Are we getting a bigger piece of the rewards pool?

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I know there have been a decent amount of more negative posts recently ( not that this is a bad thing to face reality), but I know in the midst of all of it we are seeing some positive too. People are upset about the markets, which is perfectly understandable knowing that almost every single one of us is vested in crypto whether it be through monetary investments or time.

I don't plan on stopping my use of Steem for the foreseeable future, although I understand that if some full-time users have to step away for a bit for other financial obligations and arrangements now. My question that I've been pondering has been this though - ever since I started using Steemit, people always talk about the rewards pool and funds going back to the rewards pool with flags ETC.

It doesn't take a genius to realize that activity is slowed down a little since times like January, which isn't really a surprise since a lot of people were checking out the site due to the value being an advertisement in itself. Since the rewards pool is usually ~750,000 steem a week (if I'm correct?), if less people are using their votes and the platform, does that mean that the ones still using it are getting a greater share of that rewards pool?

Any help on this would be appreciated :)


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