Quality Over Quantity | Raising The Value Of The Blockchain

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Hey Steemians!!

I made myself a new intro, you can check it in the video above!

But it’s time to get down to some serious nitty gritty. Let’s have a conversation about quality. The Steem blockchain is such an amazing platform, and we need to ensure as a community that we aren’t plaguing it with low-quality content. After all, quality is what keeps people sticking around.

Every day for me is a new day. Every day I look back and work on how I could do and be better than yesterday. If we aren't growing we aren't progressing. And there's a couple of reasons why we should always make sure that we do our best on the blockchain.

  1. You will keep your followers.
  2. You will increase the value of the blockchain.
  3. You will feel better about yourself.
  4. You will stand out.

Every person has a different way of portraying themselves and expressing themselves. However it’s up to them to make sure that they set the bar for themselves and bring forth their very best possible on every post!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

I believe that everything I desire to accomplish, will in fact be accomplished.

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I believe in Quality over Quantity........unless of course it's a Quantity of Quality work!

Hey guys speaking of quality jist started to upload on dtube and I have a really hard time to upload in good quality!
Can someone pls tell me how that works ? Can't find good content on that!
@spenceryan how do you have such great quality? Would be nice if you share your info! :) Thx for your time!

i know this is off your topic but please consider it


please dont flag me, this is very important to me

amazing post my steemit friend wish you good luk thank you

i know this is off your topic but please consider it


please dont flag me, this is very important to me

Great video!

Totally agree:)

If people with high influence reads quality posts, they should consider upvoting the author. That will set a good example for others to appreciate and reward quality authors. Even though they sacrifice voting power.

Yes Sir, great post.
What's the difference between DTube and Utube?
I've had a few UTube channels (nothing ever really took off); however, UTube demonetized a few of my videos, when the subject matter was sensitive. Does DTube sensor content?

I have newer heard of Utube before and even could not find it in the google search? Can you link it so I could check it out?

@spenceryan how do you have such great quality? Would be nice if you share your info! :) Thx for your time!

So TIL; Quality Over Quantity. Ok, now I will go grow my audience (please sub me???)

i know this is off your topic but please consider it


please dont flag me, this is very important to me

lity over tity - thats a tough choice

Been less than 24hrs since I joined... So still learning the ropes... But so far I've read some quality works... Still don't fully know what the platforms about but I guess err'tin is a learning curve....

The platform is whatever you want it to be. If you love sports, blog about sports. If you love art, blog about art. As long as its quality content and something you are passionate about, you should be successful.

Don't worry.... I am also a newbie, but in my couple weeks on the platform the beautiful thing I have noticed is there is something for everyone.

How can I vote? I see on your post 1 vote, and then what? Do you get a vote if I reply?

You can upvote yourself once a post

True and you don't even have to blog if you don't want it you can just engage in the comments and build your presence that way.

If you dig for it you will find it that's for sure.

similar here just need a lot of research and get me really exited to do it

Love the idea behind Steemit and having quality content; however, I am experiencing bugs operating the website on an android which is annoying and the website is still clunky to move around so hopefully their website developers continue to improve as we improve our content quality as well.

Pic Links to Dlive Video.

Thanks if you have the time to consider my reactions Spence! @opensourcery. [a new but very PRIMARY account here]

Thanks for keep reminding me about the quality since i am new to this steemit community.

"Concentrate on quantity while still keeping a reasonable level of excellence" ~ @enchantedspirit

That was the best response I got when I asked the quality vs quantity question. I like Casey Neistat's approach as well. Be the best version of yourself, make the best quality that you can make :).


I love all of Casey Neistat's quotes. Almost every time i'm working on a video something he's said pops into my head. I'll be going out to film something and be thinking "I don't want to take my big nice camera, i'll just bring the gopro and my phone." Then Casey's voice: "Always use the best camera you have available to you." So I bring the big camera and I'm always really glad I did.

Haha.. yes, that is a struggle. But, he also looks at convenience, so there is nothing wrong with a quick and dirty Gopro/Phone shot now and then. Actually, right now, my Samsung smartphone is actually my best available camera. Planning to upgrade next month.

I realized that too, I saw that I wasn't filming some cool stuff because It wasn't very convenient with my setup I got for commercial work, so I got a cheap setup based only on being as small, lightweight, and convenient as possible and it's made all the difference. I plan to make a video about this really soon actually...

Looking forward to it. Checked out a couple of your posts and oh man, can't wait to learn how to make time lapses like you. Unfortunately, you are going to pull me out my comfort zone when it come to editing programs :D..

It's easier then you think! As soon as you've followed along with a couple basic tutorials about a program and see how things work, it becomes second nature. I was lost at first too, but after making a few videos and getting into the work flow and using google when I got stuck, it's really easy.

Ok. I'll give it a try. Promise.

Hey @spenceryan I remembered when you first joined Steemit...you have done so well for yourself and I’ve watched your posts become more and more popular and fruitful...I just wanted to say that you are really an inspiration..your content is always A plus and that’s why you have the success you’ve been awarded.

Peace man

You are right - we need to keep the content quality up.

Good content with either useful or informative information!

I totally agree with this, when I signed up to DTube and realised the resolution was 480p max I almost didn't even bother, but then I decided to at least upload my old YouTube videos (as the quality was low anyways). But then I saw the value of uploading original quality content to DTube and I can see the blockchain really taking off later this year if more people add value to it :)

Im a bit torn about this to be honest. What i intend to make requires a lot of work and i cannot be posting it everyday. Quality requires time+money.
What i noticed (although im very new) is that quality doesnt attract followers here by itself. Connecting with people does.
Id even claim that i could be utterly atrocious, the worst musician in the world, the primary thing im doing, but if im extremely sociable id do much better here then an world class musician thats just an ok guy/girl.
Thats very odd to me. Just an opinion. I could be completely wrong. Good thing people are great here so its not hard to make friends. :D

**i think i responded to the wrong person. I apologise. :) **
Oh well. haha

When you say 'here' you are talking about this platform but look at the music 'industry' and certain musicians who are just terrible yet have unbelievable success. Unfortunately the music business is 98% business and 2% music so if you're good at networking and business you got a real shot at making it. The same goes for the social media world as well... Don't worry about responding to the wrong person lol

Hehe. Might as well respond anyway. :).
Well sure. I completely agree which is why i try to be realistic and say that quality will not be the factor to determine your success here, just like it isnt in real life. Id even say that quantity (which satisfies basic standards) > Quality.
But then again i think im very good and im doing extremely well imo, this being only my 4. day here.
Hahaha :D

Well yes, truth is the quality/quantity thing does depend on the niche. But yes in your case I'd totally say keep uploading stuff to Dsound, that should work out very well for you :)

We are the steemit and the better we make this community the more valuable it will be in the future!

Definitely quality. I have seen some good quality work here and I have also seen some not so great quality. But I think as people get a feel for their own unique voice that you will begin to see even better quality work. I have faith in the steemit community.

Quality over quality , such great post title , thanks for the #dtube video

Less quantity, more Quality is always the best way to go !

I am new to steem it and totally agree with you..i am still trying to workout the system, but at least trying to put out some thoughtfully edited content. I didnt even know about dtube until this post ha..must be out of the loop on the social media platforms, but againis the reason why i am a avid user of them myself keep it up

Is quality always rewarded here in Steemit? I've read so many good posts here and watched number of good contents on Dtube but still they got only few cents, whereas some not so good contents got big upvotes, is it only because they're so visible with some Whales? Or can we both perform them? Quantity of Qualities...so we could be visible enough for the Whales to be noticed and be upvoted.

Good question @joshvel! I have been thinking about that too and yes I have seen some abuse of power like incase of flagwars between haejin and bernie.

You're right bro! Let's take a selfie!

Thank you! :D

For more creative stuff. Follow me :D

I thoroughly concur with this, when I joined to DTube and understood the determination was 480p max I nearly didn't considerably trouble, however then I chose to at any rate transfer my old YouTube recordings (as the quality was low in any case). However, at that point I saw the benefit of transferring unique quality substance to DTube and I can see the blockchain extremely taking off in the not so distant future if more individuals increase the value of it :)

Quite new in the community but learning a lot since I joined. And I'm glad to have come across your post @spenceryan. A great addition to knowledge. Thanks

I joined a couple days ago. And it seems like steemit, like any other platform, has its fair share of quantity and quality. There are plenty of garbage posts that are nothing more than fishing for upvotes. And there are quality posts as well. Ultimately, I think any platform has this. YouTube and Tumblr have their fair share of "quantity" content as well. But I think what steemit represents, a decentralized platform with the opportunity to not only say what you want to say without being beholden to censors or advertisers, but also the opportunity to make some money (and maybe even earn a living) solely based on the enjoyment you bring others with your content... I think that is a really valuable concept. I think steemit has nowhere to go but up.

I just join steemit yesterday. You elaborate it nicely. I think if you want to work on steemit delicately they will reward you. I think this is the best platform till. I heard it about just few week ago and i sign up. Keep providing quality content and steemit give you rewards for your work. Quality content mean you are providing knowledgeable material which is 100% accurate and answer of user question.

Welcome to community @kamesh! We are steemit and we make it great together!

Yes, I agree with you sir. We must improve the quality of our post it's very important. God bless you

awesome! I also believe blockchains which hold content (like steemit) can result in organic growth of followers instead of fake waves we see in old SMs.

@spenceryan, great motivation for me this morning.

Next step for me: Buy a quality camera.

Have a great day and keep the quality coming. We’ll do our best to reciprocate for the other Steemians.

great intro bro!

I think you have the right idea. If this platform is going to last and people are going to invest in it, it has to be quality content that's going to make it all work.

hi Spencer
may I have a question please?
how is it I have 0.01 USD earning on a post with 7 upvotes, but some have average 1+ USD per upvote?
in the end of the day, there should be a normal distribution of upvoting power or ...?

Good post. I would put my emphasis that I enjoy original content, herein, quality is a must (NOT quantity). I see a lot of let us call them "shitposts" or just reposts of some other content from the internet, while making serious amounts of cash because of.. because of nothing. Me, quite the junior poster on steemit am glad to have this opportunity to express my personal pictures and thoughts, yet it is unbelievably hard to get the appreciation, seems to be my two rare posts are lost in the STEEMIT, just to be overtaken by somebody with reposted crap. I hope, true writers and quality material will be awarded. FYI - thanks, if you opened my blog to see what I am on about.

yap Its was awesome. I believe in it...

Very good quality your right on point with that one and dont forget the steemit platform helps the price of steem go up so steemit to the moon

"The quality of our content determines the quality of our monetization. It's true." sips beer

I agree. Each of us must set goals for what we want to each and every day. We should look back and evaluate how we performed against the very goals we set for ourselves.

Ah, this is interesting. You can see this from two different perspectives, one angle I see it as a testing ground to learn something new everyday. When you're new at a skill, consistency is key. Consistency for someone new can be defined as every day, every other day, or once a week. On the flip side, I suppose once you have 'mastered' a skill, you can do less and create better things.

Honestly, I haven't even figured it out. I have an intense personality so everyday is the only thing that works for me. Mindfulness and self-awareness is key when it comes to this concept!

Thanks for sharing, also appericate the upvotes :)

totaly agree with you from geting beter you create much beter things with less effort

The big question in my mind right now is what we should do when the native market share is full?
I love this platform and hope my channel does well but it can only gain so many users.
Most people migrating from YT don't know or care about the differences here so there's a limit.
Is a given channel truly sustainable in that case?

I was wondering what you where about to say with such a title. Watched through your video and I agree, basically deliver your best consistently

I want to do both but this site has a bandwidth limit on quantity. lol

I like your attitude towards everyday. Everyday is a learning experience. It is never same.

I believe in Quality

Thank you for writing this - I completely agree with what you said, @spenceryan! In fact, I find it highly problematic that there are so many users on Steemit that are reposting and profiting off content that is not their own. Unfortunately, this is a downfall of the Steemit platform in general - it does not account for the quality of what is being capitalized. While some of us actually work to earn, there are others who imitate to earn.

The reputation of Steemit is a result of the quality of our posts. It takes years to build a good reputation and only one bad post to destroy it.

Once reputation is destroy, or even damaged, we lose earning power. It is through our reputation that we attract others to this platform and earn our keep from it.

BOMB ASS INTRO! I agree in quality over quantity, but for some people like me who work 9-5 every weekday on top of pursuing other hobbies as well on the weekends, it's really hard to find the time to edit those quality pieces.

For me what's more important in the early game is consistency. Great stuff, everytime I get a chance to watch your stuff, it goes off on this platform haha.

Agreed, raise the bar, go to the next level. I'm Oatmeal. Liked. Shared. Upvoted. Resteemed.

Very insightful, thank you @spenceryan

Quality with diversity that change the content.That make the content more meaningful .salute.jpg

Good message. How'd you make the intro?

Hodl my beer please

well said! I like what I'm hearing!

Upvote my post please

You don't need good quality for good content, it's up for the viewer to say what they is good or not

did you know you use the bathroom while washing your hands with PEE you can save so much time

Incentivizing quality over quantity like you did in this video is a great way to build a solid foundation for a community.

It'll be interesting to see how Steemit and D.Tube evolve as people develop their own niche, more users join the platforms, and as curators start to take off — especially when you look at the roller coaster ups and downs of YouTube's history or the recent trials of media publishers on Facebook. Temptation abounds.

Thanks for keeping it quality.

Completely agree. You wrote perfectly as I think. Are you a supranaturalist that can read my mind? lol I am joking
It reminds me of an old article back then (in the late 90s, cannot find the link anymore lol) that wrote an excellent sarcasm article about 'let us spamming the internet'.
A perfect blending of good and bad articles will drive you to Mental Hospital in no time.
Low-quality contents are like toxic causing massive confusing, many people suffer from Infobesity. That is the reason why I am a bit late joining Steemit because at first I thought it is just another low-quality media, but luckily i was wrong lol.
If you have some time maybe you can visit my page and give some feedbacks and see whether am I just another low-quality content publisher or no lol.

Great post! I feel exactly the same way!

Good to see this video. I am focusing on quality hoping it pays off in the long run and helps to strengthen this platform.

Great video. Thanks for the info

For a long time I had desires to write, tell things with their images, part of my musical history, and I think this is the ideal place, although it is not easy, but here I go little by little without hurry. Thank you!

Quality is the least discussed matter these days, yet arguably the most important factor in anything we do as humans.

I personally believe in creating content which has long term value and can be referenced by people over and over again.

It takes a lot of research, insights, contemplation and self development to get there and be able to create it.

There is a great danger that, if we follow the ways of the times past, we create a blockchain version of a 'junk web' that we already created.

I would hope that Steemit follows you recommendation of quality over quantity in future.

This can be relatively easily achieving through including rules which reward those who are creating quality content.

The main challenge is to really understand, first, what quality actually is and means.

To me, it is timeless, valuable, frequently referencable material.

Such a outstanding post

yes quality content is what we need to make this platform go miles. keep away spammers and junk content

Quality is key that you from the insight.

Wow, this is nice. I would follow. Keep it up

Good stuff bro and love the new intro. That be some quality stuff ;)

this is quality content, I congratulate you for valuable contribution

Correcto, la calidad de la información en los post mantendrá el entusiasmo en los seguidores

Steemit the best your post very good

usefull tips!!! may come in handy :)

Contributer congrats #02

Yes definitely ,quality is my target too.Im a new steemeter and still learning.Need some advises on how to record or make a good quality video on dtube...id like to mention that personally i want to stay anonymous in internet so i wont be in them but i would love to gets some tips of how to create a good looking,eye catching presentations...Spencerryan can i get some tips,i can see you are experienced please ....other steemitians are very welcome to help me out too.Nways this is my blog @gym-info
if somebody is interested in healthy and sporty life style can visit me..,Thanks

quality only quality

Balance is important. We need both quality and quantity. High quality but low quantity can make the community passive while high quantity low quality can make the platform less desireable.

Quality should always be over quantity. :))

Cant wait to read more stuff u post i dig it! :)

Waaaaw..Keren banget

Quantity.... and the quality will came with the time!!!!

from quantity of pointless things u propably loose the pepople interest on you is hard to define the best and know where the borders lines are

Rightly said. Quality of posts collectively in a platform like Steemit is what determines the value of the platform as a whole.
We could be having some moderators (like how we had in forums back then) who filter out the spammy posts of zero value before they're even posted but on a large scale, it does become a little difficult. We could work on achieving this by mutual understanding between the members to work on increasing the value of platform as a whole.

It seems so obvious what you’re saying but we the people get blinded by greed and wanting more... Having said that, it’s so good to discover people like you on Steemit. Eventually, quality will win in the eyes of those that look for it, but not those who can’t see it. People are at different levels of consciousness which determines what they’re ready to see, process etc.

We all form our little or big communities around us that reflect our way of seeing the world. Eventually, we can only maintain so many meaningful connections, and I prefer that over shallow, not engaged follow4follow junk.

Good post! And a nice hoodie! Want one like that, too :)

This is actually a very valid point. I have been grinding so long that I could benefit from some quality improvement.

The high quality stuff will slowly rise to the top. And, I can't believe how supportive the Steemit community has been. I mean, the deeper you decide to get into it, the more people are there for you. It's, like, how the world should be, lol. The longer I'm on here the better I want to get at what I do. :) Going to check out your new intro now!

heyaa @spenceryan
this I think is a super important point to preserve steemit and all it surroundings from becoming yet another overloaded and kinda shitty platform!
therefore I'll do my best to do my part. thanks for saying this out loud, it needs to be said!

come have a look at my latest video if you feel like it. not much quantity there yet but sure quality!


Firstly, @spenceryan that intro? Incredible, I love it!
You raise a very important point here, of which I've been caught up in myself, along with many others.
I admire your insight and opinion on the idea of reflecting and using that to fuel the future of your content creation, gotta move forward!
Keep it up man, I'm inspired.

Must need quality

follow me guys..

Awesome 👍

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