[Introducing SteemBoost] – The First Available System used for Boosting Your STEEM Story

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SteemBoost is one of the most expected new tool for STEEM users. 

You can use starting today this powerful system to increase the exposure of your #steemit posts and to discover new great authors in the wonderful world of blockchain. For the last 3 weeks we worked hard to write the code, test, retest and design and now we are ready for this awesome day! The launch day! 

Here we are, ready to Boost some STEEM Posts, ready to complete the #steemtools with our work and most of all, ready to receive your warm welcome in #introduceyourself.

Due to possible misunderstanding of our platform we need to start with this alert:


SteemBoost  - How does it work?   

You create a new account on SteemBoost.com (We recommend you to use your STEEM username at signup - you will find out why at the end of the article)

You login in your new created account and you start using the Steem Booster! 

When you are reading or sharing other SteemBoost users Post you will receive Boost Points. The Boost Points are the internal sharing points that you can use later to Boost your Posts.  When you have minimum 50 Boost Points you can start boosting your post! When you want to give your Posts a Boost you will pay 2 Boost Points to people that are reading or decide how much you want to pay them for sharing your Post on Facebook. It is basically one fair deal:

You read/share others post, others read/share your posts!  

To celebrate our launch, each new user will get 5 Boost Points at sign up

The service just incentivizes users to read specific posts on Steemit, not to vote or to comment for them, you can of course do that if you like the post, but it is up to you and you are still getting a point just for reading the post.

This is the first version of the system and we hope you will start using it and help us test it’s functionality and report any bugs.    

The features of the system include now:   

  • Reading Exchange 
  • Facebook Sharing  
  • Point Transfer 
  • Visual Graph Representation (for Hits and Points) 
  • Referral System (you get 100 Boost Points for each referred sign up)   


SteemBoost is functional on any device. You can use it on any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. 

Some of the benefits you will get by using SteemBoost ver 0.1 :   

  • Real STEEM users will now easily discover your posts 
  • More people will share your post link on Facebook   

The next version will include:  

  • New membership features 
  • Other Social Sharing options 
  • Boost Points monetisation (you will be able to buy and sell your points for STEEM and Steem Dollars) 
  • Other languages for the website  

More than 5 Boost Points BONUS   

We hope you will sign up and start using SteemBoost and give us feedback regarding your user experience. 

You can use the support area from your account to send us info about any bugs or give us any idea about how to improve the system.    

We invite you to follow the official Steemit account @steemboost if you want to know fast about our updates. We prepared another 10 Boost Points launch BONUS if you follow us in the next 48 hours.   

How to get this BONUS: 

  1. Sign Up on SteemBoost.com using your STEEM username 
  2. Follow us @steemboost 
  3. We will then add another 10 Boost Points to your SteemBoost.com account in minutes 

Waiting for your first impressions in the comment zone!

Enjoy your new #steem tool!


Warning, Domain is sending people to a scam, (removed from Steemtools.com)

The site won't let me sign up, but I do have a few questions:
How does this model differ from traffic-exchanges?
Do you need to vote to earn 'steemboost points'?
If its a vote-4-vote system, how does this create anything but spam for Steemit?

I don't know why you can not sign up. Please explain! The website is a dedicated traffic exchange but dedicated for steemit posts. We like to call it a "reading exchange". You can easily discover new posts that people want to promote using Boost points. You don't need to vote for Steem Points. You vote or share only if you like the content.

I am curious to see how this will work when multiple people get on and use it, but I guess it can't be any worse than occasionally shouting out your story on the steemit.chat post promotion channel.

Just as a question of clarification after testing a few things out. The only post I see on the boost list is this announcement post. Will this be appear as stream of posts once more users join? What will determine the order those are displayed to me? Boost points?

Thanks for the feedback!The system is fresh! As long as users will sign in and will post links, more links will be available!

6 HOUR UPDATE: After 6 hours from the fresh start we have the first update:

  1. Thank you all for the warm welcome and for reporting errors
  2. Some of you can not sign up: we are still working on that!
  3. Boost Points rewards update:
    -You will get 5 Boost Points when you sign up
    -You need at least 50 points in your account for your story to be listed on Steem Booster after the manual approval
    -You pay 2 Boost Points each time another user is reading your post
    -You earn 1 Boost Point when you read a story
    -You need at least 100 Points in your account to post your links in the Facebook Share list. You will decide how many points you want to spend /share
    -You don't need to vote for the story but you can vote if you like it (this is about discovering new interesting posts)
    -Read our post and find out why it is important to Follow @steemboost
    Thank you!

Thanks, great work, I will try it!

Register didn't seem to work. It says Account Is Already Registered On This IP. even though I opened it first time.

First bug detected! Thank you! Can you please tell me you OS and Browser used? Thanks!

Windows 10, Chrome.

Thank you! We will investigate and let you know when fixed!

@steemboost, It looks like this is good and should be tried.
but I am a bit do not understand.
Can you tell us a little more detail to me, so I can use it well.

I signed up and followed you but how did the fists user get to 50 points if no1 can share content before 35 reads?

Some users have a lot of points! In the first 6 hours we offered 100 Boost Points as a sign up bonus. Another option is to reffer new users. You will get 100 Points!

Great work! A healthy way to encourage user engagement =D

I like the idea of not forcing a "vote", if such thing was ever implemented I'd totally disencourage it. Now, this is a guaranteed way of getting potential real readers (aka: NOT BOTS) into my Articles. Love it.

Upvoted and saving this link for when I'm less sleepy tomorrow. Looks like a great way to get exposure, particularly for unknown minnows, goldfish, and other small sea creatures.

Decided to give the service a try, I've added a link to a post, but now it is sitting at Waiting for Approval, how long does that take? I suppose that you are approving new links manually, so it can take some time, but while waiting I have visited all of the 5 other approved links already and... :)

You are right! The links are approved manually! Thanks for your patience!

It seems that you have messed up the text on the Story Manager

@steemboost I'll check it out! :)

Please give us feedback. Thank you!

Looks good so far! :)

On Steem we are anonymous , right !
And registration page on your website, you are asked email address : Why did you disappear to essential point?

In the next versions we will try to implement the login with the STEEM username. We need verify the user is unique and does not cheat the system and the only available option was the email. Thank you for the message!

Except STEEM username is much more reliable than emails. Emails are free, STEEM accounts aren't. (they're only sort-of free because Steemit Inc. pays for you when you sign up via Steemit.com)

Agree with that! Will work on the next versions and solve your problem :)

I'm testing this out since it came up in chat. It says my link needs to be approved. Does that mean there will be some "quality control" so that users aren't posting spam?

We approve the links manually. If your link is a valid Steemit post, then you should get visits soon!

Great idea, I'll register right away.

See you inside! :)

SteemBoost , Nice function

My idea was to create a site like steemit.com with a user promoted content option. Basically you would have the same site as steemit only user could buy and send some steem to a burner address in order to get their thread on top, the more they pay the higher it will be on the site. Your idea is not bad but i think effort must be made to create more demand for steem, i don't really see the point of using a virtual token when you could use real steem and create real demand for the currency.

I have posted something like a mini review with some comments, you can check it out here: https://steemit.com/steemboost/@cryptos/trying-steemboost-a-service-for-the-promotion-of-steemit-posts

Thank you very much! Please note that we already updated the point rewards.
-You will get 5 Boost Points when you sign up
-You need at least 50 points in your account for your story to be listed on Steem Booster after the manual approval
-You pay 2 Boost Points each time another user is reading your post
-You earn 1 Boost Point when you read a story
People need to be motivated and get at least 50 points. Many users just posted their links without reading others stories so we were forced to do that to reduce the inflation of points.
You can change that in your post! Thank you!

Seems like an interesting tool. Will look into it.

Points Available: -65

Now how did this happen? I need to read 65 stories just to get back to zero!

tried to sign up... will try later
.. TokenMismatchException in VerifyCsrfToken.php line 46:

Thanks for sharing!

Let's try it:) Thank you guys!

Simple, practical, and possibly very effective. Great concept! I just joined a few minutes ago :)


"Account Is Already Registered On This IP." - you put a limit on the registration over IP.
one IP can be used hundreds! users.
my provider gives out one IP on some hundreds of users.
therefore I can't be registered on your site because someone already made it to before me

please remove this restriction

first steemit vote exchange lol

It is not a vote exchange. We like to call it maximum "reading exchange". :)

ooh i see, people may vote only if they like the article