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When I first joined Steemit, this was my first reaction:


So much to take in, with nothing explained anywhere. Which of these do I even get paid with when I write an article?

Okay well... what about a client? How do I get the client?

Where are the binaries? Can't I just get a DMG? Do we even have a GUI yet? Okay fine how do I even build this thing from source?

I spent an hour endlessly googling since the build instructions are a little outdated, only to figure out I have no idea how to get it to even sync. Good thing for - helped by the great people in #witness

After getting a seed and a witness online, and finally understanding most core concepts about STEEM and Steemit, I've build a wiki with a few articles.

Check out - maybe write some articles. There's a lot of unexplained concepts around STEEM and Steemit, and it would be great to make STEEM.CENTER the place to go, with good content explaining everything; ranging from beginner "how do I do x" articles, to more advanced "STEEM DPOS Explained" etc.

Even if you're not good at writing, saying  the problems you've faced will help to make good content explaining it in simple terms. You can even just leave a note on the Articles for Creation page and someone else will write it.


Upvoted only because it's an awesome idea. I've had the same problem trying to learn about Steem. I've not found a good source of reliable information. Let's hope can be it.

(You spelled 'centre' wrong btw.)

The domain was .center so it's not my fault the TLD creators spelt it wrong. Just gotta go with it!

ICANN ... Pfftt... more like ICANNOT

thank you anonymous kind sir!

Yeah, Steem definitely needs a wiki. I just wrote about it to raise some discussion:

I will be pleased to help beginners