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RE: Quality Over Quantity | Raising The Value Of The Blockchain

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Been less than 24hrs since I joined... So still learning the ropes... But so far I've read some quality works... Still don't fully know what the platforms about but I guess err'tin is a learning curve....


The platform is whatever you want it to be. If you love sports, blog about sports. If you love art, blog about art. As long as its quality content and something you are passionate about, you should be successful.

Don't worry.... I am also a newbie, but in my couple weeks on the platform the beautiful thing I have noticed is there is something for everyone.

How can I vote? I see on your post 1 vote, and then what? Do you get a vote if I reply?

You can upvote yourself once a post

True and you don't even have to blog if you don't want it you can just engage in the comments and build your presence that way.

If you dig for it you will find it that's for sure.

similar here just need a lot of research and get me really exited to do it

Love the idea behind Steemit and having quality content; however, I am experiencing bugs operating the website on an android which is annoying and the website is still clunky to move around so hopefully their website developers continue to improve as we improve our content quality as well.

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