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First I want to put a disclaimer...................................................................................................................

This blog post is not meant to be an attack on @furion personally, it’s intended to be a wake up call for this community

9 month ago @furion announced steemQ, a decentralised video platform based on steem.

As you can see the alpha version of steemQ was meant to be released 6 months ago…

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 15.14.41.png

During all this time steemians have been wondering what was going on with steemQ but furion has made no attempt to keep people up to date and has ignored pretty much all questions in the steemQ chat room even though he’s been on regularly.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 16.06.53.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 16.07.11.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 16.07.24.png

Now 2 months ago out of nowhere the steemQ project resurfaced.

No explanation about the missed milestones, not even an update on the actual progress made in the last 7 months.

Furion published a bunch of post teasing everyone and again ignored most of the ’technical questions’ in his posts.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 13.17.58.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 13.22.37.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 13.21.38.png

The fact that @furion ignored these questions should have been a red flag, be aware next time a developer can't answer basic question on his own project.

Recently, I’ve been in touch with @furion to discuss steemQ and here is what he had to say about it.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 10.06.04.png

Note: Furion's avatar is not showing because was experiencing issues at the time, but I'm definetely talking with the real furion here

Basically he said that steemQ had been cancelled and that steem is a ponzi.

I was very surprised to hear this from someone who contributed quite a bit to steem, is a top witness and even sang steem’s praises in the following post for example. . Even more so as he was teasing everyone about video platform on steem not long ago.

So it seems like @furion doesn't even believe his own posts, he is just praising steem for the rewards. He is definetely not the only person doing this but just something to keep in mind.
There has been tons of vaporware projects on steem and it’s why I decided to write this post because I’m tired of the bullshit.
It is way too easy to pull a screenshot and say the project is almost done when in fact it’s nowhere near ready or has not even started. @furion earned almost $8000 for a project that will never happen and has been cancelled . This money could have gone to developers who are actually working on something ( @jesta I'm looking at you)and there's been dozens of projects similar to steemQ that received significant amount of money and are now forgotten.

It is our duty as stake holders to do our due diligence before supporting charlatans.

That's exactly what @craig-grant did, he called @furion out and refused to vote on his post which is what everyone should have done. (myself included)

Listen starting from 13:12

To @furion or anyone who still think steem is a ponzi I have one thing to say:

Value = number of users

Steem has the most efficient way to attract new users and is as such one of the most valuable blockchain. Many just don’t have the foresight to see that steem is poised for success, it’s not a matter of if but when.
What makes facebook more valuable than other sites? The number of users.
As long as you have users you can create real value, this is a fundamental that doesn't change regardless of any economic model.

Also I believe a steem powered youtube will inevitably happen and whoever is going to first build it is sitting on a gold mine.

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Ok, first things first, lets get the ponzi business out of the way.
I have been under a lot of pressure lately, and during one of the big market corrections I've started labeling every coin as a ponzi or a scam, indiscriminately (for a day or two). This is pretty stupid of me.
And a good lesson as well, to see how everything one says and does can be cherry-picked and used against in a constructed narrative.

Now to the good part - SteemQ. The idea was conceived 9 months ago, but hasn't received a lot of traction - until now. 3 weeks ago I've quit my job and cancelled all of the commitments, and currently, this is the only project that I'm actively pursuing. We are now a team of 6, and I am happy to say that this is the best team I've had a chance to be part of to date.

As far as SteemQ goes, its being re-branded, re-designed and re-thought. We will be announcing the re-brand, and the first draft of the new website next week.

Many of the original ideas turned out to be non-viable, and new challenges have been discovered. We are currently working on proposals outlining potential solutions to said problems. Based on feedback and new learnings, we will be publishing 2 whitepapers, to address the two largest challenges we face with this project.

All of the code will be open-source, and MIT licensed, so technically, anyone will be able to use it for their own work.


Ok, first things first, lets get the ponzi business out of the way.
I have been under a lot of pressure lately, and during one of the big market corrections I've started labeling every coin as a ponzi or a scam, indiscriminately (for a day or two). This is pretty stupid of me.
And a good lesson as well, to see how everything one says and does can be cherry-picked and used against in a constructed narrative.

I'm sorry but I'm not buying this explanation. You've explained to me clearly why you think the steem economic model is not scalable, that it needs investors to pour money in to stay afloat, that investors are only making whales richer, that content creators gets paid pennies and that a viable economic system is a model where the money flows from the end user to the content creator, didn't you say that?

And please refrain from teasing people unless you have something real to show. Also be more honest about your project, if the project doesn't involve steem at all be straight up about it. Don't beat around the bush like you did in your recents posts with your hypothetical scenarios. Again, if you are building your site on furioncoin be open and straightforward about it.


I must say, I'm really disappointed @furion, I have always looked up to you on this platform, and I really hope you are pushing ahead with this and that your lack of replies just reflected your busy lifestyle.

When you say SteemQ has been re-branded, re-designed and re-thought, does that include how you will host the video?

I hope this comes to fruition, and hope that you do have a belief in the system...



We are working on a marketplace model to create an incentive system for long term storage of high quality content. It differs from Filecoin, such that viewers don't have to pay for bandwidth (or require an account of any sort to stream the videos).


OK, thanks for the answer; I'm reserving judgement, like I said; I've looked up to you from very early on. I hope you have something to show soon...



how long until it comes out? i really need this as a job plz


Thanks for the anticipation idea...


@furion is now one of the top curators and heavily invested...hard to believe he once called it ponzi.


Test comment qqq

What are basis of the accusation here? Developping stuff takes time. Organizing a project with such a potential takes even more. I'm not surprised it went more than 6 months already, especially with all the changes taking place in STEEM...


Developping stuff takes time

SteemQ is not being developed by anyone, the project was cancelled. ( read OP )


it was announced officially that it got dropped ?


Not officially. I am reporting something that was said in a convo between furion and I

Thanks for posting what you know and can write about. It's interesting that you affirm steem is not a ponzi. I had a real crisis on this subject about 2 weeks ago; and really freaked out for 1 eve; thinking I had been duped. But I could not confirm any of my assumptions, and later realized I had just had a paranoid delusion based on several things that had come up, that I had read too much into, and taken beyond the realm of the rational.


Do you care to share some of the unfounded assumptions you had? It might help dispel other people's misconceptions.

While YouTube is censoring and demonetizing any political speech, thankfully we have @bitchute so that our videos are still view able. However I was looking forward to promoting a new monetizable video platform and everyday of the YouTube adpocalypse that passes by that @furion hasn't launched steemq or an equivalent is a major day lost. In business timing is everything and by taking so long to launch you are missing out on many YouTubers with thousands of followers that jumped ship to BitChute and Vid.Me. Basically if you are gonna launch, get your shit in gear and get it going.

This is a great shame. I've removed my witness vote. Someone who does not believe in Steem should not be number 3 on the witness list, they should not be a witness at all. @furion should have been transparent about progress...blaming steem seems like an attempt to distract. We need to take more care with our steem and our votes....this is yet another lesson.


If I don't hear a sensible explanation from @furion I'm removing my vote as well.


Exactly my thoughts. Belief that the project has potential to scale is the foremost thing a witness should have! Otherwise he’s just there to have good payment while working on other projects. I have to admit though that he has some good posts that deserve some value.

@someonewhoisme thank you very much for posting this because I was excited for the possibility of SteemQ and am happy to know for my own planning that it is not expected to go forward. I upvoted and followed because I am very grateful for all of your votes on my posts as well which I just learned how to see today with


SteemQ sounded awesome. Surely something will come to fruition for video. To help pay for hosting or servers or what ever they could charge Steem monthly or something. Taking some Steem out of play to help keep inflation at bay. Two birds with one stone.


I'm still pushing for SteemQ (or whatever brand) hopefully it will come or if not I'm game to help push for video... I'm working with various talent to bring several projects forward or get worked on.

Yes, this is exactly why we shouldn't simply throw a ton of rewards at people announcing projects. The rewards should come when they can show something substantive. There are plenty of other users here who put in a lot of time and effort to create quality posts. Giving people money simply because they are claiming to be a developer or have used the "steemdev" tag and whatnot isn't the best way to allocate rewards.

I admit that I have apparently been duped by furion and his SteemQ project. If he has no desire to build this project for the Steem blockchain, then I don't see why he should get any support for it in the form of upvotes/rewards...and should probably send those rewards that he received to actual developers who have actual projects being actively worked on.

More than anyone, I blame the voters who have become too complacent about issues like this. We are seeing more and more scammy behavior, more shady voting schemes, and more empty promises of future things. It's time for the user base to pull their heads out and stop blindly supporting people simply because of their name, reputation score, or wallet size. The users (mostly the larger influencers) are going to screw themselves over if they keep supporting liars, scammers, and charlatans.

Enough is enough. It's time to be at least slightly responsible with your voting.


wow I totally agree. You need to clone your self so these rational and responsible thoughts can get out there more often!
IT just blows my mind how silly so many peoples actions are and how little they really consider the bigger picture.
Thanks again for another valuable contribution!

Re steamed and uprooted for visibility. Not making any judgments or conclusions but this needs to be known and solved. The more people that know about it the better. May truth prevail and sttemit support those who are actually making steemit better. We don't want greedy witnesses or people who don't really believe in our community.
WIllalso follow you now to keep uptodate.
Thanks and SteemON!

if anyone is serious about picking up and building something like this i will do UI and help with design as much as possible, always ready to go full steem ahead


Are you on steemit chat?


yes i am now xD


Let me know how I can help too!

I'm not about to condemn anyone here HOWEVER...

The Bottom line is this: Youtube Creators with large subscribers are ticked! Many (not all) creators at Youtube are really upset and looking for viable alternatives that do three things.

  1. Allow full access to their fans. (Subscribers are not alerted to new creator content)
  2. Fair monetization
  3. No centralized censorship

Those three things are driving creators away from Youtube. I came to Steemit with the intention that this was in development. is also now censoring content. So it's not an option.

If someone develops some sort of peer to peer video/blog sharing app for the STEEM blockchain, they are going to be rich. There is a vacuum right now in the market and it will be filled one way or another. My main priority is finding a platform that gives me access to my viewers and does not censor. We'll just have to wait to see what the market comes up with. If it's Steem, GREAT! If not, ok too.

Regarding the "i just don't see how it can scale".
Has this not been solved in the proposed HF20?


He is refering to 'scaling' as in enough money to pay everyone. The price of steem will have to increase to support all new content creators and furion don't see how this is going to happen, many users fail to see the bigger picture..
Rewarding users for their content is just a trojan horse
It's basically a way to lure users in, when you have users there are hundreds of way you can create value and increase the steem price. The most difficult is to bootstrap a currency, something steem is doing extremely well.

ok, that part about steem being a ponzi has really taken me aback. Not because I suspect steem but because it's coming from a developer that I trusted. Also, I was really, really looking forward to SteemQ.

Anyways, someone will do it sooner or later and then we can have fun enjoying it :)

It is a great shame because this was a really good idea... I'm sure there are talented developers out there on steemit that are willing to put something like this together...
Got my follow @someonewhoisme looking forward to future posts

Steem powered youtube is what I would love to see.

Why does he say it's a ponzi scheme? Looks like he has been involved in Steem from almost the beginning. Thanks for the warning, in fact just a few days back I heard about SteemQ and was excited about it. Guess it's ust vaporware


My guess is that he is still stuck in the old mindset and doesn't understand the implication and potential of a completely new economic model.

Sad times. I look forward to a video platform on steem.

This is really really sad!

Very interesting read @somebodywhoisme , well put.

I appreciate straight honesty, specially when is about something many think, but few say it. Transparency is great, since I am very new here and was not aware of this little history. Broken promises and disappointment. It´s good to know, and to be aware, and critic, when we see some something that smells fishy.

And about Steemit being a ponzi, I really doubt it. And those who claim so shouldn´t be here.

Thanks for the great read! Following

This saddens me as I was looking forward to this as well as many others who came over from yt... @mericanhomestead, @daddykirby, @raincountry. Resteemit to get it out...


Sorry, had to come back and upvote this, it got me distracted....

Thanks for he video. I'm new so it really helps to learn these things. Thanks for taking the time to share. From what you said I think i'll try to focus on Steem Power from here on out a while. I want to be in this long term so this info helps. I'm pretty sure your camera was giving a fit because you were trying to focus on a screen. Mine did that also but it seemed better on other things. Just had a hard time focusing on a monitor or TV screen. Love the post and honest info you gave. I'll be following you now.Thanks again!

I wrote a post about SteemQ 2 weeks ago and had marketing plans for promo-uk when it was launched as something like that would be great for getting influencers in. I'm gutted.
I don't have the time to dedicate to it but somebody needs to build a model around steemit that allows it to extend out to the rest of the content on the web. If it can't go on the blockchain then build a browser extension that can upvote elsewhere on the web that then puts a post and link on steemit. Look at Wild Sparks if you dont know what i mean.

Any developers want to help do this and finish it? I will happily fund and support.

I'm new to this and hope somebody could help me in any way in boosting me up. I'm really down. I need a lift .


everyone started out this way take @nepd for example his first posts didn't get more than a cent and now he is a large dolphin

Yesterday, I have read a topic of him regarding steempy. I'm going to vote for him but after reading your post, i will not. Thank you

I would really love a video platform on steemit :X

I agree with you., amazing post man keep it up!

Damn, that was heavy. But it needed to be said.. I will adjust my vote until Furion corrects the record.. Thanks for sharing someonewhoisme! @jerrybanfield what is the word on your witness?!

Developping something takes time. Organizing a big project takes much more. I'm not surprised if this project take more than 10 months ...

Thanks for this post to clear up things. I was looking forward to SteemQ, but it will happen sooner or later. Upvoted & following. (y)

Thank you very much for this post.

this is sad...

I really wish I had the coding knowledge to build the native steem video platform. I love video creation and I think that it takes my posts to the next level. :)

you should post often

Not everyone understands what a blockchain is but a good comparison is to a concept. A concept contains a range of similar things. So does a blockchain. Steemit contains words in its blockchain. I suppose it's possible to put a stream of images on a blockchain. I think the most direct way would be to have a library of all possible images so that a programming language could call the images in order to reconstruct video. Now obviously there is no such technology.

Now i have a clue whats going on behind the scenes. The bigger idiot principle is right for 99% of all cryptos, steemit is doing relatively good.

@someonewhoisme Thank you for posting this. How did this pan out in the end?

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Thank you @someonewhoisme for explaining this.

You call facebook and the number of users. That's true, the number of users who make it powerful, because social media is easy to use and platfornya free. However, as people who also use facebook, see, social media is closed. While steemite is open.

Thus, steemit is more suitable to be called the actual social media (social revolution) because all are transparent, and members can communicate with important people in steemit. If facebook is like a ghost, no one knows who the official is. In addition, steemit shares votes for members, never created by other social media. Thank you from me.

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Thanks for the information !!!

I like this post and I feel a little more understanding about the problem here from the comments of my friends here .. i like my best friend always share my greetings for you all i will follow you @someonewhoisme

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nice post bro

Thank You Give Me Vote
I also like, What are you show current

3 mounts has passed, is there any news? I've checked furions page but I'm not sure if what I can see is progress or not.

nice post

@someonewhoisme thank you give me upvote..

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