2019 STEEM silver round now on SALE

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Hello Steemit, today is a great day as the presale for the 2019 silver STEEM round is open. The yearly silver STEEM round is a combined effort of the #steemsilvergold precious metals stacking community and this is it's 3rd year of release. The project is to aimed to provide all users of steemit with something that we think is pretty cool. Holding a silver STEEM round is a must for any hardcore steemian. They are 1oz of 99.999% pure silver (the best type) and each year we release a new design. With a low mintage of 1500 and a few hundred already gone, these will not last long as most people buy more than 1 at a time. Don't miss out on this.

2019 silver STEEM round

2019's winning coin design come from @edxserverus. The community was invited to submit coin designs which were voted on over 2 rounds and we are proud to present this years design to the community.

Silver STEEM round history

It all started with a simple but amazing idea. I still remember the day @sevinwilson shared his Idea with me. You know sometimes its the simplest things that make the most since. It was a way back in July of 2017 for some that seems long ago, but to Steemians who have been around since then it seems like just yesterday. Of course once @sevinwilson shared his idea with me, I was completely on board. It was a simple, his idea was to create a Steem Silver Round out of Silver.

Why not! It made all the sense in the world, steemit was booming and steem was sitting very nicely at $1.04. Crypto's had started performing well and the time was right. Well part of @sevinswilson idea was to let the steemit community come up with the design of the round, then take the designs and let the community vote and decide which one was going to be the winning design. Now back then it was hard to get noticed on steemit, this was right before the BOT craze started. So basically it was a little confined to the #steemsilvergold community. Infact I would be willing to say that 95% of steemians had no idea what was going to be a reality in early September. So the designs started rolling in and the voting started. One very talented Woman from the other side of the world really showed out. She goes by the steemit name of @bearone and boy did she represent Australia very well. Her design was a perfect fit for the sea of Steemians that where so hungry to grow.

From Minnow to Whale, this round said it all and was a very good fit for the 1st ever Steem Silver Round. Little did we know what was about to happen. Y'all no it by F.O.M.O and boy was it bad. Once these babies hit the market it was the hottest thing on steemit, Steem Silver Rounds where selling for $40 to $50 each and steemians where buying them as quick as the could. They were HOT!!! The Secondary market was on fire. You had SSG members that wish they had bought more. You had steemians that never even new about the round until it was already minted. In fact I would be willing to bet that we still are only at about 15% of the total steemit community members that are aware that there is a STEEM silver round.

After a few months the round had died down and crypto's where taking off. Steem was sitting nicely at $3.00 and the talks had already started about the 2018 Steem Silver Round. Bitcoin was quickly approaching its all time high and Money was being made. SBD saw a quick and fast spike and steemit seemed to be on top of the world.
It was late March and @sevinwilson was ready to kick off the 2018 Steem Silver Round design contest. 2018 designs seemed to be flowing in quick and there where some REALLY good ones. In fact voting was so good we eneded up having a second round of voting for top three designs. Just how would we follow up with @bearones design? Well on steemian hit right on the head. He goes by the steemit name of @welshstacker. His design was an excellent follow up to the 1st Steem Silver Round.

It was late June 2018 and the crypto market was suffering it was not good for the markets, steemit or the Steem Silver Round. Some member thought that this would be the last round. Steem had fallen back below $1.00 and was becoming a ghost town. Once the posting started, showing off the 2018 round interest seemed to pick up a little bit was still not anything like the 1st round in terms of secondary market sales. We started design contests a few months back and decided with community voting, that pretty much bring us to were we are today.


Now for presale
The good man @raybockman is running the website and fronting the operation this year. The website has been set up to let buyers pay with debit are credit cards using paypal if they would rather HODL their STEEM. Please click through this link to visit the silver STEEM round website and reserve your 2019 designs today!!


Payments accepted in STEEM, Paypal and many other crypto's

Get your's today

These are the only yearly released collocable's on steemit and the whole project is set to encourage user interaction through designs, voting, sourcing silver and finding a good mint that will pure these low mintage numbers for us at a good price. In order for us to get them at the price they are, we have to beable to pay for 1500 upfront hence the reason for the presale. This is the way we do it every year, we pay upfront and then production completes only a few weeks after all 1500 for sold.

Buying silver bullion is an excellent investment long term and should be in any serious investor's portfolio. You are encouraged to buy 5, 10 are even 20 of these as it is a proper investment and not just a happy STEEM token with no value. Each round is worth 1 oz of .999 silver and will always be with something. The community nor @raybrockman make any monies from the project and these are sold at the lowest possible prices based on our contacts.
I hope you can support the project and grab yourself a really cool steemit treat and solid investment at the same time


This is a great community project that is now into it's 3rd year - it's been running through good times and bad. It is promoting STEEM and really is something that The Powers That Be here should be getting behind.

Really sad to see auto-downvotes on this post. I thought this whole #newsteem thing was about getting some manual curation going. To see bots doing the downvoting really runs against what I thought #newsteem was going to be about.

Really disappointed.

Upvoting in support of your advocacy of the "great community project" even if I disagree with your take on the downvotes in this particular instance.. The former is absolutely something I support.

How about you remove your downvote then and help us get the word out before it's too late?

We are right on the tipping point here.

Sorry, no.

However, what I will do is sponsor a giveaway of 10 rounds, including shipping, to 10 Steem community members if you run some kind of legitimate community-building contest around it.

Maybe that will help generate some attention.

So you want us to run a community-building contest around your 10 steem rounds that you will give away? Who determines if the contest is good enough and legit. Are you buying these now or after the "community-building contest is over. My concerns is this, all of my time right now is consumed with the STEEM round project. I would not be able to give the Community-Building contest the attention that it would need to be successful in my eyes, then I would have to worry if it was successful in your eyes. I love the idea and it is Awesome of you to offer. I will probably take you up on it, but will diffently need some help.

If you don't have the time to run a contest and don't have someone else to do it, then it won't work.

If you are running an actual contest with real community members you have nothing to worry about. I just don't want "first 10 replies get a free round" and then 10 new accounts no one has heard of post immediately.

We both know perfectly well what is or is not a legitimate contest.

To demonstrate good faith I'm going to go ahead send you 2500 STEEM as contest sponsorship right now. If you don't have time to run a contest, can't find someone else to help, or just choose not to do it, send it back.

My downvote and opposition to vote trading is not about any bad feelings toward your community project, it is a broader effort to help Steem succeed. Don't buy votes. Find other ways to promote.

Hi @smooth. I help @raybrockman with different steem silver gold community initiatives. He just reached out to me to ask for assistance to implement your kind offer.

We will definitely do this. ☺️

I have never hosted a community building contest before, so it will take a minute to come up with something good.

Once we have a plan I will run it past you to see what you think? Does that seem like a reasonable plan to you?

I will take a peek to see if we share any discord servers in common.


You rock @dfinney! Thanks for stepping up for SSG

I appreciate that, I have just the right community member that can handle this. Do you mind if she reaches out to you for your thoughts and any ideas that you may have

Ray you are already doing so much and have your hands full. Let me canvas some of the broader community and see if we can get some support for this idea.

Oh look new steem showed up! Funny thing is they didn't show up on the steem round website. Just who is new steem for? This is a non profit project that is putting steem and steemit on a 1oz silver coin. This is absolutely absurd to get downvoted, maybe if the #newsteem made it easier to get a post featured then people like @ssg-community would not have to use a vote service. Its not about the money, its about getting the word out about the project and the Steem Silver Round. Hell we have gone as far as to get a steem silver round in the hands of Ned and the New Managing Director of steemit, you would think that we would atleast get a comment or a resteem or even a featured post. I guess the newsteem is for the oldsteem. @talfalgar I am sure you are a good person but I would love to hear the reason for the flag and not the support. #removetheflags

Screenshot_20190922-093911_Samsung Internet.jpg

Here something for you @talfalgar, reach out to me in discord aand I will send you a 2019 steem round at no charge. I am confident in this because I know once you hold one you will understand the reason for doing the Steem Silver Round series.


Don’t forget about @andrarchy !

I DM'd him to see if he could help out with a featured post but he has not wrote me back yet :'(

I guess he is busy

There is a decent chance he will respond if he can. I spoke to him about #SSG in person and explained the round and the community

I wait and see. Like you sound, he prob get hit with hundreds of DM's and comment

The coin is that big? Whoa. 🤔 Lemme see if I can buy even one. Haha.

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Could not have put it better myself Ray

This post should not be downvoted at all and if #newsteem see it fit to downvote this sort of post for using bidding services to expand the reach of the message, then i'll stick with #oldsteem.

Its not about the money, its about getting the word out about the project and the Steem Silver Round.

Then the downvotes shouldn't matter. You're still on the trending page. It's fine if you want to think what you're doing is far more important than thousands of other accounts here, if that's how you roll. With so many prominent figures holding up such bling, you'd think reaching the trending page organically should be a breeze, if it was as big of a deal as claimed to be.

maybe if the #newsteem made it easier to get a post featured

That's what upvoting organically is attempting to achieve. If you'd prefer to go back to a system where people were paid to look away instead of being paid to actually look, so you can pay a middleman to place your work on a page that lost the consumer's trust, so be it. You'd have a handful of noobs here congratulating you and saying "nice post" because they think you're actually popular. And after you're done receiving this pile of disingenuous praise, you realize not one of them actually purchased anything. Meanwhile, nobody else saw it because they were sick of viewing ads and shit posts on the trending page.

There's a huge demand for organically popular posts reaching top slots and at the same time there's a demand for advertising space. You know what the end game here is? The best of both worlds instead of two worlds colliding.

Are we talking organically by nature or organically by friends. Whats the difference in bot votes or friend votes. You would figure that there would be a process in place to get a post featured, it would be very intresting to find out who holds the keys to featuring a post.

Oh I see. You're the type who will downplay the efforts of those getting anywhere organically, assuming it's not what they did, but who they know.

It's either bot votes or friend votes? You're insulting the integrity of all those who did nothing more than post, and you're insulting the integrity of all those who did nothing more than vote.

You couldn't be further from the truth. This post was about bring awareness to a NON profit project that directly involves and represent the steemit community. We work endless hours to bring positve things to the platform only to have it fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. To downvote a post that was not read is crazy. There was a comment also made on this post that said " I would have given this post 100% upvote and I know other that would have" only to down vote it for bot use. So this is not a #newsteem project or steeminc project, that does not make less important or irrelevant. Three years this project ha been going on with very little attention, its ashame that bots had to be used to get the attention.

You couldn't be further from the truth.

I was responding to your wording in a comment, not the post. I called you out on some BS. You don't need to disrespectful to everyone based upon the actions of a few.

This post was about bring awareness to a NON profit project that directly involves and represent the steemit community.

That's great but if someone selling not for profit cookies started demanding I pay attention to them, that's not going ensure sales and if they become forceful, I'd have them removed from my property. That doesn't mean I won't buy cookies, ever. It just means I'll only buy the cookies from someone who isn't acting like a dick.

We work endless hours to bring positve things to the platform only to have it fall on deaf ears and blind eyes.

That sounds like the majority of content producers I've met over the years. Things recently started to change for them and I expect to see that change carry on and gather more momentum.

To downvote a post that was not read is crazy.

I read the post. Next time I'd like to see a little more attention focused on the formatting department. It looks like shit when it's all centered like that.

Three years this project ha been going on with very little attention, its ashame that bots had to be used to get the attention.

Yup. That's a shame. So now people want to curate again. Throwing them under the bus for doing so doesn't make sense, if that's what you truly want.

What you're doing is probably good but the high pressure sales tactics now being imposed on the community where one must either like this or be vilified won't get you too far with me. I read the post. Reading the comments and the reaction to the downvotes combined with the words used against said downvoters is what led to myself downvoting the post. I just thought, "Damn. It seems like these folks have a real chip on their shoulders."

I hope you got the attention you crave and in the future I hope to see the community support this naturally, if they truly see value in it. If they don't, that is not their fault, it is yours. Demanding they see the value won't get you far at all.

Well it kinda played out just how we thought it would. We knew going into it that there would be downvotes and thats fine after all we are supposed to be decentralized. Each and every steemian is free to do what they want to do. But I think you are making an unfair assumption about me and the ssg group and thats fine as well, after all we are free to feel and do what we want. You seem like a good person and I respect your stand on this situation. I am sure you can see and tell that we are just as dedicated to what we believe in. On that note, I'll ask you this, do you own any Silver? Cause that is what I am about and ssg is about, bringing awareness to an majorly undervalued asset. If you dont have any Silver and you live in the states, I'll ship you one of these 2019 Steem rounds. I believe wholeheartedly in this project and live by the moto of "if you cant hold it, you don't own it."

You're a funny guy, Ray. I do respect you folks. I wouldn't be speaking to you if I didn't respect you.

I'm not being unfair. If you can dish it out, you can take it.

I don't live in the USA. Silver is pretty cool though. I like it. It's shiny.

They are 1oz of 99.999% pure silver

I'm sorry, but I only accept silver of purity of at least 99.9993% :)

I think these coins you've minted are really cool. The downvotes are entirely a response to the bid bot stacking on this post.

For the vision of Steem to work, content creators need to be able compete fairly in a level playing field for the attention and votes of stakeholders. Only through this process can we reward content based on its appeal which can hopefully lead to higher incentives to produce better content, more eyeballs, a higher price, higher still incentives to produce even better content etc.

When vote buying became normalized, this process of a potentially positive feedback loop was completely undermined. On the one hand people made a profit the more they bid on their post. On the other hand vote sellers were getting returns in line with 100% self voting. Effectively the process of transferring value over to good content creators was severed, and we were left with a broken system. This is the predominant reason why stakeholders such as myself, now armed with free downvotes, are fighting to restore honest voting over vote buying/trading as the norm. Because only then is it possible for proof-of-brain to even have a chance of working.

As you can see from smooth's response, a project like yours can gain traction and generate immense interest and support without resorting to vote buying which severely undermines the integrity of our system (even though in this case you got his interest by undermining the integrity of our system, but ignore that part for the sake of my argument :p).

Thank you for your understanding.

Why is this comment being downvoted and hidden? Even though I don't agree with the downvote on this post, his comment (explanation) is valid.

I bought 3 this year.. if it wasn't for that $26k check I got in January this could easily qualify for most anticipated mail package of the year..

Where do you get one of these cheques?

Well, just ordered my first piece of silver! It's about time. I wasn't sure what the number thing was about when I made the order, but now I see you can pick which number you want. Is 108 available? I'd love to amend my order so I could have that one how do I do that? Thanks for the ReSteem @davedickeyyall

My first piece was the 2017 Steem Silver round--bought two that year. It was all I needed. Now I have several hundred ounces of the shiny stuff, including those first two SSRs and four from 2018. This year I ordered ten so far. WARNING: You may love stacking.

Wow! That must be an awesome collection!! Good for you. The beautiful dragon pieces I've seen @saffisara show are soooo beautiful. Pretty cool hobby for sure. I wish i would have grabbed last year's tree coin. That's a nice one. And, the first Steem coin looks pretty cool too
I wasn't here when that was out.... i dont think. If i was i was like a total noob trying to learn to swim 😂🌾🍃

It's mostly very basic coins like the canadian maple leaf, austrian phils, austrailian kangaroos and the like. I've been cut-off for the rest of the year (by my soulmate @trishlarimer) so now I'm planning to start searching banks for silver morgan dollars etc. There's about 3/4 oz of silver in every one and they cost just a dollar, if you can find them. I haven't personally found any yet, but I've seen some videos here on steemit of folks who do, and there's no chance of losing money trying it, so why not? Thanks for the reply and Good Luck!

I believe 108 is still available, let me check once I get home., this is an awesome piece to call your 1st.

Thanks so much! Fingers crossed.

We decided to use upvoting bots to get this post seen by as many people as we can. We knew that downvoting would happen but what other option is there? With Precious 150k SP, hammers 290k SP and CSB's 50k SP we can only get the post payout upto 10 STU's which is not enough to get eyes on this post. I mean if we cant get there with a combined 100% upvote from 490k voting SP then what else is there to do to get seen. 200 STEEM was donated and we used upvoting bots.

Thanks to the following users for downvoting this Steemit community project. I am aware these maybe auto set up to downvote which i think is a very impersonal way of downvoting and it doesn't matter if the post is of high quality, it could be the best blog ever written.

You can avoid almost all downvotes by denying payouts, because then people don't feel the need to downvote because of making net positive roi by promotion.

If it was a for-profit promotion then yes, I would agree. But this is a community not-for-profit project that has a direct benefit to STEEM itself.

A community not for profit project can and will get organic upvotes. Maybe not as many as they ideally would want, but those are the tradeoffs of life, and the amount of upvotes they get or don't get is an indication of how much Steem stakeholders value the project's contributions (in practice, almost certainly such a project would be significantly valued, but not arbitrarily much).

The project is on the verge of getting shit-canned due to not being able to meet the minimum mintage required. If the Steem stakeholders don't value the projects contribution then I don't see why I should continue to advocate for it.

I honestly don't know if they do or don't value it. It's hard to measure that when organic voting is subverted with paid votes. Yet another reason not to do this.

@buggedout - 2 things have changed

1/ Steemit is fooked and active members have been dropping from 2017
2/ STEEM is worth 2% of it's all time high. Was easier before when we were earning $100 per post.

You know this already, i know you do. I feel your pain bro and i would hate to see this get canned. We only need to get through this year.

@smooth - I wish you could see one of these coins in real life. I've never meet someone that is not impressed by a nice shinny silver coin. I've never converted a friend into a stacker but they all like looking and playing with my stack.

  • 2017 coins sold really quick
  • 2018 coins sold slower, mainly repeat buyers from 2017
  • 2019 - There's nobody left, they've had no reason to remain active. We are pitching the idea to a new smaller community this year.


If you want to get promotion for this post + use paid votes, you can either decline payout (you can see those post don't get DV's) or you can set the author rewards to @null or @steem.dao - you can see examples of post like this on trending that did not get DV'd either.

Paid votes offer ROI by nature. Had you not gotten DV's on this post, you would have received ROI. So the best option, if you want to promote, is to simply burn author rewards.
I agree, there should be an easier way, like blending the promoted tab with trending in some way that isn't overly intrusive. But right now, what I mentioned above is the best option.

You stacked a lot of paid votes on this, the average trending for top 5 is around 70-80$ atm, if you want the top spot you will need to go higher. But the top spot really shouldn't be a bid botted post. I am not goint to leave a big DV this time because I see you were not aware, but in the future please don't feel the need to stack large paid votes that undermind organic curation and dilutes the reward pool for other users. I would have gladly given this post a 100% upvote, and I know others that would have as well. #NewSteem

So how many steem rounds can we put you down for?

Dude, that's all well and good if it's a for-profit promotion. But this is clearly NOT and it actually promotes STEEM in the physical world by getting a unique product out there that is STEEM branded.

I know you mean well, but please take a closer look. You claim :-

"I would have gladly given this post a 100% upvote, and I know others that would have as well." but it is bullshit because this community has been trying to promote this project for MONTHS and has not been supported. You probably haven't seen anything about it until now....

trying to promote this project for MONTHS

The chances of organic voting doing anything were far lower prior to the fork three weeks ago. Things are indeed significantly different now. Not perfect, but different. What happened months ago isn't that interesting or relevant.

This isn't about organic voting, or even post payouts. It's about promotion. Before the fork we could get onto trending and get some eyeballs on it when we had something big to say. Maybe once or twice A YEAR. There is a whole community behind this - even if it is dwindling. I'm not advocating for #oldsteem as it was pretty fucked up too, but if #newsteem is a bunch of insiders deciding what to hold up, or hold down, then it's just as fucked up.

BTW I'm not talking about months ago. I said "for MONTHS". That means post-fork.

Promotion using votes to buy rewards isn't a sustainable model. This isn't a matter of insiders vs. not insiders, it is something that many stakeholders have recognized and no longer support (though not with 100% agreement on specifics, or at all, by any means).

There are other methods of promotion available, including:

  1. Promotion tab (okay not great, but it is something)
  2. Contact Steemit (and/or other UIs) to buy ads/sponsored post placement
  3. Contact Steemit (and/or other UIs) about a community project to request featured post placement
  4. Use declined rewards/burn, potentially even with bought votes, to discourage downvotes and encourage upvotes (though also possibly without bought votes).

Things change, we move forward, adjustments to practices and strategies are needed.

#2 & #3 have already been attempted, via multiple channels but with no response.

#4 is tough because it's a non-profit so it has to come out of someones pocket. That's usually @raybrockman but I have long said its not fair nor sustainable to expect that to be neccessary.

#1 is basically broken.

So sure, we used the #oldsteem method to get this project some exposure. We did it as a last resort and because other avenues failed.

Not every project is destined to succeed, for a variety of reasons. That't the cold reality of the world. The remedy is fail fast (i.e. assess interest and viability first and if it isn't there, do something else).

I'm sympathetic this time because I'm pretty sure your group really is sincere and trying to something meaningful. Most of the time I just downvote and move on, and I'm pretty sure other downvoters are more and more going to do the same, because engaging in a debate about every downvote (which, while now free, are still not rewarded in any way) is tedious.

Have you contacted them and tried to explained the situation to them? They might remove their downvote, most of them Auto-downvote any post which uses bidbots.

PS: Even though it's not much I upvoted with my curation account aicu as well :)

No, i dont wonna contact them hence the copy/paste instead of tagging them. I dont want to bring any more attention to the Precios account than is needed. They are just as bad for using bots and it's basically bots on bot war.

Thanks for your support man

Most of those people (if any) don't bot downvote. Some don't buy the argument there's a noble reason to use them. I tend to agree. I'm not going to downvote, but I'll bet you could get some curating whales like @theycallmedan, @acidyo, @smartsteem, @trafalgar,etc. to show you some love if you give it a chance. Something like this you could probably straight up ask them.

@trafalgar gave a 100% downvote and his curation trail followed suit, by the looks of things. His 100% downvote knocked nearly $15 off this post...

If (s)he had read it and thought this post was of poor quality and brought ZERO value to the steem platform, I could understand. I've personally seen far worse posts pick up bigger payout values simply because of who they are written by and not their content.

So either they think the #steemsilverround adds no value to the steemit platform??? I'm guessing it's not this option.


This #newsteem is a load of rubbish and simply means if your face fits, you can still plunder the rewards pool.....

Hmmm maybe it's time I bought one. 😄

Do it, you'll be glad you did. There is nothing like holding a piece of silver in your hand, then you make a steem silver round.... it doesn't get any better

How long will I have to wait to find one at my Local Coin Shop...???

September 22, 2019... 6.1 Hollywood Time...

You go to a coin shop? I thought you where all about the change.

I've been going to my same Coin Shop Dealer since "before" you were born...

September 22, 2019... 8.4 Hollywood Time...


I can always "Count" on you to "Blow" it...

September 24, 2019... 20.1 Hollywood Time...

Wow, thanks @ssg-community for putting this post out and supporting the 2019 steem round. Truly an amazing group of steemians.

I hope plenty more Steemians will take this opportunity to get themselves a #2019steemsilverround or 2

You and I both S-S, I would love to have to up the mintage.

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

This looks amazing :-) If some people from The Netherlands want to share delivery costs or know how to get them in Rotterdam for cheap I'd love to join in buying one :-)

I ordered two already and I know someone else who has 10. Maybe we can check with @raybrockman to see if we can amend the order to combine shipping?

@goldrooster might be interested. 😍

Thank you again @soyrosa for all the things!

Hi, just one question...$16 delivery price is quite a lot for US to UK is there any way around this?

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I believe a joint pirchase for UK Steemians is being organised to keep down the postage costs.

@welshstacker will know the details.

I do know details and will pass this on to @silverstackeruk. Lol

Check out @silverstackeruk he is doing a UK group buy to greatly reduce international P&P. Check out one of most recent blogs for more detail.

You can go through @silverstackeruk, hebis doing a group buy, this will save on the postage.

Great news! Thanks guys

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wow I love the design, maybe its time to own one. I currently own a Gold minted coin, with Bitcoin logo on.

Yeah, the design is year is epic. Silver is always a good investment and you could build yourself a crypto design precious metals stack :)

I totally agree!!

Brilliant design and I hope to be able to get my hands on one! Or maybe two... sad to hear about the downvote but I’m sure you’ll get the attention this deserves. Bravo to everyone involved

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Thank you for your kind words @article61. I hope you manage to get a couple of rounds too! They are really lovely.

I joined the uk group buy today and sent my payment. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

Yes! So glad this is happening again this year. Great work @raybrockman!

I have a number of 2017 and 2018 rounds and have now pre-ordered 10 for 2019! The stacking community here is great and I have learned so much from you all!

I'm thinking about getting one

Please consider burning some rewards when using bid bots for promotion as they currently give profitable votes and make it unfair to all other authors and curators and undermine the EIP.

OMG, does this never end? Can't your curators see when a post is good for the Steem ecosystem? SSG doesn't use bid bot's that often and never takes an unfair advantage from the rewards pool!


It's earning profitable votes from the bid bots because they don't want to adjust and become curators and aid the EIP, thus you're earning more rewards from everyone else and at the same time giving delegators enabling the bid bots more returns than honest curation. If we all stopped using them more curation would happen. Please reconsider using them in the near future or if that's the case to burn part of the rewards so you don't profit from the votes they sell you, thanks!

Lol omg the world's unfair so I must cry. I have been on steem for more than two years. The bots are not the problem. There are three main issues. One is people leaving cause steem price is so low due to very poor decisions the heads have made and no real push to bring positive light to the crypto.
Two, people wanting to do petty crap like this due to jealousy and a completely unrealistic outlook. Fair is everyone having access to the same services not everyone getting the same result.
Third, because when there is good content with a positive message like above individuals like you have no ability to weigh the fact even with a bit this does more good than the bot does bad.
Oh a bot was used that means its bad. Ypu know what's bad, not being able to see the forest through the trees like ypur doing here.

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This is another legitimate comment that's been downvoted and hidden. There are way too many opinion flags going on for my liking.

It's all good. Just sad they think all bots are bad and don't realize eventually nobody will care about their content just like they are doing here.

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AMEN, Brother and What You said is why I just keep my Head down and I don't Reach out to Any of These People that are on there High and Mighty Horse.....

How do I reserve #666? Could I trade with whoever gets Steem round #666? I can't afford to purchase the round yet with $16 shipping.

666 is not available, the owner of the round has already staked proof of ownership

First of all my best wishes to 2019 winner @edxserverus, secondly @sevinwilson congratulations for a great idea.

@welshstacker congratulations for the year 2018, I am wishing you a late but please do bear with me as a newbie to steemit and in STEEM world.

Now @ssg-community , you are doing a great job and thank you for that. I wish I could buy few of them simply just because it looks awesome.

Please take a note of the post and trying fixing few small typos:

  1. "Once these babies hit the market it was the hottest thing on steemit, Steem Silver Rounds where selling for $40 to $50 each and steemians where buying them as quick as the could."

Fix-1) "Once these babies hit the market it was the hottest thing on steemit, Steem Silver Rounds where selling for $40 to $50 each and steemians where buying them as quick as they could."

  1. "The website has been set up to let buyers pay with debit are credit cards using paypal if they would rather HODL their STEEM"

Fix-2) "The website has been set up to let buyers pay with debit and credit cards using paypal if they would rather HODL their STEEM"

Best of luck for 2019 STEEM silver round :)

Wow, thanks @ssg-community for putting this post out and supporting the 2019 steem round. Truly an amazing group of steemians.

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Wow... This Post sure caused a lot of Comments...

September 22, 2019... 18.9 Hollywood Time...

Thanks for this good news.

Best news of all week!

The Steem Silver round 2019 is finally here!

Let's do it!

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Here is @andrarchy enjoying the 2018 version

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