does not! His first bad impression about Steem was that 'Tout est en Anglais putain!' (Everything is in English).


  1. Try to get them to speak English! Seriously. It's quite an easy language.
  2. Tell them to use the tags for their native languages. fr for french, es for spanish, kr for korean, cn for chinese, and so on.
  3. If they want to post in broken English, they can. But it should be very graphical. For example @french.fyde posted a lot of cooking recipes with a lot of appetizing pictures.

Your friends will try to argue that they will get less rewards if they don't post in English, because all the posts in the Trending page are in English at the moment. While they are right that they will get less visibility, they will also get much less competition for articles in their language! A lot of languages already have active tags and can get some very decent rewards for the actual competition.

Also, we need to keep in mind that as the STEEM ecosystem grows, more and more tools will be translated into multi-language (steemit I'm looking at you). Also I need to mention it, the mobile app eSteem by @good-karma is already translated in the most popular languages.

The $0 Syndrome

"My posts don't make anything, I am getting no traction" is a feeling a lot if not all of newbies experience here on STEEM. It will happen to most of your friends. I remember @dailydogger refreshing its post every minute to see if it got a new vote. Most of the time it won't be the case and your friends might quickly think that their contents are worthless.


  1. Ask your friends how many likes they got on their first facebook posts. Or other social networks. It should be enough to make them realise that Rome wasn't built in a day
  2. Upvote your friends - ALWAYS. They will see you are active on the site and understand you want to 'teamplay' with them. Trust is worth money and with already-made friends it's even easier.
  3. Resteem your friends when you believe they pushed themselves on an article. If you have a lot of followers, it should give them some increased exposure and help them grow faster
  4. Get your friends to join the #minnowsupport, more on that later in the article

"It's all about NETWORKING 1!!!"

I'm looking at you @steeminator3000. It also applied to @french.fyde in the past.

While this part is very true, it is also true for any other social media, or life itself. If your friends are either :

  • blaming bots / curation guilds
  • blaming whales for not upvoting them
  • calling STEEM a lottery game
  • saying they don't want to suck #@!$ to get votes

Then they might be in denial after their lack of success. It's a very normal human thing. As a guide, your role is to not let them fall into that mind trap. Truth is they just need to network more to get more exposure.

This data from reddit (which has similar interactions than steemit) shows us that there is about 9 comments per root post. A lot of newbies on STEEM will forget about this aspect of the platform, and concentrate on their own posts. Bad Strategy.


  1. Force your friends to do AT LEAST 9 comments for each article they publish. Of course it shouldn't be retarded comments like all 'nice article plz check out my blog' (like the guy I gave 3 downvotes to earlier). They should try to build a real connection and convert this person (or others who might read it) into a follower. Tell your friends that comments can earn money as well!
  2. If commenting goes well, chances are your friends might want to talk in private with a STEEM user one day. In which case, a lot of people are on SteemIt.Chat, including myself.
  3. If your recruited friends don't know each other (my case here), send them the link of the profile or an article of your other friends once in a while until they follow each other and become direct friends through STEEM.
  4. Force them to improve what they are doing. Explain to them that with good quality and consistency, their articles will get more and more votes on average and maybe end up getting autoupvoted by a bunch of big whales looking for curation rewards.
  5. Tell them not to focus too much on how much money was made each day. Tell them to count how many total interactions they had in total today on the network (incoming votes, outgoing votes, resteems in/out, comments received on their articles, comments posted by themselves, chats on Money comes with time...

Should I invest into this? Where can I buy Bitcoins ?!

Applied to @steeminator3000 and @nnnhhh

Your friends might be lost in the crypto-jungle right now. They will probably have a lot of questions, maybe even mentioning 'mining' or some dark stuff of the 20th century. DO NOT PANIC.


Show what these websites offer to your friends:

That should be enough for them to understand this is not a real obstacle, they can do it the way they want. However, remember them to never gamble what they cannot afford to lose. Of course, because it is in your own personal interest (your friends will most likely upvote you), you should be praising STEEM on how good of a blockchain it is:

  • Graphene Blockchain Technology: 60 billions transactions per millisecond
  • Zero-Fees transactions
  • 4 seconds blocks
  • Open Source
  • Easy addresses for sending money (@heimindanger instead of 1FfmbHfnpaZjKFvyi1okTjJJusN455paPH)

Congratulations, your friends will now commit real money into STEEM, most likely power it up and get even more addicted (at least for 13 weeks). You can consider this a great success.

Minnow Support

My latest padawan @nnnhhh discovered this thing called 'MinnowSupport':

I've tried it as well and I must say it is good for new users. Every 10 hours, minnows can easily get a strong vote from bots, and it's almost free (one time registration fee of 0.002 STEEM). I'm getting my padawans to use it, it will probably help a bit with their zero dollar syndrome.

To join this new steem it 'hack'/'exploit'/'revolution', you just need to join the discord server, and follow the pinned messages instructions. In the current state, I believe @minnowsupport to be a great tool. I will be using the tool, as well as my padawans. Thus, I delegated 500 SP to the @minnowsupport account.

In opposition to this 'basically free' tool, we have recently witnessed the rise of what I believe to be a much harder abuse of the system: @randowhale. Maybe another article about my full views on it later.

Finally, thanks to their higher understanding of STEEM and crypto, your padawans will start achieving moderate success. When they are getting comfortable/cocky, send them this guide, and ask them to recruit a few friends themselves. But be really patient about it, there is no point of them starting to recruit new users if they cannot answer all basic questions, it would only confuse new users even more and they might think something wrong about STEEM and never come back.

Feel free to tag your own padawans in the comments and explain what went wrong with them, more experience can only help us all.
Upvotes/Resteems always welcome of course.

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Kickass article @heimindanger! I have found a similar problem, but from the viewpoint of one of your friends. It is articles like this and others out there who help new Steemians like myself. One must realize like you said, "Rome was not built in a day." We must continue to produce content and interact with other users, like you and many other successful Steemians have told us to do. The secrets to success on Steemit are out there, they are not secrets, they just take time and effort like anything!


Exactly @elderfinancial , I am new here too :) I think what matters is genuine interaction. Don't comment just to comment. Put some meaning behind it. Your comment is awesome and just the kind of interaction I'm referring to. Thank you!


Please help me elderfinancial I can be your youngpadawan


Well like I said I'm new to Steemit myself, but starting to read and comment with a thoughtful response is my biggest strategy outside of writing posts! Has helped me gain reputable followers for sure!

i have the high ground now

Nice post and good advice. I am still very much a newbie here (just over a week) but am trying to engage with the steem community as much as I can. Regularly posting articles and commenting. I just wrote a much simpler article about helping grow your steem profile:

Great info @heimindanger! I will surely used some of these great tips and advice! I'll be following!

I am one of the listed padawans! heimindanger is a supportive dad for us there at steemit and I am sure I wouldn't be posting there if not for his fascination over the platform.

I am doing the same and I have only been in Steemit for a few days. It is addictive

Good article, I'm just beginning and I look for information like this, I hope to soon bring my friends here. Keep writing, Greetings and thanks.

Great post! Just getting started today and I am super excited! Would love to be friends and connect with any others. What type of content are you focusing on and what is best in your opinion. Thanks!

Very nice post!

Good idea I m gonna work on it

A great article overall, but: "Try to get them to speak English! Seriously. It's quite an easy language." Really? This sounds like Paris Hilton saying "Poor people just need to get a job."

I'd say that if one invites non-english speaking friends, one should encourage them to strengthen the tag of their language, so that when more people of their country come along, they will find an active section in their own tongue.

The varied boilerplate of cultures is part of what makes Steem so interesting!


I agree! Why should try to also enlarge non-english communities.

Very good article. Nice Minnow Support shout out.

Thanks @heimindanger
Already gave very good suggestions.
Must be more patient for everything to run smoothly

Hello I'm that beggar padawan in the post PLEASE SEND ME STEEM !!


Please give us know later if it worked lol


Nah it didn't

I've mentioned it to people and definitely know a few people that will catch on sooner or later. Thanks! Good info.

v nice post i think it so much helping material for the new users that can now have full grip on the steemit plateform thanks for sharing this nice mpost vd us dear keep it up always

Addicted for sure :-)

Nice article mate, I tried to bring some friends but they still skeptical about steemit. But with your insights I´ll give a second try! ;D

This post received a 10% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @heimindanger! For more information, click here!


It's rigged ;)

Hi Heimindanger. Nice work converting your friends. Mine are reluctant to even look at the site even now when the rewards have greatly improved. I had a suggestion for steemwhales I hope you wouldn't mind me giving. It's one of my favourite steemtools and I normally use it to figure out what users have the greatest influence on the platform. I recently realised though that influence is affected by another factor now which is delegated power.

I was wondering if you would want to include that data on steemwhales so that we have a better idea which accounts have the most power based on delegation. Anyway thank you for the services you provide to steemians. I hope to see widespread adoption very soon.


I think it's hard to recruit people, especially in the jungle of multi level marketing we currently see on internet. People can easily mistake STEEM for a ponzi scheme or 'make money behind your computer' scam. Don't talk too much to them about the mechanics of the system, crypto-currency, bitcoin, etc, I've noticed this has a tendency to lose people's interest in STEEM. Just show it as a normal social network with gamification and rewards for best players. Most people won't give a fuck about the decentralised part of STEEM, sadly.

Your suggestion is very good, I was already thinking of doing it soon. It's very achievable. Probably in a future update ;)

I don't know why but I keep talking my friends about Steemit and they just don't seem interested in it. Any tips how to bring them here? :D


The same way you get people to use a website / app ... just use it yourself in front of them and they will passively convert.

I've noticed, some people that I tried too hard to convince to use steem and talk about how it works, the rewards, the blockchain, they confuse everything and think it's a scam or something weird... If you look like a casual user to them, and you keep using it, it will peak their interest and they will ask about it.

Reverse psychology ;)


well my friends don't belive me when I say that with the money from my introduction post I bought myself a carpet. They think it's a scam. They just need some more time :)

GREAT ARTICLE!!! Many people are really euphoric when they hear that there is a social network where they can earn money by blogging. Then​ they see in the beginning that it's​ not working like they imagined. Newbies and all People. YOU NEED TO BE PATIENT! Nothing grows over night. Focus on producing good content and networking like this post tells it. Everyone​ train a long breath.

This is the exact advice i have been looking for! How to get my friends to join Steemit!! I have been telling them about Bitcoin since 2 years ago when i first bought it, but none of them listened! (Ok maybe it's because i come from an artistic/designing background but many of them work in the finance sector, so they feel they are more knowledgeable in this area.) They have been quite skeptical and stubborn... One guy said he was going to short-sell bitcoin, i'm not sure if he's serious about it lol. Anyway, I don't think a person should invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies blindly without first studying what it is about.

I'm still telling people about Steemit. First success, I got my boyfriend @somafied to sign up... but he's not active at all!!! He's too busy playing Dota and Path of

Im already addicted !! #Steemfam

I love green man.

Coucou !
J'aurai aimé t'envoyer ce post en privé mais je ne sais pas encore comment faire ;-) J'ai créé ma première vidéo sur @roxane pour faire découvrir steemit à mes amis :-) n'hésite pas à aller jeter un coup d'oeil !


Déjà vu et upvoté à 100% hier ;)


Ha oki :-) Sorry ^_^ Il était tard pour moi ;)

great post dear it will be a great post for all such a fantastic effort from you followed you and upvoted , hope so you also follow me back and upvote

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nice post (y)

oh no i wanted to resteem this post but i just saw that this is 10 days old and not-resteemable! :( whyyyyy What happen to all the good posts on Steemit after 7 days? they just get buried??

Hey man nice post, i just want to say that it has been a hassle trying to get my friends on steemit. So much so that i am all alone in my circle on this site. I cant wait though for a few months down the line when this site gets really big and they are playing catch up :P

Thanks @heimindanger for such good advice

where can i get you to discuss your upvote bot?

· ?

Article vraiment détaillé ! Bravo !


hahahahahahahahahaha this is hilarious!!!

Thank you @heimindanger for the big support and and the solutions to some problems that borders us the minnows on steemit. Your words are deep and I would follow every inch to the later. Thank you once again to the supports and encouragement so far.

I got addicted to being on Steemit within my first 24hours... i have been walking around my city looking like ive just came from a sauna

Hey @heimindanger awesome video, legit. Very informative for a newbie, thank you!!
I want to make one like this to help me show the people closest to me in the real world, so I decided to search and see what was out there. This was one of the better articles I came across and I was wondering I can reference and use some of the links and articles you have here?

Thanks for the advice, I have some friends that will be interested in steemit but I am new here and there are some things that I have not yet understood so it is difficult explaining it to them.