I lost my private key!!!! But I recover it easily..

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Hi steemians..

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Today I wanted to remind you of my experience with my private key, in the case yesterday after I changed my account key and wanted to transfer some money I could not, I then confirmed that I must register my private key to transfer and not my posting key and I forgot to register it before in my office.

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I thought I lost my account and I became depressed until I called my expert brother to save me and he sent me a great program to restore the keys.

How to recover your password

Download here a magic program

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Better to write in details about the procedures in the post, rather sending viewers to download links.


I will upload a video, thank you for your good notice

This isn't good bro...!!
Your title was attractive but then the story in it... :/


thank you bro

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nice post, upvoted.