Has Anyone Else Noticed that Steemit has Been Running Smoothly Lately?

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Steemit is noticeably faster.

I'm approaching my first Steemit birthday and I've seen Steemit slow down or stop all together many times over the course of my first year. Things however appear to be picking up. I've noticed over the last few weeks that Steemit is seriously faster.

I'm wondering what has changed. At first I thought that maybe that number of Steem transactions are down due to the crypto slump. However, compared to when I started, the number of daily transactions are way up. There are many more front ends and apps using Steem blockchain since I've started. My guess is it is something to do with the nodes. Something is different. Better software, better nodes, or something else?

Have you noticed it too? What do you think is causing the change?

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with the low prices there is less strain on the nodes because it is not profitable for people to just shit post about nothing.

@socky i have not done yet so much Steem transactions so i have not much experience about that, but i heard it's faster then previous. hope it help to more acceptance in the crypto space.

Whatever it is, I hope it continues to work.

Absolutely it will

I really haven't seen much difference, but my connection is kind of slow so probably I will always have a small lag.

Even though the market is down, the drop in daily users has made me fall in love with the platform all over again. For a while being new felt a bit daunting, but I feel i am starting to find my feet and at a great time. Plus there is so many exciting projects going on right now.
I only joined in Feb, so I haven't notice the speed difference as yet though.

There are going to be more projects coming. Even though the market is down, it is a very exciting time.

Couldn't agree more....

Unfortunately it has been running more smoothly because less people use it I think.
Also, lot of different dapps have traffic now which might help also :).

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I've never actually seen it run this smoothly and fast. It is refreshing.

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