" Bhagvad Gita " & Steemit few Phrases for Thought !!

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Hare Krishna ! Hare Rama ! Hare Krishna !!

Surprised to see me chanting...?? Don't be..today I am bringing up some interesting points right from Bhagvad Gita. Last couple of days , I come along with few post from my dear Steemians, who seems losing faith and also finding it difficult to survive and thereby leaving such amazing platform.

Bhagvad Gita is a Sanskrit scripture containing Philosophy and Commentores preached by Lord Krishna. It teaches you ethical and moral lessons for selfless life.



I cames out with 2 pharases which is suiting correctly on Steemit platform currently

Firstly -

क्यों व्यर्थ चिन्ता करते हो ? किससे व्यर्थ डरते हो ?
Why do you worry unnecessarily? Why do you fear in vain?

An important lesson in everyone life. Why people bother about so many things. In this artificial world the need and greed to have more keep people worry. Which keep them fear of losing everything.

Secondaly -

तुम्हारा क्या गया जो रोते हो ? तुम क्या लाए थे, जो तुमने खो दिया ?
What have you lost, that you cry? What did you bring with you that you lost?

You have come on this earth empty handed, so you do not need to bother of losing anything.

If I put up these preaching on Steemit, then i would consider that we have not bought anything hereon Steemit. We keepp ourself worried due to the falling Steem prices, but we forgot when we have joined and at first Steemit also put emphasis on building community. Any rewards generated thereby is just the bonus you deriving out of it. Still people feel failed and thereby leaving the platform.

If I ask,what is the secondary option you will do leaving Steemit??? ....Facebook...Twitter?? Right...and do you get any rewards from there??? NO....then why not stick to Steemit. What are the advantages / benefits you will be deriving out of leaving Steemit???...Nothing..!!!

I would suggest to Just consider Steemit as another social platform leaving aside all the bonuss..i.e rewards you are getting out of it.!

Put emphassis on building community and knowing people. Instead of leaving stick to it 👌 . It is blessing in disguise for those who do not know how to make utilisation of time. If you have spare time then be on Steemit to explore its different facets.

Leaving Steemit is not an option...enjoy your stay!!

Recently , I come against a conversation between a user and sir @surpassinggoogle i was amazed to see that the Steemit great's view on the subject is same as mentioned on Gita. @surpassinggoogle glad to read such amazing thoughts from you

Keep Steeming...Steem On !!!

Namaste from @steemflow


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Well said bro.
Just enjoy posting and talking in here. Whatever comes is a bonus, enjoy it, spend on your family and friends and share the happiness.
If you don't get anything still enjoy the conversation and community.
You have the right attitude. :)

Greed ..polluting the place ...else it is a good place as compared to other social platform

Yeah true!
Hope that gets solved with the coming times.

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Well said @steemflow! Whatever is written in Bhagwat Gita is so apt in today’s world but implementing it in real life, that is the challenge!

Bas yahi toh......people unable to adapt. But these are good for living a happier life..now i m thinking of joining 😉

Sanyaas mat le Lena. 😝I have heard jo ek baar Bhagwat Gita padh le woh moh maya toh kya sansaar se virakt ho jaata hai.

🙏 jai ho.....

Unexpectedly see in the ancient book a prop for the steemit. I'll think about it.

Some interesting facts...put on ancient things...do check it out

it is so good of you to try and uplift the spirits of those who are losing faith

Just trying to get things together on steemit

Well said

What have you lost, that you cry? What did you bring with you that you lost?

Thanks dear...👍 some own common points..needs to revise time to time

Very well said, it isn't just Steem that is low right now all - all other crypto's are and they rise and fall together. Steem and Steemit are still two separate entities, and whatever rewards we do get on here when converted to Steem Power either through post rewards or by powering up will grow every year by 10%

Whatever the rewards you get, it has to be worthwhile keeping on posting here because you are still getting more then if you did nothing at all - and as you quite rightly say alot more then on other social medias.

And whatever happens you can still earn on here by joining in the multitude of competitions, @derangedvisions does regular photography contests and @mermaidvampire does guess the colour competitions where everyone wins.

#thealliance #witness

Rightly said @c0ff33a people who easily leaves are the one who join for greed....thanks for putting value to my post with beautiful comments👌

Saludos desde Venezuela!!! Éxitos

There is so much wisdom to be found in the Bagavad Gita. Glad to see some of it here on Steemit. Much love xx

Thanks @kristaluton you are absolutelly right....seems you have known many👌

@steemflow : Bhai everytime someone mentions Bhagwad Gita or Ramayana.. The only thing that comes to my mind is 'there is a detailed guide on dealing with almost all the problems, and yet here I am sitting idly and complaining about life being unfair' :-)

This is my third year with reading Bhagwad Gita as new year resolution :-(

Lol...applying it practically is the issue...so be practical..how your new year resolution going on..😉

Great post! Eternal wisdom applies to everything, even Steemit.

Thanks @dbooster glad you came by👍