Steem Dunk Coming Soon - Automating Steemit

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Introducing a new bot: Steem Dunk!

Steem Dunk is an automated up vote service. We aim to be hassle free and don't require storing your keys anywhere on our servers keeping your account safe!

Having dealt with a number of issues with other services, Steem Dunk was born! The website is fully operational and you can expect registration to open soon for all users. We'll keep you posted when the service goes fully live. There are currently a handful of testers on the platform so we can iron out any potential issues so that you can have a fully operable and (hopefully :) hassle free experience!

Want to support?

Currently, we lack art work. If you want to contribute any art that would be greatly appreciated. You will receive early access and cookies as a token of our appreciation.

Not an artist? Any support is greatly appreciated!

Steem on. See you soon!

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The team @minnowbooster should take a closer look at this, would be a great and easy tool for minnows to use.
Never miss a post from your favorite Steemian, easily auto curate posts, puts the user in charge of when and how much to vote.
It is in Alpha stage atm and soon to go Beta.

Calling @originalworks :)
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I like cookies! Show me the cookies :D

This is AWESOME!!!!!

I expect this to pick up a LOT of momentum soon. Very innovative.

Very cool!

Awesome work 😊

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what is the url of steemdunk ?


Hi! Registration will be opening this week, there will be an announcement post when the launch is ready. All the details will be provided in the coming post. =)


better question, how to signup?

we have a winner :-)