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Week 3 • March Art Madness

State of the Arts Steemit Promotion Contest

Week 3

March is halfway over and March Art Madness is just beginning! We have seen some incredible creativity throughout the month on the curation trail #stateofthearts and have seen an increase in involvement within the community. We have also had many comments and posts from brand new steemit users who came from other platforms because of the contest!

The involvement of the artists on Steemit has been great, and we have seen a lot of success from the initiative already in exposing steemit to the outside and bringing in new members. Illustrations currently make up over 80% of the submissions for the contest! We are looking to reach out and get more submissions from you, the photographers, videographers, musicians, other creatives, etc.

Our goal for the March Art Madness contest is 3 main things

  • Bring new users and creatives to Steemit by sharing Steemit on other forms of social media
  • Expand the art/creative community on Steemit
  • Create a fun contest for artists and creatives to get excited and involved in Steemit

Its not to late! Get involved! Get stoked! Get creative!

We are still accepting all submissions! We are looking for all forms of artwork, illustrations, photography, videography, music, etc. Have fun, be creative, and go out and use your talents to share Steemit!

How to Participate

(Make sure you are following @stateofthearts)

Finally, in order to be considered for placing in the top ten, you MUST do the following during the month of March

  • Mention the contest and the Steemit platform on one other form of social media with your art submission
  • Reply here with a link to your post
  • Your comments, up-votes, and activity on @stateofthearts won't hurt either

$500 Prize Pool

  • 1st place $200 (+50% of those Steem Dollars)
  • 2nd Place $100 (+25% of those Steem Dollars)
  • 3-10th Place $25 (+25% of those Steem Dollars)

We will be very active on the feed #stateofthearts, be active as well! Comment on your fellow artists posts, be engaged, encourage and uplift the community. We as early adopters will create the greatest decentralized artist community on social media! Winners will be announced at the end of March. We will feature, resteem, and upvote contestants all month long. Have fun and help art followers, creative communities, and entrepreneurial doers--people involved in every art form--learn about the power of Steemit! (video, performance, multimedia, photography, music, design, etc.).

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My Steemit promotion: marchmadness.png

Hello can makeup artists join this contest? :)

Yes, absolutely.

Sounds creative! That's the key element.

Wow..... Nice post. Very informative and useful. Thanks for sharing @stateofhearts
Great Job ✌️✌️


Sorry if I'm posting this twice. Didn't realize that I needed to post under respective week. Here are my entries for week 3:

Great @youhavewings. Thanks for the heads up on the posts.

Here is my social media steemit promotion: marchmadness.png


What an interesting little corner of the block-chain this is.

A hub of creativity all crammed into one little cyber cupboard.

I am about to start work on my contest submission...wish me luck, as I send the best of luck and fondest regards to all making this possible and all who are contributing :)

Image courtesy of the AWESOMETASTICAL Pixabay.

Find attached the link to my poem on FB, it felt so dirty logging in there again...I sooo hope the blockchain doesn't find out!!!





Good luck for future

iam new here, and i don't have any talent about photographers, so i will suppport who will Participate. :D

What a lovely contest idea. Here is a link to my entry for this month. I am a videographer/freelance editor looking to inspire musicians on steemit to create their own visuals.
I posted it on my social media page, and have had a couple of people message me and tell me they had submitted to steemit and are wawaiting approval :)

Your post is absolutely amazing...

I cannot believe how thorough it is, you have covered every single visual angle one could ever consider!

You really know your stuff, I particularly loved the inclusion of video examples to illustrate the concepts you were describing.

And I am STILL listening to "undercover hippy, boyfriend" as I type this. Thankyou for an awesome post and an awesome soundtrack as I create this reply.

Best of luck, hope your journey is EPIC,stunning and full of good things :)

Thanks for the kind words this has really made my day.
I'm glad you liked it and the examples! it's such a good song! and a funny story on how i rediscovered it, their glasto pass was taped to a car at work so i googled them and refound this song after many years ago.
I'm really glad my post was useful thanks so much :D

You are more than welcome, and if I indeed made your day...Then you indeed have made my mine by telling me that, Good luck and take great care.

Happy new week for Monday :)

Thank you @stevenwood


Hello can you clarify should the subject/theme of the artwork be Steemit? i.e. an illustratoin or something about Steemit? or can it be anything. Thank you!

Submissions can be anything, the theme of the contest is share steemit! Feel free to submit free form.

Thank you so much!

This article is very interesting to read...
I just love it, and I'll wait for the next article..👍


Be sure and check out winners that will be presented later in the month. People are coming up with all kinds of amazing and creative ways to promote. You can follow their links posted here in this feed as well as under last week's March Art Madness banner, and on the initial March Art Madness the first day/week of the month.

Great cultural initiative! I agree with you 100 percent.


Very good posting. I like it.

great idea to hold a contest - happy to participate.


Looking forward to it.

well done
very nice post
thanks for sharing

redskylullaby Red Sky Lullaby tweeted @ 18 Mar 2018 - 20:58 UTC

This is a 19 min track free download I put on the @steemit platform. Been interested looking at blockchain based co……

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Wow, such an unusual entry, has a very, nice, cool vibe.

Well done, I especially liked the reverbish awesomeness, I should mention right about now, that I have a tendency to make up annoying words.

Good luck and I hope your journey is EPIC :)

Thanks, appreciate the made up words

Such an awesome contest! Really love how all these art forms come together in one amazing competition. Liked & resteemed and also shared on our Twitter profile:

We'd like to submit our track Lunatics for consideration:

It's a track about lunatics taking over. Perfect for this March Madness ;)

spawnband SPAWN tweeted @ 19 Mar 2018 - 16:44 UTC

March Art Madness | Photographers, Videographers, Musicians | • $500 Prize Pool • Promote Steemit with Art and Crea……

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I would really love to participate!! Any art will do?

Yes, all arts. See March Art Madness link below for tips and details:

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