I'm looking for great users to follow!

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So some of you may remember me from being really active around December time, but then I kinda disappeared for awhile...but NOW I'm kind of back again lurking. Well not really lurking, but trying to get active within the community again! During my peak Steemit times, I followed a plethora of amazing users that I loved seeing their content and interacting. This took a lot of time browsing through new and wading through the not so great content at times.

I was following enough active users that I could practically refresh my homepage every 5 minutes and not be able to view my entire feed! If I was in the mood to Steem there was always something. Like many on Steemit, I have dreams of hopefully earning a decent amount on here in the future through powering up, which will hopefully let me help contribute to philanthropy projects on here as well.

I do create my own content, but I'd say 90% of my enjoyment on Steemit comes from reading other's articles, or viewing the amazing photography/artwork of users. I make it a mission to leave a nice, genuine comment on many of the pieces I read. I know how much nice comments mean to me, and to our luck there isn't such a thing as comment power that would stop me from doing this :). Copy/paste comments are so annoying and I know how awful it feels to get one comment on a great piece you just made only to have it be crappy copy/paste.

So who are some users you think I should be following on my feed so I hopefully don't miss any of their posts :)?


You mention Photography, I would strongly recommend a follow of @melinda010100, she host a weekly shadow contest, that gets some pretty amazing and creative entries, and she also has a lot of other content and some resteems. I also recommend my wife @shasta, now here you may think it is because she is my wife, but she does have some very good photos, she follows and resteems several top notch photographers, (the Professionals), and she has fun with her content and creativity. Also she does not limit her resteems to just photos, but a varied array of other content as well.

For writing @thewritersblock would be a good one. If science ,tech, engineering, and math float your boat then you can not miss with @steemstem, because that is who they are. For engagement, take a look at @abh12345 and @paulag, together they are @steemcommunity witness, they both believe in getting people to engage more on steemit. For another person that believes in helping others and in helping them grow their account @tcpolymath would be a good one to follow. He is helping me grow my account and several others into the realm of dolphins so there is a middle class on steemit, plus he fits right in with you liking photography because he is an individual that is invited to show his photographic art work in various locals of his community.

I have a lot of others I could recommend, just let me know what kind of content you are looking for. But really when it is all said and done, if you want to find things to look at and engage with, definitely take a look at Ashers Curation league Pick a couple of the top 5 take a look at where they have been commenting.

Awww! Thanks for the recommendation! In my signature is a link to The Steemians Directory that @anonyvoter maintains just to assist new Steemians who are looking for people to follow. He even has them divided up by category to make it easy!

I’ll be sure to check out that directory too! Thanks!

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I'm friends with a lot of people on that list...lot's of good people there!

I will remember that for the next ones I find looking for people. A good list I took just a quick preview, of it.

It is a good list..... And @anonyvoter? I can highly recommend @bashadow and his wife @shasta anytime you are looking to add to the list! Shasta is hosting the shadow contest for me this week.

Maybe he can make a new category - Engager or Commentor, something along those lines. I only recently started posting a lot, I still mostly just go hunting for stuff to comment on, and vote on.

Ha! I'm a commentor too! I often win eSteem's top comment or of the month prize! I think it's because I talk too much!

I haven't heard of that one, but then again I do not use esteem so that could be why. I have been slipping a little over the last couple of weeks on my comments, but slowly building them back up I think. I love Ashers Engagement league.

I have used the esteem app on my phone for over a year now, and now they have eSteem Surfer for PC.
I'll check out Asher.

Help.me out with Ashers...I don't know where to look.

I think 'curating' will do ;-)

Wow, thank you for the incredibly thoughtful reply. When I’m on a PC I’ll checkout all the users you mentioned. I’m really excited to see abh and Paula and what they are doing to incentivize others to engage!

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I was going to suggest bashadow but it looks like he already left a comment. :)

There's quite a few good peoples in the IFC I could recommend though perhaps you should just stop by our chat room sometime if you have discord and say hi?

We also have a marketplace on there where you can buy and sell stuff with steem or other currency. And it's the homebase of our contest which is close to finishing up the first season, though next season you may want to get involved in some sort of way. :) A lot of people tell me a lot of positive things about it.. Some say they like it more than steemit itself which is pretty humbling.. So.. Yeah.. We tend to have a pretty good grassroots community that likes to help each other, I have a feeling if you stop by the discord you'll probably make some good new connections! :D

I’ll check out the discord when I’m on a PC! Thank you!

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I don't know ALL of your interests, but I like to think that I mostly make interesting posts. Especially if you have in interest in personal finance or investments/side-hustles.

Huge into side hustles. Thanks for the heads up :)

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